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What is ThunderTix?

Event ticketing software for the performing arts and live performances with both reserved seating and general admission. Supports a variety of season subscriptions at the same venue (or across multiple venues) including the full season, mini-season, or flex passes with…

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ThunderTix has revolutionized the ticket sales process, providing organizations with a fair and cost-effective platform for selling …
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ThunderTix Rocks!

10 out of 10
March 25, 2022
We use ThunderTix for our public event ticket sales. It provides us the ability to do online pre-event sales at a reasonable price. It is …
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  • $20 per month
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Product Details

What is ThunderTix?

Event ticketing software for the performing arts and live performances with both reserved seating and general admission. Supports a variety of season subscriptions at the same venue (or across multiple venues) including the full season, mini-season, or flex passes with voucher codes. Subscribers can be renewed for the next season in their same seats using an automated renewal process.

The software is also a fundraising platform used to receive donations and track donors, with an included CRM and complete patron database. Patrons, orders, and donations can be imported from previous systems so data is already transferred and loaded, when starting with ThunderTix.

Reserved seating includes seat exchanges, blocking, advanced reservations, initial deposits, and group sales. Merchandise and concessions can be sold from one integrated box office portal with connected payment terminals for rapid credit card processing on-site.

Coupons and promo codes can be used to incentivize event sales, or automated group discounts for parties of more than X (the user chooses the terms). Marketing efforts are tracked with custom surveys, including post-event surveys the morning after a performance to gauge customer satisfaction.

Gift cards are fully integrated with all redemption and balance tracking towards future tickets or merchandise. Customer loyalty is supported through rewards based on purchasing thresholds.

Users receive all proceeds nightly with direct deposit from a payment gateway -- not after the event takes place. ThunderTix can be tried with a 14-day free trial that can be extended indefinitely while preparing for an upcoming season.

ThunderTix Features

Virtual Event Features

  • Supported: Registration, RSVP, and ticketing
  • Supported: Email marketing
  • Supported: Audience engagement
  • Supported: Event analytics

Additional Features

  • Supported: Event Ticketing
  • Supported: Reserved seating and General admission
  • Supported: Season subscriptions
  • Supported: Donations and Fundraising
  • Supported: Integrated gift cards
  • Supported: Coupons, promo codes, and group discounts
  • Supported: Merchandise and concessions sales
  • Supported: Email reminders and post-event surveys
  • Supported: App for barcode scanning and sales
  • Supported: Customer Database and CRM
  • Supported: Integrated email marketing
  • Supported: Embeds onto a website with custom styles

ThunderTix Screenshots

Screenshot of an interactive dashboard comparing sales month-over-month. This offers insight on orders, tickets, coupons, comps, merchandise, gift cards, shipping, and fees.Screenshot of the Event Manager is used to access and manage events and recurring performances.Screenshot of Custom seating charts are built to mimic the layout of each individual venue and space.Screenshot of the integration with payment terminals, that includes payments with both chip and tap for increased security. Integration with both Square and Stripe payment gateways and terminals.Screenshot of a gift card, where the customers can schedule delivery with a custom message for the recipient for special occasions. Gift cards can also be used to track customer credits.Screenshot of barcode scanning in the ThunderTix App, included for both iOS and Android for rapid scanning of barcoded tickets at the doors of event. No additional hardware is required.Screenshot of fundraising campaigns to increase donations featuring suggested levels of giving with perks listed at each level. Recurring donations with customized questions are available.

ThunderTix Videos

How ThunderTix works
The reserved seating platform can be used on desktop computers and mobile-friendly for seat purchases on the go. This video covers how to price seats by section/tier, how to block seats, social distancing, and seat reservations.
Processing orders in the box office. A video tutorial on how to make the most of the administrative box office portal. Process orders, issue comps, give discounts, create reservations, and waive ticket fees.
A video tutorial that covers tasks from searching orders, viewing email delivery statistics, and updating order information as needed.
Options for using handheld scanners to scan ticket barcodes are covered in this video tutorial.
In the Managing Ticket Types tutorial, the options available for assigning prices to events are shown. Price can be dynamically increased as the event approaches, or by seat location within the venue. A ticket's limits can be set by capacity with options like VIP seating.

