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What is Submittable?

Submittable offers tools to launch, measure, and grow social impact programs, locally and globally. From grants and scholarships to awards and CSR programs, Submittable partners with users to make a difference. The vendor states Submittable has supported over 95,000 social...
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How Submittable Differs From Its Competitors

Awardee Relationship Building

Yes and no. Submittable has helped with grantee relationships by making applications and additional forms easier. But there is much more infrastructure needed to intentionally deepen relationships with grantees.
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Awardee Relationship Building

Submittable has neither helped nor hindered our ability to build stronger relationships with our grantees. In some ways, we communicate with grantees more during the application process because we have to contact so many of them to open their applications up for editing because of mistakes on …
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Awardee Relationship Building

Yes and no. As I stated before, there are communities that we hoped to target but did not apply because of the intimidation and technical support needed to use Submittable. I'm not sure if this is Submittable or on all online platforms. I do believe that increased design and more flexibility with …
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Awardee Relationship Building

I'm not sure where Submittable has helped us build stronger relationships with grantees. I think communication is a way to build trust, and we usually use direct emails for that, rather than Submittable.
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Awardee Relationship Building

Submittable has certainly helped us improve equity in all of our programs by providing and transparent, upfront, and user-friendly way to participate. Potential participants don't have to know the right people to ask, navigate complicated bureaucracies, or try to hunt down info across multiple …
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Awardee Relationship Building

Submittable helps us to review applications much more quickly than we would be able to otherwise. This in itself has strengthened our relationships with grantees. They also appreciate the ease of submission. We are able to communicate with our applicants directly through Submittable - including …
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Awardee Relationship Building

Submittable allowed me to add questions to our applications on a whim which helps out administratively. Although I do find I'm constantly adding to the application.
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Awardee Relationship Building

I think Submittable is the tool and the application is the end of us building stronger relationships with our grantees. The tool can make it more or less accessible depending on how you access, design and share out the application. I do like that we can message each other with questions and those …
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Awardee Relationship Building

I don't know whether the platform has done this. I always contact past applicants to encourage them to apply for other programs. Since it is easy to see who participated in past shows, this makes it easy to follow up with future programs.
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Awardee Relationship Building

Yes, Submittable allows for customizable fields that allow us to collect the data that we need. A lot of this comes in the form of diversity, equity, and inclusion stats that further our programming. When we are able to see who is applying to our grant programs, we are able to build on and improve …
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Awardee Relationship Building

It has allowed us to have more timely communications because we can send out emails quickly and easily. Also, it notifies us when communication occurs so they are not missed.
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Awardee Relationship Building

It does simplify the process for applicants. The new feature where applicants can send requests for recommendations before submission of the application has really helped.
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Awardee Relationship Building

Yes, definitely. We are able to send messages easily to applicants and track all our communications so that no messages get lost and no emails get missed. We are still only a few months into using Submittable, but we're certain that this is one of the best things about using Submittable.
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Awardee Relationship Building

Submittable was great for the applications, but once we had winners, we started communicating with them via our own email address because so many Submittable communications were blocked. If there's an opportunity to "white label" an email and say it's coming from my organization instead of …
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Awardee Relationship Building

I believe it has, due to the fact that Submittable has made their application experience easier and quicker. My customers are nonprofit organizations, and their time is limited and very valuable. I have received many positive comments from customers about our efforts to work towards better …
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Awardee Relationship Building

I apologize, but I don't really understand this question. If it's asking how Submittable has helped with the foundation that provides the grant to pay for Submittable, then the answer is that I have concrete metrics I can report annually to the foundation, instead of having totally everything …
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Awardee Relationship Building

Using Submittable has allowed our team to get more (and better) information from our grantees. We make frequent use of the additional forms to get intermittent updates on funded projects but also data and outcomes in order to report to our own funders. The only downside is that only one account …
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Awardee Relationship Building

I think based on the feedback we've gotten between the first couple application rounds and when we started using Submittable, we have definitely seen an improved user experience. We don't receive as many questions from them during the application process which is actually a good thing!
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Awardee Relationship Building

It has taken away more of the human touch with communication, like in the initial periods of application, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Before it was very subjective, and this way makes it more objective -- it could be problematic with just winging it. At least this way, we can really …
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Product Details

What is Submittable?

Submittable offers tools to launch, measure, and grow social impact programs, locally and globally. From grants and scholarships to employee giving and volunteering, awards, and CSR programs, Submittable partners with users to make a difference. The start-to-finish platform aims to improve workflows, to drive better decisions and bigger impact.

Submittable is presented as a single solution to launch, manage and measure CSR programs, from giving to volunteering to community investment.

Submittable helps users:

Collect: Launch and collect applications through an online portal

Collaborate: Automate tasks and coordinate with teams and applicants

Review: Evaluate fairly, from anywhere, and make decisions as a team

Award: Streamline award tracking and payment delivery to stay on budget and on schedule

Report: Share a story, while also measuring, learning and growing for next time

The vendor states Submittable has supported over 95,000 social impact programs, receiving nearly 20 million applications, and that teams save an average of 12 hours per week and launch in an average of 14 days.

