Be happy, use Jedox for BI & performance management
Updated June 18, 2016

Be happy, use Jedox for BI & performance management

Steven Koelemeijer | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Jedox

Celcus is a specialized consultancy company that helps companies and non-profit organizations meet their information challenges in 2 ways: we help to design, build and maintain applications to meet the needs for intelligence and steering within an organization and; we secure self-proficiency in the business by leveraging in-house capabilities in the area of business intelligence and performance management. We have used Jedox technology as a BI/EPM platform for over 20 customers: large multi-nationals, medium sized businesses, family firms, municipalities, universities and so forth. Most projects start with a focus on creating financial insight and steering. Often it is rolled out throughout the organization to meet all BI and EPM requirements like human resources, sales, procurement and risk. All our Jedox implementations are still being used; have led to 100% satisfaction, more users and more applications to address various common and specific business needs. In general, Jedox is accessible in terms of price, speed of implementation and ease of maintenance. It offers high quality and rich functionality for a reasonable price.
  • By now everybody has business intelligence, a logical starting point. However, traditional BI tools do not allow for write back functionality. Sharing expectations among each other in terms of budgets, forecasts, planning and associated comments including workflow and audit trail is not facilitated in BI tools. Jedox offers both BI functionality and such performance management functionality in one integrated platform.
  • It is easy. For many reasons. At the end of the day the proof of the pudding is in the eating. After an initial implementation and some training many of our Jedox customers have started to build their own BI and EPM applications. Be it reporting, dashboards or more complicated applications like cost allocations. Of course one has to keep in mind that this is all relative. Some solutions require a very high technical and business know-how & experience but compared to other tools Jedox is definitely easy.
  • It is fast. To implement but also in terms of (query) performance.
  • Quality/ price ratio is excellent.
  • Jedox has made an important step toward corporate disclosure management functionality but this could be improved/ extended.
  • In terms of visualization Jedox is up there with most well-known BI vendors. However, Jedox lacks the visualization data discovery features that some of these tools offer. Having said that, an analyst will not regard it as a showstopper.
We have compared Jedox to many other products. Due to the lack of performance management capabilities all 'pure' business intelligence tools (with no write back) were dropped. In comparison with other modern performance management tools Jedox offers more flexibility. Other tools may look easier at first but making very specific applications often means you have to resort to programming. Jedox is one well designed platform built by one company, not a stack of different modules based on 'integrated' technology that was bought through take-overs. As a company Jedox is passionate and has proved to be very innovative including good customer service.
For a period of 5 years all our customers using Jedox have renewed their licenses.
As with any selection process I would advise to talk to references and perform a proof of concept.

Jedox Implementation

Jedox goed beyond traditional BI. That means that it is more important to pick an implementation partner that understands your business. A partner that can anticipate your next requirements. Using the performance management functionality of Jedox, integrating BI with forecasting, workflow, planning takes the solution closer to key (decision) making processes. People do not only use Jedox for insight, reporting, dashboards and analytics but to share expectations and comments to better drive the business. This kind of rich functionality requires a very good functional design before you implement it. That is, if you want to benefit fully what it has to offer. Technically implementing Jedox is relatively easy. In fact, according thousands of business users that participate in the yearly Business Application Research Centre (BARC) Survey, it is the best do-it-yourself BI/performance management system on the market.

Configuring Jedox

Perhaps this is the strongest characteristic of Jedox. It is very flexible to configure the software to accomodate virtually all functionality one may require in the area of both business intelligence & performance management. 'Configuring' in the sense that one does not require programming skills to implement it. This is why business users love the tool: they are able to work without being dependent on their own IT department or external consultants to add functionality, make new reports or dashboards. As with any tool it requires some training but anybody that is familiar with Excel can be self sufficient with a two day training. Jedox was already know for it's self service before the term became fashionable. Having said that, that doesn't mean that this 'easy' tool cannot be used to do very complicated stuff. It can cope with huge amounts of data and huge amounts of complex business rules. Jedox is proud that is is the only OLAP platform that can use GPU cards to increase it's performance even more but the basic platform already has a very high calculation speed.
The beauty of jedox is that it is so easy. The recommendation would be to just start and yes, as with any suceesful BI/CPM implementation you will find that you want to add new functionality. Functionality that may require an adjustment to the model. Over the years we have found that Jedox is scalable enough te keep adding stuff. It is just impossible to know all beforehand. It does help to use an experienced Jedox user to set up the initial architecture/ model. They may be able to look beyond your initial reporting & analysis goals and provide a model allows for the neccesary extensions as you move on.
Yes - we have customized the interface extensively - Any Jedox interface is customized to meet the exact requirements one may have. The grid one uses to do so is very similar to the Excel grid but offers some additional functionality that makes it even more easy & powerful. In other words, making an user interface in a web environment for end-users is something that naybody with Excel knowledge can do. Jedox partner also offer 'standard' solutions or blueprints that can speed up the development of the interface one is looking for.
Some - we have added small pieces of custom code - The code we added got noticed by Jedox. They improved it and they added it to the platform for all users.
On the Jedox website, some of the Jedox Partners have promoted some of the standard (functional) solutions they have made with Jedox.

Jedox Support

First of all, it is our experience that there are very few issues/ bugs that come with Jedox. If there are issues it is nice that a local Jedox Partner can take care of it for you. In the background they may require help from the Jedox supportdesk but issues are simply solved in the background and the customer has only one local contact point. The Jedox support desk works like clockwork.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Yes - Jedox technical support is available as part of the yearly service & maintenance fees paid for the use of the software. These fees also allow users access to the latest versions and updates of the platform. Support is primarily delivered through the worldwide certified Jedox partner network (in your own language). If neccesary partners can use the support desk of Jedox with fast response times. The process is efficient and fast. The technical support issues are limited.
Yes - Having implemented Jedox at over 25 customers (international bluechip companies, small family firms, municipalities, hospitals...) it would be simply be 'too good to be true' if the odd bug did not pop up now and then. But, there are very few and some customers have never reported any. All bugs are taken care of in a timely & professional manner.
Support is exceptional when delivered at a constant high quality over a long period, when it is there when you need it. It is comforting to know Jedox doesn't just offer a 'formal' support desk but it is an extention of their commitment to quality and innovation.

Using Jedox

To me Jedox deserves 10/10 because it is a consistent one-in-all platform with a modern look and feel. It is intuitive to use and allows you to make intuitive applications integrating traditional business intelligence with performance management functionality. It certainly has a short
learning curve, especially for those that are familiar with MS Excel. An example: I've lost count but Jedox it is available in more than 25 languages. Another: Jedox does not require programming skills... it is developed to be used by the business.

Jedox Reliability

Scalability is often another word for speed. Given enough data, enough users or enough calculations, the tool becomes slower and slower. You will find that Jedox has a very high performance that can even be increased by the use of grafical cards. Other thaen that it does not only offer BI (looking back based on historical ERP data) but also allows you to look forward through integrated budgetting, planning, forecasting, workflow and collaboration. Not easy to find a tool that can support so much business functionality. So, also pretty scalable in that respect.

Jedox has
very few bugs. Reports are available through an Excel add-in, the web and/or
mobile device (IOS/Android). In my opinion, availability also means high
performance, not having to wait for the system to give you the required reports,
analysis, dashboards instantly.

Jedox is the fastest OLAP tool on the market. It can use GPU cards to increase performance even more.