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Verint Community

Verint Community
Formerly Telligent Community


What is Verint Community?

Verint Community (Telligent) is a community and collaboration software platform developed by Telligent Systems and was first released in 2004. Telligent's focus was on offering a platform that can be integrated and extended, but this requires technical expertise. Verint acquired…

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Verint Community

9 out of 10
June 14, 2023
Verint Community serves as a large knowledge base where you can find resources for a wide array of issues to see how other users overcame …
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What is Verint Community?

Verint Community (Telligent) is a community and collaboration software platform developed by Telligent Systems and was first released in 2004. Telligent's focus was on offering a platform that can be integrated and extended, but this requires technical expertise. Verint acquired Telligent in 2015.

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Product Details

What is Verint Community?

Verint® Community™, formerly known as Telligent, is an online community and self-service solution available in the cloud or on-premises designed to help elevate customer, partner, and employee engagement, build trust, improve customer service, and enhance digital marketing and social commerce.

Verint Community can be used to reduce demand for support, elevate the voice of the customer, and enhance team productivity.

The vendor states that customers have seen, for example, >40% average decrease in support cases within the first 6 months of adoption, and 33% YoY decrease in support costs.

Verint Community can be deployed as a standalone solution, integrated with, or embedded into other enterprise systems.

Verint Community Features

  • Supported: Discussion and Q&A Forums w/Verified Answers
  • Supported: Blogs
  • Supported: Wikis
  • Supported: Knowledge base
  • Supported: File/Resource Gallery
  • Supported: Polls
  • Supported: Public, Private, and Semi Public or Private Groups/Micro-communites
  • Supported: Gamification
  • Supported: Member Presence Indication / Expert Finder
  • Supported: Private Messaging
  • Supported: Reputation Scoring Model
  • Supported: Content and People Recommendation Engine
  • Supported: Engagement Reporting (w/ Data Visualization)
  • Supported: Flexible UI configurable at site and group level
  • Supported: Case Integration w/Salesforce CRM, MS Dynamics, and ServiceNow
  • Supported: Automation Studio : Built-in Developer Tools
  • Supported: Widget Studio : Built-in Developer Tools
  • Supported: Theme Studio : Built-in Developer Tools
  • Supported: Articles
  • Supported: Ideation
  • Supported: Marketplace
  • Supported: Mobile

Verint Community Screenshots

Screenshot of the Sophos Community, built on Verint Community, that offers forums, blogs, events, and membership perks for its usersScreenshot of VisionAires, a community powered by Verint, that features working groups, event, and a content hubScreenshot of an Avnet community with courses, competitions, and networking opportunitiesScreenshot of the ADI Engineer Zone, which is a community hub with built-in learning modules, webcasts, blogs, and supportScreenshot of MicroFocus' community to ask questions, join conversations, or share ideasScreenshot of the England Football Community, a place to connect with people and join the conversation about all things football.Screenshot of Thwack, which is an IT community with blog posts, events, and community groups.Screenshot of IET ENGx, which offers engineers a go-to place for practical advice, information and networking to help with their career.Screenshot of the Connect Community of the BlueCross and Blue Shield of Texas, that offers the ultimate resource base and community for its health insurance members.Screenshot of Macmillan Cancer Support, which creates a place users can talk to people affected by the same cancer, share experiences, and ask experts important questions.Screenshot of Macmillan Cancer Support's ask an expert section.

Verint Community Videos

Customer Story: Analog Devices Advances Digital-First Engagement for Customers and Employees
Verint Community product DEMO
MyOlympus Community Promo
Hear how Verint Community provides Lenovo, a global technology company employing 82,000 people around the world and serving millions of customers every day in 180 markets, with a unified platform to host its global communities and maximize the opportunity for engagement across its business segments.

Verint Community Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsWindows
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Mobile Web
Supported CountriesGlobal
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Others available upon request

Frequently Asked Questions

Verint Community (Telligent) is a community and collaboration software platform developed by Telligent Systems and was first released in 2004. Telligent's focus was on offering a platform that can be integrated and extended, but this requires technical expertise. Verint acquired Telligent in 2015.

Higher Logic Thrive, Salesforce Experience Cloud, and Khoros Communities are common alternatives for Verint Community.

