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Brandfolder in Denver, Colorado offers their eponymous digital asset management (DAM) platform.N/A
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N/A is an image management and delivery solution for websites and apps to deliver high-quality visuals without compromising performance. Whether operating an e-commerce store or a content website or a travel website, with ImageKit, users can: - Simplify image management and delivery process with a smart image CDN built to work with existing infrastructure. - Plug-in existing storage or CMS/DAM to leverage ImageKit's image delivery features within…
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It is so well suited for a cloud based DAM. It's loads so fast, works well in every browser. With remote work now it is so easily for our team to upload, organize, share, and view analytics on our assets. The best feature is the templating system which allows your designers to take what they design in Adobe Indesign and denote which areas are editable and it keeps the formatting, style, and fonts to the end user. The only other options on the market would require the designer to rebuild the design on a separate platform like Canvas. I wish the platform did more to help with handling videos. It doesn't display the runtime on a video, the specs, or play captions inline with the video. I also wish it would do media pushing to social media platforms.
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E-Commerce is a perfect example where a service like, is well suited. It takes a lot of the guesswork related to browser image format support, correct image dimensions for every kind of device, away from the developer. Thus reducing the need for maintaining code ourselves to check for and deliver an image for every user and his specific browser. This reduces code maintenance time in the long run and less custom code will ensure stability after integration for our online store running on OpenCart 3.
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  • Documents such as contact lists and cooperative programs
  • Featured listings, agents, and maps are just a few examples of creative advertising concepts
  • Provides organization
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  • Automatically convert images for fast delivery based on browser support and network quality.
  • Well-documented integration documentation that is easy to follow when getting started with your implementation.
  • Easy to navigate user dashboard for setup and management of server origins and account settings. The usage analytics page is also handy to track and fix any 404 errors there might be for an image/s.
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  • If you have a large collection of images, like we do, and you go 2 or 3 pages deep and select an image, then close the image, the collection snaps back to page 1. It's pretty frustrating.
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  • The Usage Analytics page could be laid out a little better and include filtering options, options may include path, country, IP Address, etc.
  • The ability to add an additional user to the starter plan would be great to illustrate the possibility to new customers.
  • The API Reference guide could include some more section-specific code examples for each of the supported technology stacks.
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Alternatives Considered
Brandfolder has the best UI/UX for the end user and the administrator. The UI/UX is modern and not just a recreation of a folder system like old OS file systems. Brandfolder is so visual based and loads so quickly that makes it easy for users to find their assets quickly. The templating is totally unique when compared to other options on the market. The tagging system, duplicate detection, collections, and stacking files into an asset makes the platform efficient to manage and use
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The main consideration for our choice was to be able to optimize and deliver the images from the server they are stored on without needing to move or change the current product upload workflow for our Marketing team. This is where provided the best solution at the time we evaluated the options available in the market.
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Return on Investment
  • Cut down on time doubling time on assets
  • It took a long time to set up and train.
  • It is very expensive.
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  • Our code has become easier to maintain, we no longer need to let the backend generate thumbnails
  • Our site speed up significantly, which boosted our SEO ranking
  • We had a similar solution built in-house on AWS lambda, but we no longer have the headache to maintain this solution ourselves.
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