Submittable Features

  • Supported: Automated application review
  • Supported: Funds Distribution
  • Supported: Impact Reporting

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Frequently Asked Questions

Submittable offers tools to launch, measure, and grow social impact programs, locally and globally. From grants and scholarships to awards and CSR programs, Submittable partners with users to make a difference. The vendor states Submittable has supported over 95,000 social impact programs, receiving nearly 20 million applications, and that teams save an average of 12 hours per week and launch in an average of 14 days.

Submittable starts at $10000.

Blackbaud Grantmaking, SurveyMonkey Apply, and WizeHive Zengine are common alternatives for Submittable.

Reviewers rate Usability highest, with a score of 8.5.

The most common users of Submittable are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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September 15, 2022

Room for Improvement.

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Submittable as our grant portal. I create projects, grant applications (AKA forms), receive applications (AKA submissions) from nonprofits, set up the workflows of each project, invite reviewers, train reviewers on using the portal, facilitate the selection process, send decision notifications, ensure checks are sent out to grantees, conduct any other follow-up, provide feedback to applicants, and collect grant reports/conduct the post-award monitoring. Submittable is a more modern and user-friendly option for reviewers and applicants in comparison to our old grant portal.
  • Applicant (submitter) experience is positive, user-friendly.
  • The ability to message directly with submitters within the portal in relation to their submission is a great feature.
  • Application creation is very easy.
  • Adding labels to submissions makes filtering simple and customizable to our needs.
  • It really is just a submission aggregator and does not make the grants/project management very efficient for program managers.
  • Our organization uses our grant application process to deepen our local nonprofit relationships and needs to be able to view & manage nonprofit profiles, not just submissions.
  • Need more options for DocuSign fields beside the placeholder tags that are currently available, such as custom fields we've created within a specific form.
  • Need functionality for nonprofits that use fiscal agents -- this is why we cannot use the charity check feature to organize our submissions by organization name.
  • Pulling reports for reviewer scores is not feasible with the current setup -- we have an agreement with Submittable to pull our scores in a specific format that we are unable to do within the system ourselves. This eliminates some level of efficiency we thought we would have.
  • Pulling immediate information from reports is not feasible -- there's a delay of approximately two days for submission information to populate into the advanced report. This creates some manual work for me to be able to process same-day payments for the emergency assistance program.
It is well suited for programs that have a simple review structure. The reviewer functions are very user-friendly. It is also a good option for applicants. Submittable is not well suited on the back end for managing various aspects of those submissions and processing payments.
Great for external users, it can be frustrating for program managers to make the entire grant process work smoothly.
September 14, 2022

Submittable and Beyond!!!

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our organization used Submittable for an artist residency and regranting applications, as well as open calls for artist opportunities.
  • Hold information.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Organize information.
  • User friendly.
  • How information is exported into files.
  • Room to archive.
  • Phone number to customer service when things need to be fixed right away.
In my field, I recommend artists to create their own accounts, so the are aware of opportunities even with other organizations outside of ours.
I don't always receive notifications through my email when I receive a submission, but overall the process has been smooth for myself and users.
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Submittable to manage our grant programs. Our staff has built out grant applications in the system, manages reviewers as they score applications within the system, and then also run reports and export data after all applications and reviews have been received. This platform is supposed to create a smooth process for grant administration and cut down on staff time processing applications.
  • Submittable is mostly user-friendly for applicants, and the application process goes smoothly. It is easy to set up an account and start applications, and the application forms are easy to read and fill out.
  • Submittable is user-friendly for reviewers. It is easy for volunteers or staff members to access all applications and submit their scores on the platform.
  • The ability to use internal forms makes due diligence processes or other internal reviews easy for staff to complete. It's helpful that these reviews can be automatically assigned upon submission and that they are easily accessed while reading through forms.
  • Advanced reporting is far from advanced. There are SO many limitations and the need to manually do so many things in order to get the report structure you want, and it is not intuitive. The reporting is by far the most frustrating thing about Submittable and actually adds on staff time instead of cutting it down.
  • PDFs of submissions should include all supplemental files uploaded in the submission. You should not have to do massive exports with zip files and then merge everything manually to get one PDF of submitted content for simplified records or sharing.
  • We should be able to see the account emails and names of individuals who have started a draft submission. In our former system (GIFTS online via Blackbaud), we could see that information and could reach out personally to applicants to ensure they didn't miss deadlines and could remove emails from our reminder communications from those we knew already submitted and simply opened up an accidental additional draft. When we send reminders in Submittable to draft submissions, without fail, we get 5-10 people who reach out and are upset because they already submitted but think this means they didn't, regardless of how we word the email and tell them they may have an extra draft if they think they already submitted.
  • You should be able to simply build one report in whatever format you need and be able to switch between different projects that use the same exact form fields. My team has the same exact form used for nine different grant programs because they are the same programs, just for different local communities, but we have to build out the same report manually each cycle for each community.
Submittable is a good platform for organizations that are building out simple forms and review processes. As long as there is not too heavy of an administrative lift for the staff on the back end, then the application and review process is simple and effective for applicants and reviewers. However, if staff need to export data/manipulate reports from applications and reviews, the Submittable system ends up being clunky and frustrating.
Submittable is usable and accessible for those who are applying or reviewing. However, the system is not easy to use for staff who are working in this system on the back end. There are major improvements that could be made to make reporting, exporting data, and building forms more intuitive for staff.
September 13, 2022

Submitting to Submittable.