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 10.

The most common users of Verint Community are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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Lisa Allison | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We chose to migrate our robust, customer support community to the Verint/Telligent platform two years ago. Our public, external community serves our customers' product support needs and is also utilized by ADI engineers across the organization. We made the decision to move to Verint/Telligent after careful analysis of several community platforms. Verint/Telligent checked "all the boxes" and fulfilled our business needs for a platform that could continue to grow and evolve with our community.
  • A wealth of OOTB functionality, keeping customization light if preferred.
  • Insightful analytics built into the platform.
  • Automation rules that can be written to update permissions and send emails. (Lots of capability to tap into here.)
  • You can control permissions down to the content level.
  • Accessing user view widgets for personalization.
  • Blogs can be saved in draft state for editing and can be set to publish at a future date. I schedule out 3-4 weeks of content at a time!
  • Because of the detailed permission structure it can take some time to assign permissions to new groups. I believe Telligent is working on permission inheritance for a future release.
  • Cannot edit tags without editing content.
  • Would like to be able to report on content by keyword. Results such as how many pieces of content contain a specific keyword, when they were created and by whom. Tag cloud is available but would like a report to share with our business units.
  • Verint does not market this hidden gem.
Verint/Telligent can support internal or external communities. The automation rules make Telligent well suited for product support alerts used in external communities and email notifications regarding member inactivity that can be used for external and internal communities.

Telligent is comprised of various applications that may be added to any group. Applications such as: forums, wiki, blogs, ideas, calendar and galleries. This allows for a wide range of content. The applications used by Telligent allow for a sub forum or sub group model, making it ideal for a variety of community use cases.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
My company uses Verint Community to host and manage our online user community, connecting our customers, partners, employees, and anyone else interested in our products. Members share experiences, help solve technical challenges, stay up-to-date on company updates and product releases, access our training resources, and much more. The platform is extremely flexible and customizable, so the digital customer experience fits extremely well within our existing branding, making the site feel like "ours" instead of other platforms which are more obviously "an X community with the customer's branding and color scheme." This also gives the ability to configure the community actions and user experience to fit our needs on a whole-site and per-group basis, so the community can be the right thing, in the right place, at the right time, for all users. We also have moments where it feels like we've barely scratched the surface of what's possible and look to continue to leverage the flexibility extensively over the next year and beyond.
  • Customization/flexibility - The platform can be truly made "yours." How far to take this can depend on what skillsets or budget you have available for customizations, but customers have an opportunity to provide an unparalleled experience for members. Almost every aspect of the site experience can be configured which seems to be a unique offering.
  • Customer service - They have a very active community filled with fellow community managers and developers who are eager to support one another. The Verint staff is extremely engaged, always offering to help, accessible and transparent when sharing insights, and generally pleasant and supportive! The ideas for improvements that I've received from the Verint team or fellow customers have been invaluable.
  • Affordable - In our vendor selection process, Verint came in among the lowest in price AND highest in value.
  • Flexible hosting environment - Choose if you want them to host and manage the back end, or if you want to host yourself. Not having to worry about server maintenance is a huge weight off the customer's shoulders, and you don't have to decide whether to sacrifice hosting for flexibility.
  • Integrations - The platform API is robust and well-documented, so you can integrate the site in any way you want into your existing systems if you have the proper knowledge.
  • Edit - After doing some roadmap planning with my team for the next year, I'm extra excited about this flexibility. We've planned out some really interesting and impactful updates for our community members that would likely not be possible (or as easy) on other platforms.
  • Transparent roadmap and ideation process - The Verint team really listens to their customers and implements improvements to the platform based on customer input. They readily share what's coming soon and keep realistic expectations on what will (or won't) be done and when.
  • Edit - The most recent roadmap updates seem to have a well-planned schedule over the next year or so and are looking to benefit new and existing customers. Not all of the new functionality is relevant to me specifically, but I'm excited about the updates and how they'll impact me as an administrator and my community members.
  • More flexible reporting - There are a lot of reporting options, but the inability to create your own custom reports is a challenge. I know this is a pain point for other customers and the Verint team is working on better ways to improve this. This can also be worked around by pulling data from the APIs or exporting to Excel and manipulating it in other ways which are not ideal, but worthwhile if the needs arise.
  • Upgrade process - This can be cumbersome and daunting, even on a site hosted by Vertint. There is still a lot of responsibilty placed on the customer/site admins, but upgrades aren't forced either as the customer gets to choose when to perform the upgrade.
  • Exporting - individiuaul content details are difficult to export from the system (e.g. a list of forum posts or ideas)
If you're looking for a community platform that you want to be able to tailor to your needs and have an extremely high level of configuration/customization options, this is the one for you. I would caution against using this as a "beginner" platform for a company or community manager, but if you're looking to really "level up" your community experience, Verint is an amazing option. Other platforms may be easier or can be launched with a minimal amount of effort, but Verint is that situation where you get out what you put in. A little extra work and truly understanding your community needs can take you leaps and bounds against other solutions. That being said, for anyone new in the community space, Verint can fill that need too, but you're going to have access to so many more tools than you'll know what to do with.

