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Xara Designer Pro

Xara Designer Pro


What is Xara Designer Pro?

Xara, headquartered in Berlin, offers Designer Pro, a desktop publishing application.

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Xara is a versatile tool that has received praise for its robust features and ability to enhance productivity while saving money. Users …
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What is Xara Designer Pro?

Xara, headquartered in Berlin, offers Designer Pro, a desktop publishing application.

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What is Microsoft Publisher?

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing application available with an Office 365 subscription, or as a standalone download.

What is CorelDRAW Graphics Suite?

Corel Corporation, headquartered in Ottawa, offers the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, a graphic design studio and library of tools.

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What is Xara Designer Pro?

Xara Designer Pro Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Xara is a versatile tool that has received praise for its robust features and ability to enhance productivity while saving money. Users have found the software particularly useful for graphics, infographics, and creating content for social media and webinars. One of the standout capabilities of Xara is its ease of manipulating and resizing images without compromising on quality. This feature has been highly appreciated by users as it allows them to work efficiently and produce visually appealing designs.

Moreover, Xara has gained a reputation for its optimization capabilities on tablets and other devices, making it a go-to application for web design. Many users have found Xara to be a cost-effective alternative to Adobe products, especially Adobe Fireworks, as it offers a comprehensive set of tools in one package. The software's small file sizes and fast performance have also contributed to its popularity among users. Additionally, Xara has been instrumental in improving the image and marketing efforts of companies, leading to enhanced sales potential. Internet marketing consultants often rely on Xara to quickly create websites, ads, and logos for their clients.

Xara Designer Pro is widely used by professionals for designing impactful visuals such as posters, logos, business cards, presentations, and graphics for social media. Users appreciate the level of detail available when creating charts and other visual elements with Xara. Furthermore, the software has become a valuable resource for individuals looking to improve their graphic design skills or create product images for personal use or marketing purposes.

It's worth mentioning that some users have reported experiencing issues with similar features in Canva, making Xara a preferred choice due to its stability and reliability. Overall, Xara's extensive features combined with user-friendly functionality have positioned it as a trusted tool for various design tasks, offering time-saving solutions and empowering users to unleash their creativity.

Users have made several recommendations for Xara Designer based on their experiences and needs. The three most common recommendations are:

  1. Try the trial version and watch instructional videos before purchasing. Users suggest taking advantage of the trial version of Xara Designer to get a feel for the software and its features. They also recommend watching instructional videos provided by Xara or exploring online tutorials to familiarize oneself with the program's capabilities.

  2. Utilize support team and online community for assistance. Users recommend consulting the support team and visiting the online community resources when facing any challenges or seeking guidance with Xara Designer. These channels can provide valuable assistance and help users overcome any difficulties they may encounter while using the software.

  3. Define your project requirements to determine if Xara Designer is suitable. It is advised to clearly define your project needs and goals before deciding if Xara Designer is the right tool for you. Users suggest evaluating whether Xara Designer aligns with your specific requirements, such as graphic design, website creation, or vector editing. This will help ensure that Xara Designer is a suitable choice for your particular use case.

These recommendations highlight the importance of exploring the trial version, seeking support from both the official team and the user community, and considering your project's needs when considering Xara Designer as an alternative to Adobe's subscription-based software.


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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Xara Designer Pro for my basic design needs like presentations, graphics for social media, imagery for my website, and infographics. It is very easy to use and there are some really great features compared to Canva. The one thing that I like is that resizing is very easy to do. I also like the details available when making charts, etc. I have had issues with those things in Canva.
  • Graphic art
  • Social media imagery
  • blog post images
  • load times
  • windows not opening
  • glitching when copying objects
Really great for on-the-fly images for social media, blog posts, websites. It is extremely easy to use and new employees do not need to spend any time with training since its really intuitive. Less appropriate for graphic design like removing backgrounds, etc.
  • Templates
  • Drag-and-drop designer elements
  • Image effects on png transparent backgrounds
  • Less time on boarding interns
  • Easy to copy templates for uniformity across the brand
  • Quick downloads
I like both and use both but for different things. Canva, I think has more templates overall. Support is better with Xara and my templates are already built in Xara. Also, detail attention is better in Xara. I have built very meticulous charts in Xara and even mocked up product designs here.
  • Prior Experience with the Product
Once I started using Xara, it was hard to switch because I had so many templates I was already using.It was easy enough to use and cheap enough that I didn't see a reason to switch.
I may have spent more time trying out more than one. I think at the time, it was decided for me but I would have spent more time looking at templates and design elements and how easy they are to use.
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