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Tech Cares Recognizes More in 2021

August 3rd, 2021 3 min read
Tech Cares is expanding in 2021 to recognize more exceptional organizations in more areas. Find out how to nominate here.

TrustRadius believes truly exceptional companies demonstrate compassion in every aspect of their company. While difficulties of the past year inspired the creation of Tech Cares, we can do more. We are growing this recognition program to celebrate the best parts of the tech market and those who work in this field.  

We’ve expanded the Tech Cares Nominations to recognize those who show their social responsibility across the board. Volunteerism demonstrates a commitment to a community. Diversity and inclusion programs allow more voices to be heard. Environmental sustainability shows a consciousness of our wider world. These deserve celebration, and Tech Cares is one way to recognize these incredible commitments. For a full list of the criteria, click the form below.

How To Be Recognized

As always at TrustRadius, we want to hear from you. 

First, anyone can nominate an organization. Employees can even nominate their employers! All nominations will be vetted by our research team, so provide all the support you can. Include details and links to examples, where possible, to help the organization be recognized. There are only a few criteria the company must fit. The company must:

  1. Be a B2B Tech Company
  2. Have a presence on TrustRadius.
  3. Be exceptional!

If you know an organization that fits these criteria, click below!

Timeline and Promotional Support

All nominations are due by September 1st of 2021. We will reach out to notify companies being recognized on September 26th. Winners will be announced on October 6th.

Once organizations are recognized, they can promote their achievement with the 2021 Tech Cares Badge. Other promotional materials will be provided free by TrustRadius to the winners.

To keep an eye on other TrustRadius recognition and award programs, check out our Awards Calendar.

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