ThunderTix Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Mobile Web
Supported CountriesUnited States, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Qatar, Mexico, EU
Supported LanguagesEnglish, French, Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions

ThunderTix starts at $20.

AudienceView Professional, AudienceView Unlimited, and Blackbaud Altru are common alternatives for ThunderTix.

Reviewers rate Registration, RSVP, and ticketing highest, with a score of 9.1.

The most common users of ThunderTix are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).

ThunderTix Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)70%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)25%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)5%
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

ThunderTix has revolutionized the ticket sales process, providing organizations with a fair and cost-effective platform for selling tickets. Users have praised the software's price and customization options, which have been highly beneficial for organizations of all sizes. With ThunderTix, organizations can easily sell various types of tickets, including packages, subscriptions, and raffle tickets. The software's intuitive interface allows users to see the number of available seats for each performance, adding a level of organization and professionalism. This has not only increased ticket sales but also eliminated no-shows for events, resulting in a more marketable experience. By outsourcing event ticketing to ThunderTix, organizations have been able to free up their employees' time and focus on other aspects of their operations.

ThunderTix has played a significant role in merging classic film series with modern online ticketing. It has allowed organizations to effectively accommodate patrons' ticketing problems, appearing organized and on top of things. Moreover, ThunderTix has solved cost challenges for grassroots organizations, enabling them to continue their operations smoothly. The software's automation capabilities have streamlined reservations, customer database building, and effective advertising. ThunderTix offers a vibrant system for data collection, allowing attractions to grow and fill seating opportunities. Small business owners have particularly benefited from using ThunderTix as it has helped them regain control over ticketing options, reduce costs, and improve profitability.

Customers appreciate ThunderTix's professional and hassle-free ticketing process facilitated by its shopping cart and credit card transaction portal. The software's excellent customer service has received high ratings from users who value its timely and thorough support. Additionally, the absence of per-ticket service fees has made ThunderTix the preferred choice for online ticketing among customers. However, some users have expressed a desire for ThunderTix to expand its capabilities by adding CRM and email marketing modules.

ThunderTix is known as a reliable and efficient event ticketing platform that offers a comprehensive set of features for event organizers. Users appreciate the user-friendly interface and real-time reporting provided by ThunderTix, making it easy to manage events of all sizes. Its mobile scanning app simplifies the check-in process, ensuring smooth event management. ThunderTix has maintained 100% reliability with no downtime, providing customers with a seamless experience. Furthermore, ThunderTix integrates well with other services, donations, and products, enhancing its versatility for users.

The software's extensive reporting capabilities have been highly valued by users as it eliminates the need for manual data collection and provides valuable insights for event organizers. ThunderTix helps manage customer subscriptions and donor databases, allowing organizations to effectively maintain relationships with their audience. The ability to quickly and easily sell tickets and services online has been a significant benefit for many users, especially during the pandemic shutdown when in-person ticket sales were limited.

Customers appreciate ThunderTix's commitment to excellent customer service, with users praising the prompt issue resolution and implementation assistance provided by the support team. ThunderTix is highly regarded for its user-friendly interface and intuitive nature, making it accessible even for small organizations with limited staff. Users find the documentation and training videos provided by ThunderTix to be helpful for training volunteers, ensuring smooth operations during events.

ThunderTix offers a wide range of features that cater to various ticketing needs. It enables online ticket sales, tax charging, and product selling, providing organizations with flexibility in their offerings. The software's adaptable nature allows users to manage reserved seating and easily adapt to COVID-19 guidelines, helping regulate attendance and adjust capacity for social distancing protocols.

With ThunderTix's reliable platform, organizations have been able to address changing needs during the COVID-19 crisis. New features have been added to assist with these evolving requirements, further enhancing the software's value. ThunderTix also enables the issuance of gift certificates and donation options at checkout, empowering organizations to generate additional revenue streams.

Overall, customers express high satisfaction with ThunderTix's comprehensive features and user-friendly approach. It has proven to be a valuable solution for managing ticket sales across multiple locations while providing tools for a seamless ticket purchasing experience. The automation of various processes such as email reminders, product sales, waitlists, and email marketing options has been greatly appreciated by users. From intimate music venues to reputable concert halls, ThunderTix is trusted by diverse organizations for efficient ticket sales management of varying scale and complexity.

