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Channel Partners: Millennials, Distrustful of Vendor Claims, Making More Tech Buying Decisions

A new business technology-purchasing study shows that customers distrust their vendors’ sales pitches. The TrustRadius B2B Buying Disconnect study interviewed 438 buyers and 240 vendors to see how each side approaches a sale. One of the broad takeaways is that buyers are feeling “more empowered” to do their own research apart from what vendors tell them.

Forbes: In The Fake News Era, Building Trust With Consumers Is Crucial

In a climate of fake news and clickbait, there’s a lot to be said for creating trust with your customers, particularly from a content marketing perspective. A recent report by TrustRadius, a software review company that connects buyers and vendors, may be able to shed some light. Among other interesting findings, it turns out that it may actually benefit brands to be painfully honest about their products. I sat down with TrustRadius CEO and founder Vinay Bhagat, to dig a little deeper.

CustomerThink: Buyers Take a “Trust But Verify” Approach to Vendor Content

In the 1980’s, President Ronald Reagan made extensive use of a Russian proverb during nuclear arms negotiations with Mikhail Gorbachev. The English translation of the proverb is “trust, but verify.” The TrustRadius research indicates that many of today’s B2B buyers have adopted President Reagan’s mindset. They expect vendors to provide information, and they will use that information in their decision-making process. But they also want to confirm important points via first-hand knowledge or experience, and/or via information sources that are independent of the vendor.

B2B News Network: B2B buyer surveys reveal most decision makers see sales as untrustworthy and unhelpful

“It is clear that buyers continue to want a realistic view of how a product will work for them on a day-to-day basis, and that finding information from sources not controlled by the vendor is crucial to getting a complete picture,” the report said. “While buyers rely on the vendor’s website and representatives as key sources for some product information, they don’t always trust them to be transparent and comprehensive, which limits their influence over purchase decisions.”

CMSWire: 4 Ways to Keep Your Vendor Honest During the Evaluation and Purchasing Process

You're not alone if you're a B2B buyer and you don't trust your potential vendor. According to a report from TrustRadius this month, there is a trust gap between vendors and buyers. And, we get it, it's not personal, it's healthy skepticism. Who wouldn't be skeptical with pending a potentially six- or seven-figure technology investment for their organization?

Digital Commerce: B2B technology purchasers adopt a ‘buyer beware’ attitude

While technology vendors rely mostly on their websites to entice customers, buyers say they prefer product demonstrations and customer reviews to help them decide what to purchase, a new study finds. In the end deals do get done, but buyers of B2B technology and services apparently have a very healthy skepticism in the information they get from vendors.

MartechSeries: B2B Buying Disconnect: Are You Targeting the Right Set of Customers?

While authenticity and validation through independent resources are key factors for all B2B buyers, it’s even more important for millennial buyers, says Megan Headley of TrustRadius. “In our survey, the majority of buyers fell into the millennial age bracket — 45% of were 25 to 34 years old, and 4% were under 25. Millennial representation was even more pronounced for buyers of marketing technology, where 53% of respondents were 25 to 34 years old. This matches trends in other B2B tech buyer surveys.”

E-Commerce Times: Honesty Proves Best Policy for Closing B2B Deals

Vendors have a better shot at closing deals for large-scale B2B software purchases when they are upfront and honest about the quality of their products, a new study from TrustRadius suggests. Eighty-five percent of participating vendors claimed to be upfront about the limitations of their products, while only 37 percent of customers said the vendors met their expectations for honesty.

MarketingProfs: The Disconnect Between B2B Tech Buyers and Vendors

Buyers say the most influential information sources in evaluating vendors are their prior experiences with the product, free trials/accounts, product demos, and referrals from friends/colleagues/peers. Buyers also rank these four sources as the most trustworthy.

MarketingCharts: Here’s What the Most Influential B2B Vendors Are Doing to Win Business

The most trustworthy information sources for B2B buyers are also their most influential, details TrustRadius in its second annual B2B Buying Disconnect study. And that link between trust and influence seems to extend to vendors themselves: those that are considered the most influential in the purchase process tend to take a more consultative, open and honest approach to engaging buyers, per the report.

ZDNet: How much should CXOs trust vendors when purchasing new solutions?

Technology buyers tend to use multiple resources when researching products, because none are perfectly adequate or trustworthy. The results are showcased in a report from technology review platform TrustRadius. It studied buyer preferences, vendor impact, and looked at the trust gap in B2B technology.