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Submittable for grant applications and reviews. We plan to use it for grant management, but we still are working out the logistics and administration of that function. We've used the reporting functions to categorize grantees, but since we are a new initiative, we need to build the process better for future utilization. The initiative is equity-focused, and we are thinking of the accessibility and access issues for our audience, building alternate ways of answering questions. We included a budget and chart information in the application, which were less useful since the data can not be interpreted within the Submittable system.
  • Different ways to submit answers.
  • Basic reports on applicants.
  • Portable is accessible to most of our targeted audience.
  • Familiarity of the portal and its usage by audience and reviewers.
  • Reviewer system allows submitted answers to be natively reviewed.
  • Added features that do not incorporate into internal data analysis (aforementioned charts).
  • Accessibility to lower income/non-native English speakers.
  • Cost/transparency in pricing.
  • Integration with other apps is missing.
For basic submissions to highly educated audiences and for large numbers of applicants, this works. In terms of reporting and access, I'd appreciate functionality that could visualize the report or easier integration with other apps that could do that. Submittable has the benefit of familiarity within non-profit arts industries, so many users accept it/its flaws as standard.
Again, Submittable is familiar to me and to many within the industry - how to use it both as an applicant and as a developer. We tested the application with users on mobile phones, pads, and desktops, and it works on all platforms reasonably well. For those who are new to the process and online applications, the platform is intimidating and does discourage participation from certain generations, those who have not had formal education with computers, and non-native English speakers. In terms of review, the review process is quite functional, with multi-layered reviews, rubrics, and weighted scales. The reporting is more complex, as there is tension between what is easy for the applicant and what is typical for data collection.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Submittable allows us to build and collect applications and forms for our grant programs. We had previously used a different online software, but Submittable works much better for our needs. We have a lot of options to build forms with branching logic and different types of fields. We can also pull reports that help us analyze our programs.
  • You can really do a lot within the form options—eligibility questionnaires, all kinds of fields for applicants as well as staff, and additional questionnaires you can add to a submission after.
  • There are pretty good options for reviewing submissions (i.e. literally adding scores), labeling, and filtering, to help us stay organized.
  • While Submittable has a convenient messaging tool built in to submissions, these messages often go to users' spam folders or their "Other"/"Promotions" tabs. This is not Submittable's fault, of course, but is just a thing that happens.
  • Customer support can sometimes be a bit slow to respond.
I would recommend Submittable to any organization collecting submissions, forms, or applications from artists. I'm sure there are many other use cases, but they seem to have been built initially for this purpose. If you want to do a quick and dirty survey, Submittable probably isn't the right tool for you. The interface is not as contemporary as other tools like Airtable, and it can take a bit longer to use their drag and drop when building out forms.
Submittable is easy to use, in my opinion. Though I will say that sometimes the menu options are not intuitive. For example, there are message templates that we use. These are under a tab called "Configurations," which still just doesn't make sense to me.
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
My organization uses Submittable as the primary submission portal for grant applications, reviews, award notifications, and reporting. Our company runs over 30 different grant programs/cycles a year.
  • Applications are easy to build
  • For the most part, it's user-friendly for applicants and reviewers
  • Support is usually quick to respond
  • PDFs of submissions should be customizable as not all reviewers use the system or like to read from a computer. The PDFs are currently hideous and abrasive to read given the response content is all in bold and none of the rich text formatting translates over. Monetary numbers throughout aren't comma delimited, which can result in someone improperly reading a request amount.
  • PDFs of submissions should include all supplemental files uploaded in the submission at the end. You should not have to do massive exports with zip files and then merge everything manually to get one PDF of submitted content for simplified record or sharing. It's insane.
  • There are inconsistent/intermittent errors that occur when utilizing tables in applications, such as numbers disappearing entirely or not being calculated in the total if a $ is typed in originally (we shouldn't have to create IFERROR formulas in the excel file we upload simply because Submittable's system screws up).
  • The way tables look in an application (initial form) should be customizable. There should be ways to visually differentiate fields that are to be filled out from those that aren't. Currently, the non-fillable spaces are a barely darker grey than white.
  • Advanced reporting is far from advanced. SO many limitations and the need to manually do so many things in order to get a report structure you want, and not in an intuitive or easy way. The reporting is by far the absolute worst thing about Submittable. The output from using Google Forms or Microsoft Forms is more advanced.
  • The DATA DELAY is absolutely ridiculous when pulling reports. Data should be immediately available upon submission of any type of form. And it's a completely random delay, sometimes 3 hours, sometimes 18, sometimes more. We shouldn't have to rely on the Submittable team to run a special report for us simply to get the most current information. This is not only annoying, but it makes life much harder for staff. We have to build in extra days when preparing materials for decision meetings or any meeting where we may need a report quickly after submission. Sometimes we don't have that time and we shouldn't build out our schedules around Submittable's delay. We've had to manually check and edit data once we've pulled a report into excel. A teammate of mine even had a report that Submittable pulled for her and then realized the data was also not accurate and they had to repull.
  • We should be able to see the account emails and names of individuals who have started a draft submission. In our former system (GIFTS online via Blackbaud) we could see that information and could reach out personally to applicants to ensure they didn't miss deadlines and could remove emails from our reminder communications from those we knew already submitted and simply opened up an accidental additional draft. When we send reminders in Submittable to draft submissions, without fail we get 5-10 people who reach out panicked (or pissed) because they already submitted but think this means they didn't, regardless of how we word the email and tell them they may have an extra draft if they think they already submitted.
  • Visually, forms need to be more customizable. The monotony of their current look and limited structure is both unsightly and boring. We should be able to break up sections with color at the very least, or be able to have it so headers have the option for backgrounds, which would create a sort of visual block header. This would help in so many ways and give some variety to applicants' eyes when working on their submission.
