The Best Marketing Automation Products for Enterprises (>500 employees)

Marketing Automation TrustMap™ for Enterprises
Marketing Automation TrustMap for Enterprises
The average rating for Enterprise Marketing Automation products is 3.8 out of 5 (compared to 3.9 for Mid-Size Companies and 4.3 for Small Businesses). The average enterprise customer focus is 46%. There are several solutions designed exclusively or largely for large enterprises, and among them all Oracle's Eloqua is the clear winner and the Best Product for Enterprise Marketing Automation.

*Percentage of Enterprise clients as indicated by the mix of reviews on TrustRadius
Product Avg. Enterprise Rating Enterprise Focus* Enterprise Customer Estimate
Oracle Eloqua 4.4 59% 870

There are four Strong Performers in the Enterprise segment (highly rated by customers, but with smaller proportions of them in the Enterprise segment) that are worth evaluating depending on your requirements:

Product Enterprise Rating Enterprise Focus Enterprise Customer Estimate
Pardot (Salesforce) 3.9 21% 318
Marketo 3.9 15% 450
Act-On 4.7 13% 282
HubSpot 4.4 6% 609
  • Pardot - Any company that is heavily reliant on as a CRM would be wise to also evaluate Pardot, given their recent acquisition by Pardot scores quite favorably among Enterprise customers, although its campaign management feature set is not as robust as those of Eloqua or Marketo. Read more about the pros/cons of Pardot and a management interview about their plans for integration with in the Pardot product section.
  • Marketo is rapidly building additional enterprise-oriented capabilities including Marketing Resource Management (MRM). We have also heard from several consultants serving large accounts who have seen success with Marketo. It is the most frequently compared product with Eloqua, with 59% of those evaluating Eloqua also evaluating Marketo (see Comparison Ring below).
  • Act-On is used by a number of large Enterprises most often as a departmental solution. It is generally not considered a suitable choice for centralized marketing operations at a large enterprise.
  • HubSpot also has a large number of Enterprise accounts and is very positively rated within this segment. In some cases HubSpot is used in conjunction with other marketing automation solutions like Marketo.

When you find a product that closely aligns with your needs, it's easy to evaluate and compare it to its top competitors in the market with the TrustRadius Comparison Ring. These suggestions are based on over 10,000 individual comparisons made by Marketing Automation software buyers on

Comparison Ring for Eloqua – Best Product in Enterprise Marketing Automation
Comparison Ring for Eloqua – Best Product in Enterprise Marketing Automation