With the platform, we were able to integrate or replace multiple other sites for our customer digital experience and simplify how our customers work with our company. Highlighting our community has become a tool for our sales teams and a factor for our renewals teams.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Verint community as a knowledge retention platform where users can find/ask questions for their issues. Currently this platform is being used more as a question-answer community, but we're trying to shape it up as a true global community. So, we've been hosting events, crow sourced content (Community Guides, etc.) and other advocate programs. With our community, we will be able to track ROI by seeing how many answers have been provided, and what are the issue trends that we're seeing with our products once a piece of content is pushed on the community. We've also deployed a federated search on our community which will enable us to track user journeys, and track deflections from previous already existing community threads.
  • Open API
  • Verint Marketplace
  • Standard forums and layout
  • Platform customisation
  • Overall Platform reliability - I believe there's too many issues with outages, DDOS attacks, and over all performance of our community
  • I believe there are a lack of documentation surround the product - We upgraded to v12 to fix the user reputation issue, and also got access to Audit logging. But there is no documentation surrounding audit logs. All those logs are alien to us.
  • Discrepancies in reporting - The metrics changes slightly everytime you pull the same report.
We've been using this community since 2015, so safe to say we've had our fair share of experience with this. This platform is well suited for many use cases (technology, healthcare, non-profit, etc.) but not in its current state. Verint Community has great potential. If this platform had better focus from Verint, I'm sure it could've been much better. They must fix the core issues with reporting, start listening to their customers, and return to the game.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Customers, users and Partners of our products alike, can find answers to their questions (Among another things, such as Recommended Reads, Blogs,etc) in the community 24/7, which reduces the call volume our Technical Support team receives, allowing to reduce the call wait for customers and at the same time allowing engineers to have more time to focus on their cases.
  • Interface
  • customizable UI
  • Open API
  • Reporting
  • Forums/Group options for modearation
  • Moderation queue
  • Improve Technical Support
  • Platform security
  • Lack of Features or delay of long awaited features
  • Not desired features being pushed
  • Not a true SaaS
  • Lack of Documentation
I think the Verint Community is well suited, for companies who want a better engagement with their users, specially for medium organizations, using Verint, can help you put your company out there.

Since a lot of the work is manual in the community, using the community without dedicate people from the organization to it, might be a bit hard to handle.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Verint community is used as our primary customer facing portal. It is the first place that prospective clients will go to to see what Sophos is about. It is used as a question and answer board with contribution from staff and community members. It is used for announcements from our Product Managers, with subgroups being owned by product managers so they may configure the groups as desired, with support from our team.
  • The ability to change UI and layout as desired
  • A great question and answer forum board to interact with customers
  • API's and ability to integrate with other systems
  • Verint marketplace
  • The reporting aspect of the community needs to be entirely revamped. The alternative is that significant training material is published on how to best utilize the in-built reporting
  • The Community platform is a SAAS solution, but there are currently very limited mitigations against DDOS attacks, a site can be brought down by a single IP address spamming your website
  • Based on sentiments shared by colleagues: While the support can be good at times, in other instances issues raised as Critical can go unanswered for extended periods of time.
  • The implementation of ideas sourced from the community. Some ideas have been highly requested for years and have still not made it into the product.
If you need a community platform that's very versatile and has a relatively low entry-cost to get started, Verint is a good pick.