Inc. Magazine: I Asked the CEO of a Company That Preaches Brutal Truth to be Honest With Me. It Was Brutal.

TrustRadius had recently performed a piece of research that claimed, quite remarkably, that "Buyers Want the Brutal Truth, Not Slick Messaging." We're talking about large items of technology that can costs millions of dollars here. We're also talking about TrustRadius, which insists it's "the most trusted review platform for business technology." In that case, I thought with a certain mischief, why not ask TrustRadius to be honest about itself?

BuiltIn Austin: TrustRadius plans to triple employee headcount following $5.5M Series B

Today, Bhagat said his TrustRadius team had to remind him once again that celebrations were in order to toast to a fresh $5.5 million Series B. The funding, led by local VC LiveOak Venture Partners and Silicon Valley-based Mayfield, will be used to triple TrustRadius’ employee headcount and invest in its product.

Austin American Statesman: Austin’s TrustRadius brings in $5.5M for expansion

The B2B buyer’s journey has changed, and authentic user insights are now a critical component of the technology purchasing process, said Venu Shamapant, general partner at LiveOak. TrustRadius has succeeded in building a trusted resource for buyers as well as a powerful platform for vendors.

Customer Think: B2B Buyers Are Still Skeptical About Vendor Content

A recent research report by TrustRadius paints a rather sobering picture of the effectiveness of B2B content marketing. The B2B Buying Disconnect is based on the results of two surveys. One was a survey of 418 individuals who played a key role in a significant software purchase during the previous two years, and the second was a survey of 190 individuals who worked for software vendors in a marketing or sales leadership capacity.

MarketingProfs: How B2B Tech Buyers Evaluate Vendors: Most Valued and Trusted Information Types

When evaluating products/services, B2B technology buyers rate free trials and product demos as the two most helpful information sources for evaluating vendors; referrals from friends/colleagues/peers ranks as the third most helpful source, according to recent research from TrustRadius. The report is based on data from a survey of 418 people who have recently played a significant role in an important B2B technology purchase decision for their organization.

Huffington Post: The B2B Buying Disconnect

In order for B2B vendors to minimize the existing disconnect between themselves and B2B buyers, companies must adopt a beginner’s mindset – open, flexible, interested, adaptive and willing to engage from an outside-in approach. To better understand the changing dynamics of the B2B purchasing process and the buyer’s journey, I spoke with Vinay Bhagat, CEO and founder of TrustRadius.

Marketing Charts: These Information Sources Are Considered Most Trustworthy by B2B Buyers

Vendor websites might be one of the most used information sources by B2B buyers, but they’re towards the bottom of the list in helpfulness and trustworthiness, according to a report from TrustRadius. Instead, free trials, product demos and referrals are among the information sources that lead the way in trust and utility, per the study.

Martech Today: Demos, Trials and Customers’ Opinions Count Most for B2B Buyers

B2B marketers: You know all that product info on your website? It doesn’t carry all that much credibility with buyers because it’s seen as intended to generate leads rather than inform about a product, according to a recent report from TrustRadius on how B2B buyers make decisions and how vendors influence those decisions. And it turns out vendors know such material is not very effective.

DMNews: B2B Tech Vendors Need to Win Trust

The buyer journey is in an enhanced state of flux for all businesses these days, but discussions around this trend tend to revolve around B2C brands. B2B marketers, it seems, are equally struggling with adapting to new customer behaviors, but they have the added problem of a lack of credibility

TopRank Marketing: Five Opportunities for Increasing Influence with Technology Buyers

Thanks to the internet, social media and mobile technologies, buyer’s are more self-directed than ever before, using these tools to conduct independent research that informs important purchasing decisions for themselves and the companies they work for. However when it comes to B2B buyers, specifically those looking to purchase tools and software from technology vendors, while independent research is a major trend, 60% say their vendor is an influential part of the purchasing process, according to TrustRadius’ new report, The B2B Buying Disconnect.

