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Twilio Frontline


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What is Twilio Frontline?

Twilio Frontline is a programmable application for sales teams to securely connect with customers everywhere. It is currently in beta (February, 2022).

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Product Details

What is Twilio Frontline?

Programmable, mobile-first user experience

Twilio Frontline is a pre-built application with customizable workflows that integrates with any CRM or customer database, and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Built for security and compliance

Use an existing SSO identity provider to authenticate users and manage teams. Maintain control of conversations and contacts with proxied phone numbers that keep personal numbers private.

Employee-friendly UI

Drive sales efficiency and improve customer outcomes with integrated features like audio notes, message templates, cross-channel SMS and WhatsApp support, and Voice.

An Out-of-the-Box Solution

Users can develop custom routing, compliance, and integrations without the need to build and deploy one's own application. it supports cross-channel messaging and conversational interactions powered by Twilio’s next-generation Conversations API. Users can move between messaging and voice conversations with low-latency inbound and outbound calls. Users can also manage data privacy and compliance with SSO authentication and phone number anonymization.

Twilio Frontline Technical Details

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