If you need a solution that is guaranteed to work seamlessly and have no hiccups or issues overall, it is not well suited. Although it is a SAAS solution, some of the aspects of the platform do not make it seem so.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use the Verint Community to search for issues or questions to see if other customers have the same concerns. I also use it to search for updates of Verint patches or products.
  • Topics
  • Ease of posting and responding
  • The search function is hard to narrow down what I need
To see if my issue has been addressed or if other users have the same concerns. For example, DPA and Edge, DPA and triggers.
June 14, 2023

Verint Community

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Verint Community to get support from other users, ask questions, browse ideas and find support materials. It’s a great place to share insights and get ideas for Speech categories, AQM and DPA. It’s a great community to connect with others and make the tool that much more powerful.
  • Content Layout
  • Participation
  • Supporting Materials
  • None
Getting new ideas and asking other users questions about Verint products. Supporting materials are always available to help you navigate through different Verint modules.
June 14, 2023

Verint Community

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Verint Community serves as a large knowledge base where you can find resources for a wide array of issues to see how other users overcame it. Most often I find myself coming to Verint Community when I have questions ahead of support. Community serves as an great knowledge base for any Verint customer.
  • Knowledge base
  • Finding known issues and resolutions
  • UX Design
  • Categorical Organization
Any issues encountered really, checking on Verint Community to find if others are facing the same challenges and aiding in devising a game plan on how to tackle it.
Jeremy Howell | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
When troubleshooting issues with the Verint WFE suite the Verint Community portal is a valuable asset to find solutions and collaborate with other customers.
  • Connecting customers to find resolutions for common issues
  • Building a community
  • Improved search functions
We always browse Verint Community first before opening tickets with the vendor. The resources and insights available on Verint Community empower us to be successful with our jobs.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use the Verint Community for both internal and external audiences. For our more than 40,000 customer users, it is an ideal collaboration tool and provides an efficient and easy way for us to serve up the resources they need to effectively use our solutions. Verint also serves as a primary communication tool for our internal employees, allowing them access to employment resources and news when they need it.
  • Great customer service!
  • A variety of notification options for end users to choose from
  • Role based permissions
  • Blog posts can be saved as drafts and scheduled
  • Would like to see OOTB reports listing subscribers
  • Permission settings within specific groups could be improved
It is a great platform for our customer support needs - both internally and externally. It helps us achieve our goals of providing collaboration options, resources, news and training to our end users.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
In our organization, we use Verint Community as a private online network of forums for our healthcare members to engage, share best practices and connect with fellow peers facing similar challenges in our industry. We currently have over 150 groups with over 10,000 members and growing. We use groups to support industry topics, chapter leadership and special interest groups.
  • Flexible UI
  • Ability to customize and brand
  • Discussion forums
  • Gallery - needs folder functionality or another option for document storage and management.
  • Hot fixes/patches instead of having to wait for bi-annual releases
Verint Community is well suited for organizations needing a nimble, secure platform that is developer-friendly. The standard options in Verint are included in your license, and from there, you can customize with integrations and branding.
Bridgett Waples | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Verint Community is used as a engagement educational community for our members and non-members to learn about health & wellness topics, health insurance and ask us questions. The business problem this community addresses is the educational value of the content, as health insurance can be a confusing topic with the various options. It also provides members an FAQ and opportunity to ask questions pertaining to their own health insurance plan. Our use case is member educational and easy to ask questions in a space easily accessible to all.
  • Forums - organizing forum questions and identifying answered
  • Various layouts of blogs, divided by groups to enable different or similar layouts throughout the site. Ability to enable all to view the same or have particular groups of blogs to stand out and have it's own look and feel
  • ability to customize widgets to the needs of your use case
  • Sunsetting items, if an item is sunset have a list of where that item is interlinked throughout the community.
Well suited for customizing your community
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use the Verint Community as our client community. The community offers features and functionality to help with Q&A, ideation, self-help, and other collaborative functionality. Verint Community allows us to support our clients, build brand & product features, and call deflection to help save time.
  • Forum Threads - Support Q&A
  • Ideation - Building and tracking ideas
  • Media files - build a self help library of documents to support the community members
  • Support with translation services. Would be ideal if we didn't need to shop for another vendor offering to support translations.
  • Partnering to help build a global community.
  • The site is very developer friendly. We would love to see some easier functionality for site managers that doesn't require a budget or developers to make things work.
The Verint Community is top-notch and should be rated that way. They provide everything you need for a thriving community and can do it at scale. The Verint support community is also beneficial; other Verint clients quickly assist with ideas and support. They have built a fantastic product, and we are pleased to partner with them.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use the Verint Community to run our externally facing customer community. Our main use cases are:
Forums where anyone using our technology can ask questions
Technical blogs designed to educate and engage
Communities of Practice around topics like innovation and research
The community helps us address items like case deflection in the forums. We utilise blog posts to tell our developer audience about releases, updates, where Arm is present around the world. Blogs help us build thought leadership and awareness of our technology and its capabilities. The ability for our audience to engage with us in an open and transparent setting is vital to building relationships and helping people using our technology to progress. We also utilise calendar and event functionality to engage members around offline and online events. Providing pre and post content in the community helps us deliver engaging event experiences for attendees.
  • An excellent customer community. The Verint community is full of extremely knowledgeable support staff to answer questions, and other customers who are always happy to share help, tips and tricks, and best practices. I find this an extremely valuable resource.
  • There are a range of extremely helpful admin tools to help troubleshoot issues. One example is the impersonate feature that allows you to act as other users to see what problems they might be experiencing.
  • The ability to configure features according to your needs, and leave out what you don't need is extremely helpful. It is easy to manage features and permissions across all the different groups and applications.
  • The terminology of some reports, and how the reports work, is not always clear at first. More could be done to educate on getting the most from reporting.
  • If there is a bug in your version, you are advised to apply a service pack which is not always possible to do. Not easy to get fixes for bugs.
The Verint Community is extremely well suited to external customer communities. The different content types (forums, blogs, events, ideation, etc.) are all very easy to configure and manage. If you have use cases designed around engaging your audience then I would recommend this platform. It is easy to manage members, create workflows and processes, and configure features to your needs.

