HealthcareSource Performance and Position Manager Reviewed
Updated April 08, 2015

HealthcareSource Performance and Position Manager Reviewed

Melissa Odom | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Position Manager, Performance Manager

Overall Satisfaction with HealthcareSource Position Manager

We currently have implemented Position Manager for job requisitions and applicant tracking across the organization. We also have Performance Manager also implemented across the organization. In Performance Manager we have completed 4 years of Leadership Common Review date appraisals and we are going into our 2nd year of Staff Common Review date appraisals. We are also implementing job descriptions across the organization and are about 60% completed on those.

We are still on Position Manager 10 and any new clients would be on Position Manager 11 and I know there are a lot of improvements in version 11 such as a better approval process for job requisitions.
  • Integration and file feeds with our core HRIS System, Lawson, is one of the biggest strengths of both products. Entering data once is a big time saver for an organization with close to 10,000 employees.
  • User friendly and intuitive interface makes this system easy to use with minimal training. During our initial roll transition we did have in person training but going forward for new employees, training documents on our HR Intranet site have been working well.
  • Reporting needs are met in both systems. Performance Manager has a custom reporting interface that allows you to create reports as needed. Position Manager has many built in reports and support will write custom reports as needed.
  • HealthcareSource developers are very open to suggestions from their clients on ways to enhance their products and new versions come out quarterly.
  • Unlike other software vendors I have used in the past, system changes seem to be very sell tested and put through the QA process before being released to clients.
  • There are a lot of custom settings that allow you to set the system the way you want in Position Manager. You can change the application and requisition to suit your needs.
  • I really like their support software - you can submit help requests by phone, email or a support portal. If it's an easy fix, the fix and communication is quick but when the support needs to move to an higher tier, communication can be slow and although I have no doubt support is working on it, communication could be better to let us know what is going on.
  • They do seem to be getting better about this, but when a new release is coming out and the changes are minor we often get the release notes 1-2 days before the system is updated. Due to varying work schedules, I would like to see the release notes a few weeks in advance. To their credit, the last release which had a few more major changes like a new navigation bar, they did give us a months notice.
  • I know this may be rare of the SAAS world, but I would really rave about the software if I had full custom reporting capability with full read-only database access so I could combine their data with my HRIS data in one report.
  • Having information available to us to report on time to fill, reviews late, and many other statistics has helped us make better business decisions which has an effect on our bottom line.
  • Applicants can check on the status of their applications which benefits our customer service.
  • The ease of letting managers request peer appraisals (aka multiraters) has increased feedback for our employees.
  • Having the available data we get out of our systems has led to process improvement as we have went through both CQI and Lean process improvement.
  • Appraisals completed on time has been consistently and greatly improved over our paper system we had in place previously which helps our compliance. During any audits, pulling the data is much faster and easier as well.
It's been 4-5 years since our last RFP but at the time we considered Halogen, Lawson Talent Management, Success Factors and Taleo. Some of those vendors were out of the running if they did not offer both a Performance Manager and an Applicant Tracking system. We ideally wanted one vendor who could do both well but if we didn't find one, we would have been willing to look for two vendors. Luckily HealthcareSource does both and does them well. In addition they are expanding their product line and growing. In some cases for those other vendors, the product looked good but when speaking to references their products or customer support didn't stack up. In one case, I had the chance to explore Taleo as a hospital we acquired had in in use. I found it very user friendly but a lot of things just didn't work as advertised. Reporting was very cumbersome as well. The Lawson product was still not fully developed so we couldn't really consider it during our selection process as it just wasn't ready.
If their HRIS system holds all their data - employees, supervisors, positions then HealthcareSource can really take advantage of that data and save you a lot of time. We looked at a lot of systems and one of our needs was both Applicant Tracking and Performance Management and these systems work very well together. Other systems we looked at didn't have all our most needed features - we needed a vendor that could do both, integrate with our HRIS, report back data in a customizable fashion, and be user friendly. Some systems listed the features but during the demo and product reference calls we found they didn't perform as advertised. Some had reporting but the reporting was missing key data or didn't export in a data friendly manner. We have found HealthcareSource to be not only "pretty" - aka user friendly/non-cluttered but also had the engine under the hood as well that met our data analyst needs.

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Using HealthcareSource Position Manager

In Position Manager - all hiring managers use the system to submit job requisitions. This is about 600 people. We also have about 30 setup as approval users. Any employees that wish to transfer can apply for open jobs. Any potential employees also apply through the system and hired applicants use the system to complete their onboarding documents.

In Performance Manager - all managers use it to submit appraisals. All employees across the organization use the system to view and sign their appraisals as well as view and sign their job descriptions.
3 - This varies across the two products.

For Position Manager, the HRIS person maintains any changes to the file feeds and setups new HR users in the system. The system feeds the hiring managers and recruiters then support that hiring manager with their questions on system usability and sign on questions.

For Performance Manager, the HRIS person maintains file feeds and system administration as well as setting up appraisal schedules. We have another person dedicated to job descriptions and will be writing competencies in the NetCompetency/NetLearning product. We also have a few compensation specialists who also assist with reassigned appraisals, changing due dates and other misc functions. These are all just additional duties and don't represent the whole of their job.
  • Performance Manager: Complete appraisals assigned.
  • Performance Manager: Add and track goals assigned to employees
  • Performance Manager: Add notes, positive feedback, coaching and discipline to employee records.
  • Position Manager: Request a job requisition and route it for approvals
  • Position Manager: Review applicants that recruiters have pre-screened.
  • Position Manager: Request an applicant be hired and let the recruiter know why other applicants were not selected.
  • Job Requisition routing for approval to VP's and our Position Review Committee. Using the routing also lets the hiring manager know where in the process their request is at any time. We can also produce statistics to see where the longest wait time is in the approval process.
  • We have documents employees have to sign off on every year for compliance reasons and we use a Training module in Performance Manager to send these out which lets us easily track outstanding tasks and easily notify the managers.
  • We plan to more fully augment job descriptions with the physical requirements to help in workers compensation.
  • We will also implement other modules in the near future including NetLearning/Net Competencies and Compensation Worksheet

HealthcareSource Position Manager Support

On the previous rating scale, I kept thinking "it depends". If I know it's an easy question or easy fix, the response is super fast. If I know I am asking something complex, custom or I just know it's not going to be able to be answered by 1st tier, it can take some time. I have worked on these issues with them (they are all very nice) I do now have avenues for finding things out from one person. We had one issue where we had a major problem and it required a software patch and their support team worked throughout the weekend to create, QA, and deliver the patch as promised. I was very impressed.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Problems get solved
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
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Using HealthcareSource Position Manager

The product is very intuitive to the end users and our online documentation seems sufficient to train our new employees.