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NetApp FAS series

NetApp FAS is a great platform to solve a large variety of different problems. It is ideal for large organizations that have a variety of different business scenarios and locations. This ability allows global support organizations to have standard tools and methods even in a variety of use cases and site sizes. On the flip side, this flexibility is also sometimes the weakness of the platform. In very specialized use cases/areas such as low latency with flash this can be a detriment. We still seem to use specialty arrays to solve these point requirements.
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NetApp FAS series

  • It was fairly easy to implement with guided assistance from NetApp.
  • We haven't had many drive failures.
  • The pricing was right.
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NetApp FAS series

  • The unit did go through a lot of hard drives early on. It took them a while to figure out it was a firmware issue. Once that was fixed, it got better.
  • Firmware should have a "live" update process.
  • The price point could be better.
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NetApp FAS series

NetApp FAS series 8.0
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It does have a really nice and easy to use web interface to do pretty much anything you need with it. It was very simple to configure our volumes and luns and connect them to our VMWare environment using the interface. It has options to rename, shrink, grow, and other things with our luns and volumes. It was nice and easy to read graphs to see where you stand on your storage usage at a glance.
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NetApp FAS series

NetApp FAS series 2.0
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Among the worst support we've ever had. The reason I say this is we had one of our 2 controller boards die completely. They sent a technician out, which was obviously a 3rd-party contracted person, and he didn't know much about NetApp, but was able to swap the board out. He contacted support and handed the phone over to me, and the technician walked me through reassigning disks to the new controller, but he had me assigning the wrong disks, which caused our whole SAN to go down, and we lost connectivity to all our 220+ servers for many hours. It was a complete nightmare. Then this past October out of the blue we get an alert that the controllers have lost high availability. Basically, they aren't communicating with each other. Also, keep in mind these controllers aren't connected to each other via a cable, they are both contained in the same chassis, so it must be a bug. I've been working with support still since then, almost going on 1 year! They constantly miss our calls, ignore my emails/calls, etc. It's very frustrating to deal with.
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Alternatives Considered

NetApp FAS series

We once relied on EMC and and IBM for storage. Over the years we have transitioned to NetApp for all our storage needs. The main reason we have liked NetApp FAS is due to the many options and standardized management capabilities from one pane of glass. We don't have to buy 3-6 platform solutions to solve 3-5 different problem. We have been able to buy a single solution that is able to solve most if not all our problems. This is a significant operational advantage to our organization.
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Return on Investment

NetApp FAS series

  • Positive impact for bridging information security gaps.
  • Overall business satisfaction improvements.
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NetApp FAS series


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