Perhaps the only issue the platform has, is that someone with no developer resources or budget may struggle to take full advantage of the platform's capability.
Justin Lee | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
In 2011, INPO chose Verint Community to build its Nuclear Community platform for privately and securely connecting nuclear power workers with their peers at other stations and utilities. Over the years, our community of practice has expanded to support industry-wide knowledge capture, blended learning, peer-to-peer benchmarking and working group collaboration for over 11,000 members and 200+ industry working groups and functional areas, including Instructional Technologists, Fire Protection & Emergency Preparedness, Data Science, Organizational Effectiveness and Corrective Action Program owners. While many groups follow a predictable lifecycle, others have coalesced into close-knit, self-sustaining communities that interact with each other almost on a daily basis, building our shared culture of continuous improvement and driving excellence in operational safety and in the reliable operation of commercial nuclear power plants.
  • Excellent documentation for site administrators and community managers
  • Good APIs and 3rd-party integration support
  • Excellent tech support and customization through professional services group
  • Robust algorithms help connect users with related content and useful push notifications
  • Top-notch reporting capabilities make it easy to gain insights into value provided by interactions within the community
  • SaaS and on-premises configurations available
  • Automations, leaderboards, ideation, and role-based permissions offer efficiency and flexibility
  • Product has proven track record
  • Built-in themes are limited and require licensed 3rd party plug-ins or web developer to design more engaging user experiences than what is available out-of-the-box.
  • Most worrisome: Community seems to be Verint's forgotten product despite being solid and dependable. Engage conference features less and less content each year for this product. Little to no promotion, tutorials or how-to videos make this appear to be a less important focus for the company compared to their other products, which many users don't particularly need.
  • There's a reason the Community product was at the top of Gartner's list more than a decade ago. Your team was a leader in this category. Even though the enterprise community software segment has changed in the ensuing years, building sustainable communities is now more difficult than ever. Those of us responsible for building communities need your voice and leadership more than ever.
  • Please be vocal champions of "community of practice methodology" and what you know better than most of your competitors: The best practices of building and sustaining communities of practice.
It is very well-suited to peer-to-peer benchmarking as information can be organized and retained far better than email lists.
News digests and robust subscription options make it easy for members to get the right amount of notifications.