  • Spacing between paragraphs in response templates is wack. Emails that people get through the system look horrible because of the spacing.
  • The subtext of a field should be directly under the question header, not UNDER the field itself. When it was awkwardly to the right, that sadly was better than where it is now.
  • Inserted images are a pain to work with. Despite Submittable saying they are resizable, say in response templates for example, the sizing doesn't stick in the actual email that goes out and depending on the size of the browser window you're viewing the email in, sometimes it expands far beyond its actual size and looks horrendous and super unprofessional. Additionally, once you insert an image, there is this bizarre major gap between it and the next text on the backend where you edit a response template or the General Guidelines for your account.
  • There should be the ability to build out different landing pages per project. Within our community foundation, we support many additional foundations and funders, all of whom have their own branding and/or look. They do not use our branding, so it's bizarre and confusing for applicants to have our company's logo anywhere near other applications. We should be able to offer our clients their own landing page without paying for an entirely new account, when we don't necessarily need a separate back end system.
  • We should be able to cc other emails in addition to the submitter when communicating through Submittable.
  • You should be able to conceal any type of field in a form, not only the ones where answers are submitted. We should be able to conceal text only fields and dividers if the content is obsolete to the reviewer, either because it's information that is just there to be helpful in the application process for the applicant OR because we've concealed all fields in a section but then the section header and details are still oddly there. It just makes the app look weird to the reviewers and forces them to scroll through more than they should have to.
  • Divider lines should be customizable - think color, dots, dashes, stars, line weight, etc. At the very least, line weight, because the dividers are practically invisible right now.
  • Sometimes functionality just disappears. There was a situation once where I went to center an inserted image and the ability to do so had been removed. I had just used the function a couple months prior when building out an initial form. When I asked about it, the support person said, ah yea, they removed that (without knowing why) and then a couple weeks later, the ability to do so was back.
  • There needs to be way more options for placeholder tags. We'd love to be able to use DocuSign for our grant agreements but are unable to because we don't have the option to pull in the project title or other important field responses from the original submission. The placeholder tag options are so limited (and some are titled in a way that make no sense).
  • When going through our search, we were led to believe in the demos by the sales team we'd have major support when implementing - such as project build out for all grant programs. This however was not true and it honestly was one of the reasons the decider at our company chose Submittable.
  • We should have the ability to edit an application for a submitter. Sometimes they have a typo in their org name, or something small like that, and then everything following is impacted - such as all communications through the system where we use a placeholder tag for the field we have them enter their org name. This is another reason we can't use DocuSign. Something small like this should not have to be sent back to them to edit. Opening for edit is so confusing for a lot of our applicants, and we've attempted to do this before for their org name, and it's come back worse somehow from the person making requested edits. Nothing should be this complicated. Or sometimes we have applicants call and say, UGH I realized I put the wrong number here - can you update it for me to this (in which we keep their emails on file for record). But we can't so we have to open for editing and make them go through the work, which hinders our good stewardship with applicants at times because this process annoys them or is frustrating for individuals who struggle with technology.
  • When using a drop-down in a review, you should be able to type something and have that response come up. For example, we use 0-10 scoring in some review forms with a drop-down. The reviewers should be able to type in 7 and have 7 be the only answer that shows up, however random additional numbers show up with it and then it doesn't stick without them actively clicking on the 7. They should be able to type into it because why would you not be able to do that...
  • Labels should be sortable in reporting
  • You should be able to duplicate reports you set up
  • You should be able to simply build one report in whatever format you need and be able to switch between different projects that use the same exact form fields. One of our teams has the same exact application for 9 different grant programs because they are the same programs just for different local communities, but they have to build out the same report manually each cycle for each community.
  • Emails should not be sent to reviewers assigned without us saying to do so and we should be able to customize the email they get that tells them they've been assigned. Sometimes we need to quickly switch a submission back a stage to edit something, say for example in an internal review form, but then the second we move that submission back to the stage with external reviewers, they allllll get another email about that assignment, despite already getting the notice originally.
  • We should be able to sort by stage, project, status, etc. on the submissions page. More than anything though – Stage.
  • I wish the submissions page allowed us to quickly see the project title and request amount.
  • When creating the review workflow for a project, you should be able to rearrange the different stages.
  • We should be able to reassign submissions to a different email. This would be helpful in the moments when a submitter has left an organization and used their own email and login as opposed to a generic company one (like info@). It makes future communications impossible. There is such high turnover in nonprofits, especially in development departments. This is an inevitable issue for most users.
  • Profiles should be built out for organizations - more like a CRM. Every grant portal I've ever used has been like that and is far more useful for grant and relationship management with applicants.
For a company who has very few and simple programs, needing a no-frills way to receive and manage applications, Submittable is a good system. For the most part, it is extremely user-friendly for applicants and reviewers and relatively intuitive for admins. For organizations who have complex grant programs or needs, desire a lot of customization, or want their submissions portal to function in a similar manner as a CRM...Submittable has a lot of limitations in functionality and design that would have me tell you to look elsewhere. When we were searching for the next system to use, I recall OpenWater being a better fit for those types of needs. We essentially went with Submittable because our staff liked their sales team, and it was slightly less expensive (supposedly), but since implementation, there have been enough headaches teamwide that I personally don't believe we will renew our contract. And if we do, it will likely be because we don't want to put our applicants through another transition so soon.
It's a pretty simple system. Easy to learn the basics of it.
