Recognizing Tech Companies That Care in 2020

August 21st, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated lives, communities, and businesses across the world. In the process, it’s radically changed how people, companies, and communities interact with each other, and it’s left many uncertain of what the future holds.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has also given many companies the opportunity to rise to the occasion. Many B2B tech providers have looked for ways to assist and support their employees, clients, and communities above the call of duty.

In response, TrustRadius is announcing the 2020 Tech Cares Recognition, which celebrates these companies who have demonstrated their service, consideration, and compassion to their professional, local, and global communities in 2020. This award recognizes those organizations that have exemplified one of TrustRadius’s core values, being #Human, in the face of the global crisis.

We’ve seen companies show how they Care in a variety of ways and want to take this opportunity to recognize those acts, big and small, with a 2020 Tech Cares Recognition. Some companies have lowered or removed pricing barriers to their product, or expanded their offerings and resources, to support their clients or frontline workers struggling during the pandemic. Other vendors have partnered with medical or social organizations and leveraged their products to help combat the virus directly. Many companies took these extra labors upon themselves while also navigating all the same changes and adjustments that have come with the new state of the world. 

How to be Recognized

We are collecting the list of companies that deserve this recognition through two avenues. First, we are accepting nominations for the 2020 Tech Cares Recognition here. To be nominated and accepted, an organization must be a B2B technology company that has concretely demonstrated how it Cares during the COVID-19 pandemic. Anyone may nominate an organization– including people who work for or with the org! Nominations will be vetted by the TrustRadius research team, so we recommend that nominators provide as much concrete support for their nomination as possible, including links to examples if possible. Nominations will be open at the link above until September 11th. 

We are also listening to reviewer feedback on TrustRadius. We will be including B2B tech companies whose recent reviews demonstrate how the companies have provided exemplary service and support in response to COVID-19. 

Timeline and Promotional Support

The nomination process will run until September 11th. We will reach out to notify companies being recognized on September 17th, and the 2020 Tech Cares Recognition will be published on September 23rd. Organizations being recognized will be able to promote their participation and recognition with the 2020 Tech Cares Badge, along with other promotional materials that TrustRadius will provide to winners.