Twilio is a Customer Engagement Platform that offers a comprehensive suite of channel APIs, powerful serverless tools, and fully-programmable solutions that can be rapidly deployed and are ready to use in just minutes.

The Twilio Customer Engagement Platform is used by over 10 million developers and 220,000 businesses worldwide to build customer engagement applications that grow engagement with their customers.

Common use cases include text marketing, Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRs), alerts and notifications, and contact centers.

With Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform, you can:

  • Power data-driven communications across all digital channels such as messaging, email, voice, video, WhatsApp, and more.

  • Develop one cohesive experience across all teams so that customers can experience a seamless conversation from your business.

  • Access tools to build, deploy, iterate, and scale your customer engagement applications.

  • Build trusted, secure, and compliant customer engagement applications for customers in over 180 countries.