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Qmarkets Review: "100% fit for capturing your Ideas and Innovation"
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June 07, 2018

Qmarkets Review: "100% fit for capturing your Ideas and Innovation"

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Overall Satisfaction with Qmarkets

Currently, Qmarkets is being used within a specific SBU. We plan to implement across all the SBUs within the client organization in 2018.

Client team was manually maintaining their ideas and most of the ideas were not tracked or implemented, thus resulting in loss of those ideas and innovation. This was resulting in the competition taking advantage.
  • Qmarkets has a very strong Technical team. They exactly know what solution to provide for a problem on hand. They deliver on the committed price and time. My customer is very happy with QMarket products and implementation for Phase 1 is on track with respect to time and cost.
  • Very responsive Sales team. Qmarket leadership is just a call away and the CEO of Qmarkets-Noam Danon is very involved with customers and ensures each commitment is met.
  • They have an excellent sales team as SPOC and they ensure the customer gets what they want and not what Qmarket has to sell.
  • QMarket products are developed keeping the customer in mind.
  • NA
  • No Negative impact.
  • The functionality and user operability of products has been very easy.
  • ROI is yet to be seen as implementation is due in a weeks time.
Other competition products were evaluated but Qmarkets had products that were 100% fit for our customer's needs and the Qmarket team has excellent Tech team which we didn't see in the competition that we and our client evaluated.

Also, the Q products are very flexible compared to others in the market.
I have no negative points to bring out. Qmarkets, as a company, has been very cooperative and has provided full support during the entire sales cycle. The sales cycle actually ran over a year with multiple discussions with the customer before they signed off.

Qmarket products are well thought off and their fitment to customer needs are almost 100%.