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Lantronix XPress-Pro SW

Lantronix is very well suited for a lean and mean type of setup where the network devices are monitored, but the location does not have onsite IT support because with the Lantronix the Network Administrator can access the devices without onsite assistance. Lantronix is not necessary for a location with an onsite Network Administrator, but it is nice to be able to console connect without leaving your office.
Michael Timms | TrustRadius Reviewer


Lantronix XPress-Pro SW

  • Allows you to manage networking devices remotely
  • Some have built-in environmental sensors
  • Cost effective
Michael Timms | TrustRadius Reviewer


Lantronix XPress-Pro SW

  • I have no issues with the Lantronix devices that we use, other than some are console and some use regular ethernet
Michael Timms | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered

Lantronix XPress-Pro SW

The only device that is similar to the Lantronix that I have used was a serial console device by WTI. The Lantronix is more intuitive, and as I have stated earlier in this review, has the environmental sensors built in. Other than those two minor details, there is virtually zero difference in the two products.
Michael Timms | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment

Lantronix XPress-Pro SW

  • Lantronix along with thin clients has reduced onsite IT costs
  • External environmental sensors are not necessary
  • No need for a onsite network admin
Michael Timms | TrustRadius Reviewer

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Lantronix XPress-Pro SW


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