Easy Navigation: ThunderTix is praised by many users for its easy navigation and intuitive interface. Several reviewers have mentioned that both the admin/selling side and the customer side of ThunderTix are user-friendly, allowing them to easily perform tasks without needing technical expertise.

Prompt Customer Support: The fast and efficient customer support provided by ThunderTix is highly valued by users. Many reviewers appreciate the quick response time and helpful assistance they receive whenever they need help with setting up seating charts or have questions. Some users have even mentioned that emails to ThunderTix's customer support were responded to within minutes.

Robust Codebase: Users commend ThunderTix for having a recently refactored and robust codebase, ensuring reliable performance. They appreciate that ThunderTix is frequently updated to keep up with the latest technology, providing them access to the most up-to-date features. Additionally, ThunderTix's commitment to adding new features based on user requests and votes is seen as an ongoing value-add for its customers.

High Fees: Several users have reported that ThunderTix has relatively high fees compared to other ticketing platforms. These users feel that the cost of using ThunderTix is not justified by the value they receive.

Limited Customization Options: Some users have mentioned minor limitations in the platform's customization options. They feel that there are certain features or design elements that they would like to customize further but are unable to do so with ThunderTix.

Steep Learning Curve: The platform has a steep learning curve for new users, according to user feedback. Users have expressed frustration and mentioned that it takes time and prior knowledge of ticketing for them to learn how to effectively use the software.

Users frequently recommend ThunderTix for its responsive online support team and prompt resolution of support requests. They appreciate the feature request system, which allows them to provide feedback and suggest improvements for the platform.

Additionally, users find ThunderTix easy to use and highly recommend it. They also suggest the option of skinning the platform for website integration.

Many users recommend ThunderTix for small businesses looking for affordable ticketing software. They suggest giving it a try and discussing parameters with the ThunderTix team.

Some users specifically mention that ThunderTix is a great product for larger venues with over 1000 capacity seating. They also appreciate the option of a monthly fee instead of per ticket pricing.

Overall, users recommend engaging with the ThunderTix team, trying out their system, and researching payment options based on guests' interface needs.

Attribute Ratings


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Jason Rice | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
ThunderTix is our sole ticketing system. They also handle concession sales at the box office, donation, and merchandise sales. They have been 100% reliable, remarkably responsive, and open to feature suggestions. Converting from our old system took only a few days. We started on a Tuesday were up and running in time for that weekend's event. It has been flawless from that point on for years. <br><br>I actively promote them as a product to other companies. When considering them, I discussed their code maturity, history and development practices with various people in their company as those are critical to long tern reliability and success. Obviously they passed with flying colors. We needed a solid solution on a rushed emergency timeline and I was prepared for an order of magnitude more effort. It was trivial and has been all along. <br><br>I know I sound like the mom of someone that works there, but I'm just a small business that needs ticketing to be taken care of. They are just good. Really good.
  • Uptime. Never experienced a service outage in over 7 years of use.
  • Customer support. Rarely needed but immediate and effective
  • Feature request and intelligent product expansion
  • Excellent integration with other mailing list services although they began offering some support for mailing lists themselves.
  • I honestly am not a power user for our organization, but hear no complaints. The times I have to use it, I quickly find and remember how things work. I have no material criticisms.
The capability to check in customers using a simple phone app allows offloading a lot of box office tasks to unskilled ushers and volunteers. It's just circumspect for all our ticketing needs.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use ThunderTix to host ticket sales for events in our performing arts theatre at our clubhouse. It manages box office and online sales for us, as well as the entry process for each event. Their support team is incredibly helpful and responsive whenever we have an issue that needs immediate attention. This platform reduces our stress for inperson and online sales for our shows by filtering all sales through our payment gateway where we can track sales through either thundertix or our payment gateway.
  • Customer Support
  • Box Office Sales
  • Online Sales
  • Sales Reports
  • Some of their fees are unreasonable
  • Public display website is a bit sparse
  • user interface
It is the cheapest and easiest to use platform, especially when compared to Ticket Spice and AudienceView. Ticket Spice is full of microtransactions and AudienceView's user interface is decades old and completely inefficient. Thundertix is easy to use and the prices are reasonable for ticket sales and supplemental packages for your account.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
My company holds a raffle every year and we use ThunderTix to sell the raffle tickets online. The main business problem this product addresses is a customized page for us to sell our tickets online. We don't have to deal with the processing of anything it's all done through the ThunderTix system which saved us a lot of development time. It is a great product that fits our needs perfectly.
  • Good User Interface
  • Customer Service
  • Customization/Features
  • The only problem I've had with ThunderTix is there are so many features/customizations sometimes you have to do some searching to find the setting you're looking for, but the customer service has been excellent with pointing me in the right direction.
I've only used ThunderTix for selling raffle tickets online for my employer so I can't speak for other scenarios but for our particular needs it works perfectly. It allows us to have a customizable sales page that includes our branding and it's easy for our users to understand as in the entire year we've been using it I've never had a customer have any issues with it.
March 25, 2022

