TIBCO EMS for strengthening offline capabilities
October 09, 2020

TIBCO EMS for strengthening offline capabilities

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Overall Satisfaction with TIBCO Enterprise Message Service

TIBCO Enterprise Message Service is the core of our Enterprise app ecosystem and ESB. It provides the fault tolerance and resilience that enables us to use our services offline which is great for our business continuity. We have global field offices that are mainly located in low bandwidth areas and implementing EMS affords us the flexibility to have robust message queuing. Deployment was also very easy. We have a setup where field sites generate content (mostly rich media content) and sync to central servers. Traditionally this would have to be online but in our case, the field sites are actually in remote little to no bandwidth areas. TIBCO EMS is deployed in our central office while at the sub-offices which serve field sites we have the TIBCO MFT Platform Server. This configuration allows our field sites to carry on with their work by choosing 'Online' and 'Offline' in-app depending on whether they have internet connectivity. The message orchestration that EMS provides means we have successful reliable sycnhronisation of data.
  • It is robust and scalable. We use it in a global deployment with high volume and high-velocity data.
  • It is continually being improved with newer technologies on the market like containers.
  • Reliable for mission-critical apps.
  • A bit of lag time between data sync and the data reaching the server for some of our field sites.
  • It still seems like a niche product for me with little community support. I didn't know about it before working for a company that deployed it.
  • Certain functionality is too complex to setup as compared to other products on the market.
  • We were able to achieve high availability due to fault tolerance capabilities.
  • We were able to think around issues of internet connectivity and deploy our custom apps in little bandwidth and no bandwidth areas and still be able to achieve our goal.
  • We were able to ensure 90% upload success rate of corruption-free rich media files due to the resilient messaging service and provision for asynchronous processing.
  • We were able to drop certain components from our messaging chain and replace them with a single product.
  • We Managed to take advantage of integrating existing products from TIBCO.
  • in-person training
The training offered us an overview of the product features, use cases and capabilities enough to help us ask deep questions on product usage for our particular case. We then we also had inhouse staff who were trained further to be point persons from within and could always offer immediate support to the rest of the staff on top of what the vendor offered. This meant troubleshooting issues were quickly resolved.
TIBCO is not the industry leader in general but for our unique case and also because we also deployed TIBCO MFT Platform Server, it was the go to choice. The recent improvements like container support also gave us confidence that this is a product for the future. Moving from an architecture that involved Microsoft Message Queuing along the chain, we decided to go a different route and chose EMS instead.
TIBCO EMS is best where several separate applications all feed into a central repository or server as it allows communication between apps and services. It also offers asynchronous processing capabilities and all this made it possible for us to build an environment that could work offline or during downtime and then synchronise our workloads later when we are back up online. It is well suited for huge enterprises because it scales so well. It provides reliability making it very suitable for mission-critical apps that need assured delivery (as in our case) however this delivery is not necessarily real-time.