Very competitive reliable solution
March 30, 2019

Very competitive reliable solution

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Overall Satisfaction with pfSense

I used PfSense mainly as a firewall and an OpenVPN solution company-wide. It's very easy to manage and has a lot of features. I've also used Pfsense to load balance multiple internet connections as well as segregate multiple VLAN networks. It's been very reliable and is a great system overall.
  • OpenVPN solution: straight forward and very easy to manage. It's easy to setup clients through the OpenVPN export wizard.
  • Load Balancing Internet Connections: I was able to use a single pfSense machine to load balance two internet connections. Basically, if one connection is losing too many packets or drops out, all internet traffic is automatically routed through the other internet service gateway. Users didn't even notice whenever there were internet outages.
  • Sometimes when there was an internet outage pfsense would start running really slow. I'm assuming because all the clients trying to access the internet creates a load. There should probably be a timeout feature where all traffic pauses and stops trying to access the internet if the internet is obviously down. The simple fix for this is to just disconnect the switch with all clients.
  • There are numerous packages that try to act as middle-man web traffic filters. They are a little complex and don't always work. This pfsense isn't to blame but it just might be nice to see a more standardized solution that's easy to set up.
  • Very reliable and competitive in today's market.
Pfsense seemed to always be cheaper and just as good as its competitors.
CenturyLink Fiber + Internet
Works great as a VPN solution and a firewall. Does not work well in a virtual environment. PfSense needs to be a dedicated physical box.