MarketingProfs: Five Key Lessons From B2B Marketing Leaders

As part of our coverage of the 2016 Marketo Nation Summit, we talked with B2B marketing leaders who have experience with rapid company growth. Some of them have successfully helped scale multiple companies; others are now working on major growth initiatives. All of them shared lessons and advice on the following:

AdvertisingAge: Five Steps to Measuring Your Social Media ROI

Research firm TrustRadius recently found that demonstrating ROI is the number one challenge among marketers, with 60% naming this as one of their top three challenges. So how do you tackle this challenge? Here are five steps to measure the effectiveness of your social media efforts

Built in Austin: The Entrepreneurial Journey: TrustRadius' Vinay Bhagat

Originally from the UK, Bhagat moved to the U.S. after graduating from The University of Cambridge in 1992. In 1999 he founded Convio, a leading SaaS provider of online fundraising and advocacy solutions. He ran Convio as CEO for four years then assumed the role of CSO until the company exited in 2012 for $325 million. Now leading his second Austin-based startup, TrustRadius, Bhagat spoke with us about his entrepreneurial beginnings and the obstacles he's faced in his journey

Heinz Marketing: What’s in a name? – Account-based Marketing vs. Account-based Everything

In essence “Account-based Everything” is the same thing that others have been describing as Account-based Marketing. What’s different is the structured approach TOPO takes to the strategic and collaborative aspects of ABM, reminding practitioners that an effective account-based strategy cannot be executed by Marketing alone, since the account needs to move downstream to Sales (and Customer Success) before generating revenue

Direct Marketing News: Why the Pendulum Is Swinging Back to Outbound Marketing

New approaches for account-based marketing allow B2B marketers to join forces with sales and reach key target audiences at scale. “While account-based marketing is a hot topic, it isn't a new strategy,” says Emily Sue Tomac, research manager and lead analyst for research firm TrustRadius. “Rather, it's a swing of the pendulum back to outbound marketing, from marketing automation and social media marketing's focus on inbound efforts.”

Chiefmartech: The Buzz around Account-Based Marketing at MarTech

Account-based marketing (ABM) was one of the biggest topics at the MarTech conference. Nearly every exhibitor featured a reference to ABM, and many of the presenters touched on the trend as well. The TrustRadius research team checked in with some of the leading vendors to get a pulse on how ABM is shaping their product and business. Here are the major ABM trends that emerged:

CustomerThink: It’s Time to Practice Authenticity in B2B Software

2016 is the year of the customer, and, as business buyers start to purchase more like consumers, it’s time to start giving the customer what they want: transparency as it relates to the goods and/or services you sell. Why? Because freedom of information is not just good for buyers, but can be just as good for your brand’s image and bottom line 12 Questions to Ask Marketing Automation Vendors

With so many marketing automation platforms and services available today, how can you determine which products best fit your needs? It all starts with research, of course, such as checking out reviews and product comparisons


MarketingProfs: The Top-Rated Marketing Automation Software Platforms

What are the top-rated marketing automation products for small businesses, mid-market companies, and large enterprises? To find out, TrustRadius examined 1,647 reviews of 20 leading marketing automation (MA) software platforms posted before Nov 30, 2015 by authenticated customers.

VentureBeat: New TrustRadius Marketing Automation Report Uses Updated Scoring Algorithm

This is the first guide using TrustRadius’ new trScore algorithm, which aims to provide greater transparency with regard to reviews. This is similar to changes in consumer product reviews, many of which now indicate whether a review has been incentivized in some way. Not only does the new trScore provide greater transparency, it also modifies the way vendor-driven reviews are weighted compared with unsolicited reviews

TheHub: Bringing transparency to B2B reviews

It's very much to the credit of TrustRadius that it's chosen to highlight this issue; and even more so that it's chosen to address it. The trScore does seem to be unique to the space, and may set a benchmark in transparency for others to follow

AccountingToday: Unveils New Resources, Programs at Digital CPA announced new partnerships and resources, including a business process outsourcing software buyer’s guide during the company’s Digital CPA Conference Dec. 7-9. The buyers’ guide to Accounting Software for CPAs in public practice engaged in BPO is published by TrustRadius

MarketingLand: TrustRadius Has A New Way to Treat Reviews Obtained Through Vendors

Vendor-sourced users tend to generate more positive ratings and reviews than users obtained elsewhere. The new approach, called trScore, is designed to bring vendor-sourced reviews more in line with independently-sourced ones.

CustomerThink: Can You Trust B2B Software Review Sites?

Software vendors are now fully aware of the importance of reviews. Unfortunately, some vendors do that disservice by attempting to “put their thumb on the scale” of the evaluation process.

CMSWire: Can You Trust Web CMS Rankings?

But this is the era of crowdsourcing. And — not surprisingly — the vendors that are ostensibly the people's choice have little in common with the choices of professional analysts.

eMarketer: Will Marketers Ever Grasp Social ROI Measurement?

Nearly nine in 10 US companies with 100-plus employees will use social media for marketing purposes this year, eMarketer estimates. However, marketers still struggle to measure the value of such efforts, based on a March 2015 study by Simply Measured and TrustRadius.

