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Innovation Management Software Overview

What is Innovation Management Software?

Innovation management software (also known as Idea Management Software) supplies an organized, secure collaboration space for idea generation and progress toward innovation. Innovation management software is similar to project management software but with security features to protect corporate innovations or other kinds of IP.

Vendors offer different deployments of innovation management to support the development of products, ideas, and innovations of various kinds. A platform may include tools that allow employees to collaborate on ideas. Another may provide means of engaging and surveying customers for their input. The focus is to allow the organization to respond to external or internal ideas and opportunities as the case may require.

Features and Benefits of Innovation Management Software

Vendors tout benefits of their innovation management software to match the ideas of the potential customer. A cross-section reveals the following general capabilities:

  • Strategy & planning templates and guidance

  • Project milestone generation & progress tracking

  • Stage progression schema for product release roadmap

  • Customizable content presentation elements

  • Mobile-friendly design interface

  • Secured access, single sign-on (SSO) integration

  • Project budgeting, forecasting

  • In-built collaboration & communication

  • Prototyping in-built, or via integration

  • Surveys or ideas crowdsourcing

  • Custom fields for data gathering

  • Employee or customer engagement, VOC

  • Market intel or tracking (for benchmarking, competitor comparison)

Pricing Information

Similar to project management software, limited deployments of idea management software are available free to individuals or small groups. Free trials of more substantial offerings are also available. Relatively low-cost PPM-like deployments are available on a subscription basis (monthly or annual) from some vendors. Higher tier plans that far exceed project management or PPM-like capabilities are available. These are relatively high cost but supply advanced features. Some advanced features of high-tiered plans may include prototyping, research and testing tools, and frameworks for progressing complex engineering or software projects. Furthermore large, disparate teams of contributors including personnel or people outside the enterprise (e.g. consumers) may be brought together via innovation management software.

Innovation Management Products

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Planview Spigit
24 ratings
20 reviews
Spigit is a software for crowdsourced innovation, and is used by companies in systems integration, financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical, healthcare, technology, and more. Spigit’s customers include IBM, Capgemini, Citibank, and Pfizer. The vendor says 4.5M users from 150+ countries have gen…
33 ratings
12 reviews
MindMeister is an online mind mapping tool that lets users share maps with an unlimited number of users and collaborate with them in real-time. The vendor says more than 11 million people around the world use MindMeister to brainstorm ideas, plan projects, take meeting minutes, develop business stra…
2 ratings
2 reviews
Founded in 2006, Qmarkets is an innovation management software provider, offering a variety of products to help enterprise-grade clients leverage the wisdom of the crowd. The configurable software platform Qmarkets offers allows users to collaborate on targeted innovation initiatives - submitting th…
4 ratings
2 reviews
IdeaScale offers idea and innovation management software. There are four editions: Free, SMB, Challenge and Enterprise.
Powernoodle Inc.
2 ratings
2 reviews
Powernoodle is designed to help leaders make better quality decisions by quickly and effectively engaging the collective wisdom of stakeholders. The vendor aims to provide the most powerful, yet easy to use, Decision Engagement Platform. Cloud technology is fused with 50 years of cognitive, behavio…
Innovation Cloud
2 ratings
1 reviews
Innovation Cloud is a free web-based tool for idea management. It enables users to submit, codevelop and execute ideas.
7 ratings
1 reviews
BrightIdea aims to be the #1 Platform in Customer Reported Business Outcomes from Innovation. According to the vendor, customers generate better ideas with Brightidea, and achieve the highest dollar amount of innovation outcomes (PWC Independent Assurance Report 2017). BrightIdea helps companies eng…
Maquetter is a prototyping, design presentation and collaboration solution. Some key features include Structured Presentations, Web Design and Development Tools.
Sideways 6
Sideways 6 is an employee ideas platform that connects to Yammer to source, analyse and manage ideas without requiring employees to learn new software. The vendor takes this approach because they've found that it can be difficult to get employees to take up 'yet another app'. According to the vendor…
Crowdicity is idea management software. The company is based in the UK and boasts clients such as P&G, Virgin America, and the BBC.
Idea Spotlight
Wazoku's Idea Spotlight is innovation management software.
IdeaLab allows companies to build a collaborative community of feedback. The product can be used publicly to engage directly with customers and get their ideas, or internally to let everyone identify problems, solutions and opportunities. Locations can also serve as ideas, allowing customers to sugg…
SwitchPitch Connect
SwitchPitch Connect is a platform that is designed to help established companies find innovative startup solutions for their innovation needs.The platform consists of:Database of 35,000+ startups/SMEsA marketplace where enterprises can publish internal projects that they can’t undertake themselves, …
HackerEarth Sprint
HackerEarth is an innovation management solution that is designed to help companies efficiently manage ideation.With HackerEarth Sprint companies can: Crowdsource/ Capture ideasValidateShortlistDevelop proof of conceptSprint enables companies to engage with employees, partners, vendors, and customer…
PatSnap in Singapore is a patent and intellectual property (IP) management applications featuring a wide range of search tools, collaborative workflow, as well as competitor analysis.
The vendor presents Viima as the best way to collect and develop ideas. Their SaaS offering is free for up to 50 users and can be taken into use in minutes. Viima is designed to make innovation management more transparent, easy and effortless for everyone involved. Viima supports all kinds of differ…
Ideanote is an all-in-one innovation platform that promises to help teams and businesses around the world capture, develop, prioritize and act on more of the right ideas. According to the vendor, key benefits include:Capture ideas with structure by launching powerful goal-oriented idea collections i…