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I founded and run a charity that supports young photojournalists. We hold an annual awards and scholarship program. It is recognized as one of the most important scholarships in the industry, it is now in its 33rd year. It has taken many years to build the reputation of the scholarship and we now attract some of the most important and influential industry leaders who volunteer to judge the awards. In 2020, during the most critical time for the scholarship as judges began using Submittable, they changed the interface. They did not tell us they were going to change the interface or how it would change. The result, complaints from many of the judges that our instructions were wrong. We were bemused but when we went onto the system we realized something had been changed. The change was so significant that the judges couldn't see the entries properly. It was a shambles. I BEGGED the customer support team to help us understand what had changed and how we could offer our judges a workaround. Nothing, despite dozens of pleading emails. The window is small for the judging, just one week. That's all it took to practically ruin the reputation we had spent decades building. No one at Submittable cared, no one helped. I told them that I would do my level best to make sure no one in our industry ever used their system as their failure to help us was so damaging. We are now using a system that has actual customer support.
With hand on heart I can say that this is the worst customer experience of my 45 year career.
Because they changed the interface so it became too difficult to view images, which is the basis of our scholarship. They made an error, they did not inform us of the changes and when they'd made them they failed to offer support.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Submittable to coordinate much of our work with outside committees and the members we serve. This includes scholarship applications, session proposals, awards nominations, and more. Submittable solves the issues of having committees spread out all around the country, with people in multiple locations needing to access and collaborate on this work asynchronously.
  • Enables asynchronous collaboration.
  • Collects a wide variety of file and material types.
  • Streamlines the submission experience for users.
  • Better communication about updates.
  • More clarity about staff permission levels.
  • No ability to send team-wide messages.
Submittable has been incredible for amplifying our ability for staff to manage multiple overlapping projects with team members outside the office, streamlining the user experience and drawing new users, and increasing our impact across all constituencies. For projects where we don't need many team members involved, we tend to not use Submittable because it's not worth it to give up those team seats, of which we have a limited number and pay for.
Most tech-savvy people find Submittable very easy to use and intuitive with the principles of other web tools. But less experienced audiences may have trouble that necessitates staff training time from us.
Seth Lennon Weiner | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are a philanthropic fund, so we accept applications for funding through Submittable. Our board reviews the applications, votes, and shares their perspectives with each other through the site. Submittable allows us to track, categorize and assign the applications that come in for review and also to store past applications for reference.
  • It is easy to search through submissions
  • It is easy to create and edit forms
  • It is easy for even non-tech savvy users to navigate
  • I am not sure how to transmit information in our applications into spreadsheets
  • Moving data out from Submittable is not especially easy
  • People with very low tech experience still require some coaching to use Submittable
It is great for philanthropic and giving circles! We have found Submittable especially useful with our all-remote team. We receive applications from groups all around the country, as well as some from abroad, and we are able to review those applications as a team- while sharing thoughts and critiques with each other. This helps us to share insights as a team, to understand the analysis of different team members and ultimately makes our decision making process faster and easier.
I find it very easy to use, but I sometimes find myself tutoring others who do not find it fully intuitive. Submittable is simple and relatively affordable compared to other platforms. Our applicants have reported few, if any, difficulties in using Submittable and our reviewing team is similarly satisfied. If the product was slightly less expensive and slightly more intuitive I would give a 10.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Submittable is used for our application website platform. It is completely customizable, PII friendly and compatible with Microsoft Excel files; allows our reviewers to evaluate applications through the website; sends out the declination letters and allows survey responses. Submittable was an answer to a lot of our concerns in terms of being able to customize on a whim, trial and error with links, and assigning reviews. The program helps save time on the administration level.
  • Customization
  • Reviews
  • Message Responses to Applicants
  • I'm always tweaking the Microsoft Excel files, but they do work!
  • The triage is a bit confusing and often times I just have to create multiple applications
For Space Grants, I definitely recommend Submittable. It saves us time and money. Prior to this, I did a lot of research on what I wanted in an application website and Submittable has far succeeded my list. Not to mention that Submittable is always expanding and improving the system.
If you have website experience, Submittable is simple to use! It's easier than WordPress's new block editor for example. While Submittable does use a block editor system for the application, it is far more user-friendly. WordPress could actually take a page out of their book. With WordPress, I often have to switch to HTML to get it where I need things.
Paul J. Heney | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 2 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Submittable as submission software for our product awards competition. It helps us manage the entry process and handle the payment side of things, taking our entrants' credit cards.
  • Provides a simplified entry system for our awards program
  • Makes it easy for us to receive payments for the submissions
  • Easy to download necessary forms
  • The new system no longer allows me to make any corrections on the back end, and I have repeatedly told them that this makes my job much harder. I will not be recommending using the software in the future if they don't allow me to do so. Their answers have been along the lines of "it's for data security" which makes zero sense.
  • From my experience, their customer support isn't great, and I wish I had one dedicated person to reach out to.
  • In my opinion, I think their sales tactics are suspect and sketchy. It's like paying $3 for a bag of chips, and next time, you're told, "Well the chips are $40, and we've been giving you a 92.5% discount on them. The new price is $22 for the chips, but that's still a 45% discount." Ummm, no one pays $40 for a bag of chips. I guess it's meant to make you feel bad for asking for anything close to what you're paying. And a final note ... this has been happening for years, it's not a new inflation-oriented thing.
I can't edit typos, etc. on anything that's submitted.
Easy to set up, and again ... sounding like a broken record, but ... I can't even tweak the data submitted to me, to ensure spelling, punctuation, and correctness.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Submittable to manage grant applications, training applications, site visit reports, and final reports. Submittable gives us a central system for multiple reviewers to access, review and vote on applications. These are reviewers both within our organization and those from outside of our organization.
  • Easy system for people to apply for grants.
  • Accessible way for people to access, review and vote on applications.
  • Integrated ways for grantees and reviewers to report on grants.
  • The level of customer service depends on what you pay -- I wish everyone got a real time chat or phone access.