Social Times: Report: Marketers Still Struggle to Measure Social ROI

According to the TrustRadius report, 60 percent of the survey respondents reported that measuring the ROI of social media was the biggest challenge. The second biggest challenge was connecting social activities to business outcomes, which was closely followed by the challenge of securing internal resources.

Business Insider: These 3 Charts Explain Why Microsoft Almost Paid $55 Billion for Salesforce When It Has The Same Exact Product

It’s not all too common to find an enterprise software company to be near-dominant in all three market segments – big enterprises, mid-size companies, and small businesses – and Salesforce appears to be doing exactly that, according to a recent report by software review site TrustRadius

Openview Labs: Why High Growth Software Companies Are Investing In Online Reviews

Progressive companies are also proactively harnessing their reviews as part of their go-to-market programs. They enable their reps to use reviews, pointing to their review base as a whole for high-level social proof, and to individual reviews as part of reference requests

Medium: Building Trust One Review At A Time

As user reviews spread to business software, how do you know what to trust? What safeguards are business review sites taking to ensure that their content is legitimate and representative of reality?

eWEEK: TrustRadius Announces TrustMaps For CRM Software

TrustRadius announced the release of its TrustMaps for customer relationship management (CRM) software, a guide that ranks products based on user satisfaction and evaluation frequency by users from companies of all sizes.

MarketingProfs: Best-Practices for Developing A B2B Online Review Program

There's a large and established body of evidence in B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing that online reviews measurably increase conversion rates. In B2B, it's important to have a representative sample of customers so that people can filter to find at least one user like themselves.

VentureBeat: Enterprise Social Media Management Tools Are Leaving The Marketing Nest

Enterprise-class social media management (SMM) is changing, according to a new report launched today by TrustRadius. Where these tools used to be maintained by the marketing team alone, big companies are making use of SMM technologies across the organization

InformationWeek: BI Buyers Guide Taps Real Customer Reviews

Would you recommend your current business intelligence product to others? That's a core question behind a new BI Buyer's Guide released on Tuesday that offers ratings based on customer reviews. Launched in 2013, TrustRadius has released buyer's guides and detailed reports on marketing automation, social media. and, now, BI vendors.

The Hub: TrustRadius Report Reveals The Top-Rated Business Intelligence Platforms

Business software reviews site TrustRadius today released a report highlighting the top-rated business intelligence platforms, according to its users.TrustRadius utilized over 500 reviews on its site to rank the platforms, compiling their findings in a buying guide for BI products.

VentureBeat: Interest In CRO Grows 30% As Marketers Spend Big On Tools To Attract You

Interest in the conversion rate optimization (CRO) tool marketplace is increasing at pace, according to a recent research from TrustRadius, and it is clear why. We’ve heard many stories of businesses attaining sizeable returns through the use of CRO solutions.

CMO: Latest Crowdsourced Guide Rates Top A/B Testing Vendors For Marketers

A new crowdsourced guide from US-based Trustradius has ranked the most popular A/B testing software platforms with marketing teams based on user recommendations, company size and adoption. The report also found 44 per cent of A/B testing software users are spending more than $10,000 per year on A/B testing software.

Silicon Hills: Ten Startups to Watch in Austin and San Antonio

Founded in 2012, the startup has raised $5 million and has created a platform for software users to review business software products. TrustRadius is used by 100,000 software buyers each month to make more informed decisions. Its directory includes more than 6000 in-depth reviews across 1,635 software products

DMNews: Going Where Analog Marketers Have Not Gone Before

This week, Trustradius, an online community of marketing tech users (actual line marketers, not marketing techs on loan from IT) released a Buyers Guide to Digital Analytics Software based on 230 in-depth reviews by authenticated users. Trustradius undertook this effort because it believes that, while tech analysts have their place, their recommendations should be taken with a grain of salt.

CMSWire: In Web Analytics Ranking World, Another Choice Emerges

The latest to flex its ranking muscles is TrustRadius, an Austin, Texas-based forum for professionals to share candid insights about business software. And TrustRadius feels it has 230 good reasons for being a trusted source for analytics rankings — the 230 reviews by analytics software users that ultimately led to the crowdsourcing firm's TrustMaps for Digital Analytics software.

The Hub: Companies Are Spending More On Web Optimization Tools, Despite Lack Of Tech Skills

Software buying guide and reviews service TrustRadius recently conducted a survey on the usage of these web optimization tools (or as it calls them, CRO tools.) The results revealed the growing investment and adoption of this type of software, as brands get more savvy about making their websites into revenue generators.