ThunderTix Rocks!

Bryan Bonahoom | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use ThunderTix for our public event ticket sales. It provides us the ability to do online pre-event sales at a reasonable price. It is full-featured and allows multiple options for scanning tickets and getting our patrons in the door efficiently. I highly recommend ThunderTix for general admission events (that is all we do). Additionally, their customer service is outstanding. And, that is very meaningful to us in the current world environment.
  • Options for efficient ticket verification
  • Event page and ticket customization
  • Customer support
  • nothing comes to mind
  • still nothing comes to mind
  • nope, nothing comes to mind
General admission events where you need to move people through the door efficiently
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I run a reputable live concert venue just outside of Houston, Texas. We present more than 300 ticketed concerts per year. We use ThunderTix for ticket sales for all of our concerts. Tickets are purchased online through ThunderTix. We use back-office features for reporting, seating, customer data management, etc.
  • Site is easy to use for both our customers and for us using in the back office
  • Platforms are aesthetically pleasing and easy to integrate
  • Thundertix rarely, or even never has any glitches. We have significant data relying upon Thundertix, and I am more than satisfied.
  • The management and/or ownership at Thundertix is fantastic to work with. They truly care. They have even added specific features that are available to all clients based on some of the needs that we have.
  • For the money, I honestly don't have a single critique. Some of the larger companies offer a few more features, but we believe that most of those bells and whistles are not worth a significant increase in price.
  • Our venue is a 160 seat venue. Thundertix is ideal for this. I do not know how Thundertix would translate to a 15,000 venue. It is not what we deal with. We are involved in some higher ticket events, but those are all General Admission so I do not have to deal with 15,000 reserved seats.
If a company is happy with its own website and happy with its own means of promotion, ThunderTix is absolutely perfect. That is where we are. I get a dozen calls per year from companies begging for our business. No interest. I turned down a huge cash bonus to switch a couple of years ago. It wasn't worth it.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Main Street Crossing is an intimate music venue. We use Thundertix to manage all of our ticket sales. We average 5 shows a week and sell about 120-150 tickets. We use Thundertix for all of our ticket sales and management.
  • Thundertix is a WONDERFUL price that allows us to sell more tickets and increase our profits. The pricing of Thundertix is lower cost than anything else in the market.
  • Thundertix is always innovating and adding to features relevant to the current market.
  • Thundertix has great customer service, especially if you are willing to pay the premium price for over the phone customer support.
  • We pay a premium for the over the phone customer service. Thundertix is at such a good price point it’s worth it to pay the extra for this service. Their online customer service s great, but it can be difficult to get your point across sometimes without talking to someone on the phone.
  • Thundertix does not currently have any text message features in place. I hope to see that in the future.
  • Thundertix has many features and it can be difficult to utilize all of the features because there are just so many and they aren’t all intuitive.
Thundertix is a wonderful program for tickets and events. The low cost makes it affordable and practical. Allowing the venue to retain profits.
Brian Buttrey | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have been with ThunderTix for over a decade and we wouldn't think of even considering going anywhere else. From the beginning ThunderTix always gave us the best return on investment. The system is so easy to use from both the managing side as well as from the consumer side. Their customer service is "top notch"! In the unlikely event you encounter issues with the system, they are extremely quick to respond to emails and calls. Our theatre would highly recommend their service to anyone.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Listens and responds to customer suggestions and implements changes based on user community suggestions.
  • One of the easiest systems to use. We tried several and this was the easiest we found by far.
We are a community theatre and ThunderTix works great for us. We would believe any type of organization that plans and runs events would find it as beneficial as we do.
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