  • They have done a lot to help customize reports which is helpful.
You have to have enough applications in a year to justify the cost. As a small foundation, it became cost effective once we had multiple grant applications each year to justify the cost per application. It is so much easier than the old paper application days!
Once you learn the structure (which was recently changed), it does make sense. Creating a Project and the related forms are intuitive but you do have to learn some more complicated parts of it (logic options for questions, for example) for it to work well. That takes some time although there are online tutorials and other ways of learning. It isn't always obvious without talking to a human there which is not always quick.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Submittable as a way to invite artists to apply for various programs (special exhibitions, competitions, etc.). We also have used it in conducting detailed research surveys.
  • It allows for artists to submit works in a variety of file types.
  • It allows for keeping a record of applicants, and submitted works from past years in an archive along with contact information.
  • It is a quick way to launch a competition or invite artists to submit work.
  • The applicants find the process pretty easy.
  • Judges can leave helpful comments alongside the applications.
  • Email exchanges are archived along with the submission information.
  • Technical assistance is not as swift or truly helpful as it was at the beginning.
  • There is an insufficient number of submissions provided in the package. This limit should be very high for a submission software, after all this is its basic purpose.
  • I don't appreciate all the hard sell and fear it will likely turn off enthusiasm for this useful product on the part of those whose approval is needed.
  • Casting this as a public service or social justice product rings a bit hollow since it is such an expensive product. Submittable is well beyond the capacity of small not-for-profit organizations where the priority is offering programs to the community, and supporting artists and arts educators directly with competitive artist fees
It would depend on the specific usage the person has in mind. There are free and inexpensive services for most everything. Where Submittable excels is in simplifying and organizing the submission process for the arts, but I can also see research proposals, grant proposals, and portfolio reviews.
The recent changes have complicated the platform somewhat. We now have a project and forms within the project. For my purposes really we just needed a form for each of our programs.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Submittable to manage our awards submission process. As a not-for-profit with a small staff, it immensely saves precious time when it comes to consolidating tasks and streamlining work. From accepting awards submissions, communicating with applicants, and exporting data to be physically or digitally assessed, Submittable takes care of all of this.
  • Provides Technical Support
  • Easy-to-use Layout
  • Exports data for analytics
  • Reports function does not export dates in a sortable format
  • Customizable "number of entries on page" function
  • Option for dark mode
Submittable is well-suited for large-scale application processes. It allows for confidential submissions and adjudication, which is a key part of how we use the platform. Submittable is well-suited for keeping communications with applicants all in one place and is all linked directly to their application; this keeps correspondence anchored to each individual.
When I was first introduced to Submittable, I was able to use it quickly and efficiently. It took little to no time to learn its functions, navigate its menus, and customize how it was best suited for me. The best platforms adapt to how the user wants to access them, and Submittable does exactly this.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Submittable to gather and review grant applications. It allows us to have a secure platform to communicate with applicants, send documents, and we can easily search applications using many different criteria.
  • We can receive documents from applicants in a secure way without having them be downloaded to our computers.
  • Submittable emails you directly when someone emails through the platform which is extremely helpful.
  • Submittable allows us to have many different forms on file to easily send.
  • It would be nice if you could send an email through the platform and attached a certain application to an email not listed on the application.
  • I wish you could change the search within applications rather than just by the applicant's name.
  • I wish you could have different file folders where you could put applications to separate them after they are complete.
I think that Submittable is a great platform for non-profits who need to gather a lot of information from their applicants. It is secure, easy to use, and provides a barrier between applicants and staff.
It does not take long for most employees to learn how to do submittable and it can be easily adjusted at any time to fit any need.
I think that they are good at answering our questions and solving our problems. We occasionally get reports from applicants about problems the Submittable team has not solved, but I do not know what the applicant has done to get the problem solved.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Submittable to take applications for fellowships and programs. We also use it for processing forms, surveys, and other various RSVPs.
  • allows an applicant to save an application that is in process
  • connects recommendations directly to the specific application
  • ease of uploading recommendations for recommenders
  • Would like to see the ability to have management edit an application on the backend, as applicants sometimes make mistakes and want us to fix them.
  • Needs a better way to edit a problem with a recommender's email address on an application. Currently, the only way is to open a submitted application for editing, which is not ideal after the deadline has passed.
Manages applications well. Can respond to applicants with messages via the system. Allows applicants to track the progress of their application.
Their recent upgrade to splitting the "project form" and "form" form is not ideal for our workflow. But, I could see why it is useful for others.
Inés Prieto | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Thanks to this software we have been able to work in a more efficient and automated way, the whole scholarship process of the university. It helped us to have all the applications in a centralized way and to be able to better choose the applications for the awarding of scholarships.
  • Participant management allows us to get all the information from the applicants in a simple and fast way, being able to know their cases and accept or deny their applications.
  • The forms are easy to customize and adapt to the university's requirements.
  • The processing of scholarship payments is very simple and almost automatic, in addition to allowing us to track all payments.
  • Sometimes we have seen duplicate applications, so it would be great if it had a system to eliminate those types of applications.
  • The software is not easy to install, we needed the help of the customer service staff to guide us through the installation.
  • Its learning curve is a bit high, mainly because of its design which we found confusing at first.
A very useful software for the whole scholarship system, from the selection of the candidates to the delivery of the payment. I recommend it 100% because it has helped us enormously and we have been able to achieve that many more people can apply for scholarships, because it is a software that responds efficiently.
Customized forms and surveys, which help collect all the information needed for scholarship awards. Fraud detection has been very helpful in eliminating misleading applications.
February 27, 2022