It appears less able to integrate interesting community content into other enterprise products like SharePoint / MS365 than some competitors like ServiceNow.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Verint Community to run our global community website for electrical engineers. We needed a platform that was scalable, allowed for localisation, could be self-hosted (in Azure), was extremely customisable (including features in the content editor), and had a regular release cycle for product updates. Verint Community ticked all the boxes.
  • Customisable
  • Scalable
  • Self-hosted
  • Various hosting options
  • Supports Localisation
  • Product ideas raised by users of the platform take a long time to get implemented (if ever), with little feedback from the company on the progress of the idea, and where it is in their process.
  • There's no developer advocate, or programme of events for bringing the developers together. Jive Software did a really good job of this in the past.
  • Development documentation is okay, but lacks code examples showing how to use the (many) APIs available.
  • Could really do with a GitHub repo of working examples to help get developers up-to-speed more quickly.
  • If you find a bug, there's not usually any way to get a hotfix.. so you're left waiting for a version upgrade to have the problem addressed, which can take months, even for serious issues.
The Verint Community is a scalable platform that allows for localisation, and can be self-hosted (in Azure) as well as having them host it for you. It's extremely customisable (including features in the content editor), and has a regular release cycle for product updates. They way it can be customised makes it relatively straight forward for technically-minded staff to make tweaks without needing a full dev team.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use the Verint platform for our Community, which is primarily used for customers to ask questions and solve problems. We also use Idea Exchange, wikis and blogs.
  • simple to set up and launch
  • metrics reporting
  • customization
  • role-based permissions
  • ability to move a wiki post to a discussion forum
  • ability to run metrics by customer name or email in large batches - automated
The Verint Community provides an easy-to-use platform for forums, wikis, blogs and idea exchange. It allows us to build a community based on our customers' needs and it allows us to make continuous improvements and customizations to meet those needs fairly easily.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I manage the platform along with another community manager. We use the platform to create a community to help our users with support, networking and knowledge sharing.
  • It is a highly configurable system
  • Rolling out changes is super easy and quick
  • Has a lot of feature depth (including integrating with other systems)
  • Make it easier to customize widget UI - without requiring extensive coding experience
  • Provide templates for Community homepages that are simple and have great UX
  • Make it easy to change the theme
Great configurability and flexibility. However, there should be more options of presenting the Group navigation - which collapses into this dropdown view and therefore has two states which can be confusing.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Verint Community (Telligent) for our three communities: business, education & gaming. We mainly use it for engaging with our customers and expanding our e-commerce customer engagement.
  • Interaction with customers using social media tools
  • Applications like blog post, forums & events which help in keeping the communities active and engaging
  • Ability to expand and promote our e-commerce business with users in a segment level
  • Verint Community can work on improving the language part of their business which would help in interacting with customers in non English countries more easily
  • User interface is very dated, it required very high customizations from our side in order to be using it as functional. Hoping for UI part to be more focused on their upcoming updates.
  • Features such as chatting and group chatting could be introduced in a similar way to other big social media companies
  • They could build a mobile application as well other than the website for much better collaboration and ease of use.
Verint Community (Telligent) is extremely useful if you are goal is to expand your regular business by creating high engagement and creating word of mouth to have more conversions but it is not good to use it like a social media platform as there is a lot to improve that department.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have 196 private, external Verint Communities set up for our members. This provides our members with a place they can connect outside of email and our regularly scheduled member programming. The private groups also act as a content depository for easy access to materials.
  • Great customer service
  • Community is user friendly
  • Appreciate the ability to customize our groups per our specific group needs
  • Ability to update "hot fixes" verse full software upgrades
  • Increase visibility into upgrade timelines and offerings
  • Provide quicker turnaround to address top rated ideas for added features/fixes within the software
When researching Community providers, Verint was the best considering functionality and ability to customize.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Verint Community to manage our private community of professional service providers. We provide software that helps them manage their firms and provide services to their clients, and they use our forums to discuss our products, business practices, client management, and growth strategies.
  • User access is robust.
  • The platform is extremely configurable.
  • Integrations are easy.
  • Analytics could be improved.
  • Emails are not configurable.
Verint can be exactly what you want it to be - use the APIs, add embeddable, customize with SocialEdge, and you'll have the forum of your dreams. If you are looking for something basic, this is not for you. The selling point for Verint is how configurable it is, but that also means it can be quite vanilla out of the box. You'll need to work with it a bit to make it special.
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it mostly as an organic community (Q&A, discussions, etc.) of users and experts answering other users' questions on the support side, providing an extra layer of support and on the marketing side, posting blogs and relevant product information, features, and overall one-way communications to all of our customers and future customers.
  • Notifications
  • Role assignment
  • Automated moderation/integration with Akismet
  • SEO
  • Moderation interface
  • Out of box customization
  • Better admin interface
It is a good "basic" platform but lacks 2-way communication with Akismet, which does not allow the system to learn what needs to be moderated or not and adapt to new ways of spam detection and blocking. Problems with SEO metadata; it adds information on it's own instead of letting the expert add only the information it actually wants to send - restricting character input to 65 characters. The system adds all the rest without any chance of removing what it adds. I feel it is frustrating.