Social Media Explorer: The Rise Of The Search And Social Buyer

Research by the Corporate Executive Board, indicates that B2B customers complete 60% of their purchasing process before having a conversation with a vendor. As a modern B2B buyer, you’re far more likely start with a Google Search than calling a vendor.

Silicon Hills: Austin Chamber Names 12 Startups to its Austin A-List for 2014

The Austin Chamber of Commerce Wednesday night named 12 companies to its A-List of Startups for 2014. In the “Emerging” category, the winners were TrustRadius, Datical, Compare Metrics, Embrace, TeVido and Spot on Sciences.

MarketingProfs: The Top-Rated Marketing Automation Products

In its Buyer's Guide to Marketing Automation Software, TrustRadius looked at 400 in-depth reviews from authenticated end-users of marketing automation products as well the results of over 10,000 comparisons performed on the company's website.

CMO: Crowdsource Guide Ranks Marketing Automation Tools By User Ratings And Company Size

New TrustRadius guide to marketing automation software platforms taps into marketer user base online to understand which vendors are leading the way based on company segment and likelihood of referral.

VentureBeat: New Marketing Automation Rankings. Enterprise Usability Still Sucks

Crowdsourcing software review company TrustRadius revealed its latest marketing automation ranking and buyers’ guide today, and here’s the consensus: Software for the enterprise still lacks the appeal of consumer versions.

CMO: Why B2B Marketers Should Welcome Online Reviews

B2B marketers have historically--and tightly--controlled the flow of information to prospective buyers. However, B2B buying behavior is rapidly evolving to mirror that of B2C. Today, search and the availability of independent social forums and product review sites are fundamentally changing B2B buyers’ research habits.

Content Marketing Institute: Why (and How) to Focus on Reviews, Not Case Studies

Case studies have long been a staple of B2B marketing — particularly in the tech industry — and are still among the most popular tactics used today. However, in-depth user reviews provide information seekers with a more trusted alternative to vendor-produced case studies.

SiliconHills: TrustRadius Aims to be the Yelp of Business Software

If you want a hamburger, there are thousands of reviews available online. But until recently, if you wanted a business software package – which might cost a thousand times more than a gruyere-smothered Angus patty – it was much harder to find aggregated peer reviews. TrustRadius gathers reviews for business software, striving to do for business people what’s sites like Trip Advisor, Yelp and have done for consumers

Socialfresh: Deciding what social marketing software to use just got a little easier with TrustRadius

Unlike some rating sites, TrustRadius reviews are robust, averaging more than 500 words. Most importantly, they make it really easy to access some very valuable information that’s otherwise really hard to find.

Sand Hill: Embracing Transparency — The New Mantra for B2B Technology Success

B2B technology marketers confident in their products have an opportunity to gain competitive advantage by embracing transparency — encouraging customers to share unfiltered perspectives in a forum useful to prospects and then empowering prospects to access that feedback.

TechCrunch: TrustRadius Closes $5M Series A Round From Mayfield Fund To Be The Yelp For Enterprise Software

The Austin-based startup, which had previously been bootstrapped, will use the funding to add staff and expand the site’s content and features. Mayfield Fund partner Rajeev Batra will join TrustRadius’ board of directors.

Gigaom: 10 Austin startups you need to meet at SXSW in 2013

TrustRadius: The stealthy startup pitches itself as Yelp for enterprises, and it has some local investors pretty excited. The idea is interesting, and the TrustRadius CEO Vinay Baghat started Convio, an Austin startup that made software for the nonprofit sector. In 2010 Convio went public and was later acquired in 2012.

Austin Business Journal: Community and collaboration: Tech pros seek online feedback from peers

TrustRadius, which launched last year, has been beta testing its model since November and plans to open it to the public in April. Its strategy is to give buyers of enterprise-level technology, such as software and servers, feedback from other business without any bias.

Plugged In: Austin tech veterans launch startup to provide ratings, reviews for business software

If you’re looking for a new digital camera, you can find dozens of online reviews to guide you. But if you’re an IT manager charged with making a big investment in new software, you’re pretty much on your own. “Most of us rely heavily on reviews, but it’s very hard to get reliable information about enterprise technology,” says Austin software veteran Vinay Bhagat. “If a pizza place gets 1,000 reviews, why shouldn’t you be able to find the same for a software product?