Thumbs Up

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Submittable as a tool to manage and review grant applications, maintain relationships with existing grantees, and capture data to analyze our giving trends.
  • Great overview of all applicants to our various grants programs
  • Smooth and equitable application process
  • Easy application review system
  • Tracking our grants pot--currently, there does not seem to be a way to have an overview of how much funding our grant applicants are requesting as a total per program. I calculate this manually, which is time consuming.
  • The total funds pot is currently in dollars, and I can't change this to the currency we use internally.
  • The automated submittable emails aren't very attractive and their action button isn't always clear.
Really suited to the application process for grants making--application forms are easy to build, and easy to complete. Less suited to tracking your total grants spend--this is quite clunky and complicated to use, as it is quite a manual process, and there doesn't seem to be a way to compare sums (e.g., total grant sum requested vs total grant sum awarded per program).
Overall, it is pretty simple to use and there are plenty of explanatory videos to help find the answers to any questions you have.
Emily (Wong Loi Sing) Fuder | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Submittable to run grant projects with funding provided by our corporate sponsors. We needed a platform to distribute over $2m in funds in 2021, and Submittable was secure, organized, and easy to use for our needs. We wanted to have reviews be fair and impartial by concealing specific applicant information and having applicants submit forms to submittable instead of emailing our team repeatedly helped us orchestrate the grants seamlessly.
  • List sorting of winners/labeled groups.
  • Ease of application creation/question creation.
  • Template building for quick responses to applicants.
  • Labels shouldn't be an option for all reviewers, we had a reviewer for our Florida applicants create labels like "1" "2" "3" which confused my reviewers in California.
  • Running reports across multiple grant projects is tedious and clumsy. Our grant project had 15 regions but it was the same application, we had to compare applications across regions, but could only have a set amount of winners for each area. It would've been easier to create 1 application and 1 opportunity but have filters for the # of applications for each region instead of creating 15 separate applications.
  • Reviewers also found the review forms difficult. There should be an easier way to run a report on their pending reviews in an excel format, or just a better functionality to review. Even with onboarding, our reviewers were confused and didn't use the review function.
Submittable is wonderful for running large-scale grant programs where you're collecting sensitive data, need to have reviewers, and sort through data. It would be less appropriate for a very small grant opportunity and maybe not worth the money if you're only accepting, say, 50 applications. But for one grant we had 1,500 applicants and 196 winners, and the other grant had 252 applications received for our 27 grants. Communication was wonderful, but some applicants reported being locked out of the accounts and very confused on how to get back in/hear if they'd won or not. Sometimes, Submittable was blocked/sent to their spam emails.
For our regional grant opportunity, we had to create 15 different grant applications (using the same basic template, but with different eligibility questions). So it became cumbersome to check on each region separately. We would've preferred one application with more filters on regions so that we could see immediately how each region was doing application-wise. Some of the reporting too is clumsy and shouldn't require checking so many boxes to see responses/filters.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Submittable for our grants and scholarship applications. We also use it for certain programs as well to collect information.
  • User friendly.
  • Customer Support/Applicant Support.
  • Easy Set-up/Implementation.
  • Being able to see people's applications that are in-process and not yet submitted.
Great for an array of grant processes. Not so great if you have applicants that have lots of backend questions or need lots of help beyond what the customer tech support can provide.
Super easy to use from the applicant side and management side. People of all technical abilities are using it at my firm with no complaints which are rare.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Submittable for my customers to submit applications to the tax credit programs that my team administers. Within Submittable, I build out applications from scratch, and then my customers fill them out, attach documentation, and submit them within the program. I also review, and score the application within Submittable, and use the program to export data.
  • User friendly application building experience.
  • Quick and effective data exporting.
  • Relatively reliable.
  • Occasionally, my customers find submitting their applications to be impossible. Need better reliability.
  • Better way to correct errors in an application, after launch.
  • Better way to name applications, outside of random numbers.
Submittable is very well suited for keeping track of completing applications, corresponding with different applicants, and exporting data for organizational use. However, Submittable does not seem to have the capability to export messages, in order to file correspondence with customers. Could this be possible? Submittable is also usually well suited for customers submitting their applications. However, in my last application cycle, 2/62 applicants were unable to submit.
I find Submittable to be very easy to use, but sometimes customers need troubleshooting, and sometimes my team is unable to help. Submittable's help center needs to be vastly expanded.
Kelsey May Fraser | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Using Submittable for the annual poetry competition allows streamlined submissions and judging experience, saving time and allowing for better communication with submitters.
  • Allowing for a judging process without seeing names and personal information
  • Tracking submission rates in each age group
  • Whenever I've reached out to Submittable staff for help, I've gotten excellent responses and customer service!
  • I'm most appreciative that Submittable staff worked with our limited and set budget to create a platform that completely services the competition
  • I can't think of anything, honestly
Submittable, unfortunately, is unattainable for most small journals and projects. For example, I've guest-edited several journals that could have benefitted from having Submittable accounts instead of relying on email submissions, but it's too expensive to be realistic for projects and journals that don't have funding.
I've never had trouble assigning submissions to judges or moving submissions to different stages and categories. I also greatly appreciate being able to easily communicate with any submitter, either en masse or individually!
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Managing and organizing our grants and fellowship application processes. Collecting interim and final reports from longer-term projects, including data and outcomes in order to report back to our own funder.
  • Professional look and feel
  • Standardized experience for users
  • Organized materials that are easy to find for everyone on the team
  • Reporting is a bit complicated
  • More collaboration option needed for submitters after a submission is accepted
  • Table question fields are a bit clunky
I've noticed the submittable is used by a lot of literary journals and art coops. From my experience, a submittable is great for collecting one-time submissions or registrations. The forms building tool is easy to use and the review features are great. The workflows allow every member of our team to be notified when it's time for them to either review the submission or move it along our internal process (like contracting). However, we also use submittals to fund and track grants that we award, and sometimes the longitudinal nature of those submissions can make the system a little messy. This is especially true for reporting, where initial forms have to be set up just right to be able to collect the data we are looking for in reports. But in the end, even for longer-term award management, the submittable has proved to be very useful and we have received great feedback from our funders.
Learning to use and deploy submittable was super easy. We loved the drag and drop form builder and even our less than tech-savvy team members were able to quickly pick up on creating new projects. Especially useful is how intuitive the review system within the submittable is. Our external reviewers tend to be busy clinicians and since our switch to submittable, we have had a reduction in the number of incomplete reviews.
February 25, 2022

