Good Antivirus
October 20, 2015

Good Antivirus

Ratulsnigdha Saha | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Trend Micro

Trend Micro is being implemented by our infrastructure team to all company issued devices such as laptops and desktops across the whole organization. The key aspect that this product addresses is productivity. When computers are free from malware and various other viruses this increases the productivity of overall business. This is what this product helps with in general. When a machine gets affected by a virus, then fixing that takes extra time and especially if this happens during business hours; then most consultants can lose valuable billable time which affects the company's business. In a typical efficient scenario, Trend Micro needs to be installed in a centralized server in house and then all computers can receive the version update from the server and this helps to protect those machines from any kind of virus or malware attacks. The agent on every machine will notify users for any virus attacks or can also prompt for a user scan. This saves a lot of time even for the infrastructure team as they can focus on other major infrastructure related tasks or any other user pending issue and at the same time users can continue focusing on their job.
  • The product has two important aspects, centralized console and an agent which is typically installed on every machine. When the product is installed on a dedicated server then all computers can readily get updated while in the same network (provided the agent is installed on every machine). This helps the machine to avoid any kind of virus attacks.
  • Even if the machines are not in the same network where the console is being run it can directly get all updates from the Trend Micro server directly and the machine is still protected. Hence, it is not necessary that users have to visit the office or internal network to get the update, once the agent is installed on the machine then they can get the update from anywhere as long as the machine has access to the Internet.
  • Once the agent is installed on the machine the users can themselves do a full scan and even check the logs themselves.
  • Version update variation: If a computer gets updated from the centralized console and another machine gets updated in its agent version from the main Trend Micro server then sometimes it affects certain applications on the computer. Especially if there are additional VPN software agents installed on the machine then a version upgrade acquired by Trend Micro can affect the connectivity. This is tough seems like a faint issue but still needs to be addressed.
  • Trend Micro does a great job in protecting the machines but still some malwares are difficult to get rid of - especially the ones that block internet usage or disable a browser completely.
  • It may sound too ambitious but I feel that the web filtering (specially URL) needs to be integrated with the firewall especially open source ones like a Linux based. The centralized console provides web filtering but for this to happen one has to manually add the machines using their private IP addresses in the console to stop access to the specific URL or sites. Instead if the centralized console somehow integrates the filtering with the firewall (Open Source) then perhaps it will be far more efficient.
  • Increased employee efficiency is definitely one of the main reasons for using this product. A lot of valuable business hours can be saved by having this product as we all know that fixing virus issues involves more than technical expertise and takes a lot of time.
  • If the employee efficiency improves then any employee facing the customer will have a much better impact and will automatically improve customer service. Having a computer in good condition is going to have a better customer service and it will also help to meet deadlines.
  • The only negative impact I would say that it does affect other VPN agents (which is mandatory for certain client applications or accessing the client network) once the Trend Micro agent gets a version upgrade. On the other hand if the agents are not upgraded from time to time it may affect Trend Micro agents' functionality.
The installation is very straight forward from infrastructure perspective and it's easy to maintain the product. It's easy for users to use the agent and run frequent scans on the machine as needed. It does have some very high end features if time is used to explore them, it can perhaps boost the business even more so I think it is a good product.
I think the product does have plenty of high end features but this product is more efficient for a small to medium business enterprise. It can affect other VPN agents installed on the machine especially if the Trend Micro agent picks up a version upgrade. Overall I think it is a good product and overall helps any business to run well.

Using Trend Micro

100 - The product is installed (Agent Version) on each computer and these machines are used by various people like developers, business analysts, consultants, accountants, technical writers etc. So it overall helps all domains within the business and that helps the entire business to run better.
2 - Trend Micro centralized server install probably needs an IT Admin to administer it from time to time as it needs to be on a server or machine within the network that which controls the product in terms of its entire functionality. However, the agent installed on the computers doesn't require any specific skill sets, it is very simple. The users themselves can run a full scan on the machine, get the version upgraded and also check the logs. There are very specific well defined user tabs and buttons that help achieve all the functionality. However, from a centralized console perspective it may be helpful if it is controlled by an IT admin.
  • Notifies the machines when a scan is needed.
  • Removes most of the viruses.
  • Scans can be scheduled.
  • Have tried the URL filtering from the console.
  • The console shows the list of vulnerable machines.
  • Log reports.
  • URL filtering is one area that can be used.
  • Trend Micro smart network feedback could be a good thing to use in future.
  • Login script feature could be one of the things that can be used.
Overall it helps the business to run better as computers in general are not having major virus issues, the product does take care of the issues.The product is simple from both an IT admin and users' perspective. The console, though better used or explored by IT admins however, is simple and easy to figure out. For users the product is easy; they can run the scan whenever they want and have issues fixed instantly.