LiveJournal - A Personalized Platform for the Personal Company
March 14, 2014

LiveJournal - A Personalized Platform for the Personal Company

Kelly Weidenfeld | TrustRadius Reviewer
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I currently use LiveJournal as a personal means of communication. At my current company, it is not something that is being used at the time. I do not see an immediate need for LiveJournal for my current company at the moment. While it is a solid platform, and customizable to a tee, it is one that may benefit a company that is looking to be in-depth with it's customers and provide a personal experience.


  • LiveJournal allows for customization. There are many communities on LiveJournal that provide layouts for novices and professionals alike.
  • It's relatively easy to create a post and incorporate media into them, such as pictures of products or events associated with a launch.


  • LiveJournal is a bit clunky. Posting is easy, but formatting a post can be a bit difficult, especially if the user doesn't have much HTML expertise.
  • The search function is practically unusable. When searching for a community to join or check out, it is difficult to wade through the list of results. Often times, the results that come back are not related to the topic a user is searching for.
  • LiveJournal is more of a personal use item, and hasn't been used in my current company.
  • WordPress,Blogger,Google Analytics
Livejournal is relatively easy to use, compared to the other blogging sites. It's essentially ready to go once a user has signed up. Personally, the comments section on LiveJournal is much easier to navigate than other blogging sites. LiveJournal is a good place to start for those looking to get into the blogging world.
LiveJournal has a sense of community that is unlike that of other blogging sites. LiveJournal's layout and setup allow for user engagement that is on a different level than those of WordPress and Blogger. Community and a sense of being in one is important when communicating with customers, as well as responding to comments and complaints. LiveJournal makes it easy to address these issues.
LiveJournal is best suited for personal experiences. It is a platform that works for personal blogging, whether it's maybe a CEO of a company looking to discuss a new product or providing a place for customers to respond to a product. LiveJournal doesn't really lend itself to everyday company blogging. It's a very personal platform and for a specific kind of user.


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