Savvy Submittable

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We run a small grant program. When we first started accepting applications, we had applicants fill out a PDF, submit via email with attachments, and then would upload all of that to a shared drive where reviewers could access specific applications. It was a lot of work and a lot of tracking. We decided to search for something that was more streamlined and Submittable fit our needs perfectly. We also love the reporting aspect because we are required to report out our recommended applications about every 3 months - the reporting is so streamlined and makes everything so much quicker.
  • Reporting
  • Creating an application
  • Communication with reviewers and applicants
  • Assignment of reviews
  • Randomization abilities for 'select all that apply' questions
  • Ability to show references in the application
  • Communicate with individual collaborators
We have often thrown around the idea of using Submittable for abstract management for conferences, which I think it would be well suited for but possibly overkill.
I think that the whole system is super intuitive. The onboarding was great and gave me all of the tools I now need to update/change, etc, my review process. I've rarely had to ask the Submittable support team for help because everything is super easy to understand. We have also received many comments on how easy the system is to use on the application and reviewer side of things.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It helps to formalize the process of charitable funding requests and provides tangible data that we can easily understand and work with. It helps eliminate a lot of manual work as well. Before we used Submittable, we would get all kinds of requests and would have to do a lot of leg work to ensure everyone met eligibility requirements. We would also have to email back and forth asking for specific documents that we needed. Now, everything is pretty much handled by the application, including eligibility (for the most part -- we do have to do our due diligence to ensure those who have applied fit the requirements, but we have a lot fewer applicants that are not aware of our requirements).
  • Budgeting
  • Application process
  • Communication
  • Reviews
  • Customizability
  • Labels
  • Images on signatures in email responses come out weird (and not the right size)
I can only speak on its use for charities requesting funding. It is extremely useful in formalizing the process. Is well suited for weeding out those who do not meet eligibility requirements. It is less appropriate in situations where the human touch is necessary since Submittable does take away some of that personal connection.
It can take some time to get used to the ins and outs, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy. From the submitter's standpoint, the application process is extremely straightforward and accessible. From the backend, it's fairly easy to navigate through applications, award funds, and communicate. There is some difficulty in the reporting function, just because that takes more time to really learn and understand it.
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