Works great with Q&A and discussions but, when moderating one response, it actually breaks the navigation and you have to go back to the main page in order to resume navigation. The old versions had a notification telling customers that the page was under review when there was a moderation action. Now it shows the only page as a 404 error "you ran into a bump on the internet", in my opinion, it's not good.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use the community platform for our communities for three segments - Education, PRO & Gaming. It allows us to implement out-of-the-box functionalities to engage with our customers in a more closed approach.
  • Verint Community supports applications like forums, blogs, and ideas that are robust and easy to use. It is one of the key requirements for any community
  • The community platform has various features to engage with users and users engaging with each other, like a social network
  • Support for multiple languages, especially users who are not logged in. Currently, it's always in English, and only if the browser language is changed, then the language can be different, which is not optimal.
  • User interface is very poor. We need to create multiple new UI to fix these issues.
  • Live chat functionality is very dated and not usable.
It is well suited for one language community and for a single country but very bad for communities in multiple countries and languages. It is great for users to collaborate and engage in a platform.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Verint Community is used as the platform that hosts an external online community to support connecting early childhood systems builders and professionals across the United States. It allows for peer-to-peer connections to form organically, provides a place for people from different organizations to work together on complex problems, provides a place for members to crowdsource and discuss resources from across the early childhood field, and ask for help and guidance from peers.
  • Open API allows for integrations and custom development work so that you can enhance the out-of-the-box features
  • Flexible back-end system administration and design elements that allow you to create the user experience that makes sense for your community and use cases
  • Strong discussion forum functionality with multi-level threading
  • Ability to create an online community that has public-facing groups and content as well as member-only, private, and secret groups.
  • Search is strong
  • While still not ideal, the reports/analytics are stronger than some other community platforms
  • The user experience out-of-the-box could be improved, especially the new member onboarding and welcoming experience. For example, it isn't easy for users to figure out how to subscribe to the various applications that are turned on for a group (blog, calendar/events, wikis, ideas); by default group members are only subscribed to discussion forums. We wish that system admins could define default notification, subscription, and email digest settings for users.
  • The design of some of the widgets could be improved and made consistent across application types.
  • You can do anything you want with the Verint Community platform if you have a developer or a development team -- if you don't, it can be costly to enhance the out-of-the-box features to get the experience you are trying to build for your members.
  • The Automation Rules that have been enhanced recently hold a lot of promise, but need to be made easier for a non-programmer. Some standard automation rules need to be created in order to support driving desired member behaviors.
  • The system does not allow for file collaboration and isn't integrated out-of-the-box with file storage platforms like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, etc. -- having version control on uploaded files would be a welcome enhancement. This would allow us to build collaboration groups where people from various organizations could more easily collaborate together on files.
It is appropriate for relatively advanced external online community teams that have a clear sense of what they want to build. If you have a development team, this is the online community platform for you! It is much more flexible than other platforms. It is an excellent replacement for Jive-x external online communities (you can almost lift and shift). I would not recommend it for internal, employee social intranets or enterprise social networks because it doesn't have the file collaboration functionality and doesn't integrate with Microsoft 365 or Google Enterprise.
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