The Best VDI Solution from the Best Virtualization Provider - VMware
February 04, 2019

The Best VDI Solution from the Best Virtualization Provider - VMware

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Overall Satisfaction with VMware Horizon (formerly VMware View)

We have utilized this solution to address many diverse user needs. We use this to give our towns access to an application that is shared for assessments. It provides a secure connection to an internal network where we house and backup the data and maintain the application. Each desktop gets refreshed from a defined image after the user logs off to maintain uniformity and reduce the number of licenses needed in a dedicated desktop environment. Another use is for Healthcare professionals that do home visits. We can allow them complete access to all internal network resources remotely in a secure connection. No HIPPA or other compliance related data resides on the local laptop as the session is running on an internal server session. This eliminates the concern of data loss/theft in the event that the laptop is accessed by unauthorized users or it is stolen. We use this solution in our Highway Patrol cars to allow them complete access to all internal network resources remotely in a secure connection. In this mobile environment, there are areas where cellular data coverage drops or is missing. If the cellular signal drops the connection, the officer is able to reconnect when the signal is restored and resume operations right where they left off. I use a dedicated desktop for after-hours remote access 24/7/365. It gives me full access to all applications and data. There is no need to install applications on my laptop or desktop that I am remotely connecting. There is no need for large amounts of data to traverse over a VPN connection. All data and applications run in a server session inside a secure network over a thin connection that does not require large amount of bandwidth. Usage cases are as limited as your imagination.

  • It provides a robust, secure, rich desktop environment that is able to access all internal network resources.
  • Addresses security and compliance concerns as all data resides within the internal network. All data accessed stays within the internal network and does not need to traverse a VPN to the local desktop where it may be cached, etc.
  • The connection is thin client that does not require large amount of bandwidth.
  • Client application is available for all common devices and O/S’s.
  • No need to install, configure and maintain applications on local desktop.
  • Cost of backend systems hardware (servers, memory and storage) is initially very expensive.
  • VMware software purchase, licensing and ongoing support is also somewhat expensive.
  • Requires knowledgeable technical staff to setup and maintain.
  • Sometimes there are issues with printing to the remote desktop that needs to be troubleshot to resolve.
  • Needs a better means to upgrade versions without it being a major difficult undertaking.
  • Good ROI if you can afford the initial implementation costs and training that is necessary to setup and manage. It may take 3 or more years to realize the financial ROI.
  • Desktops that do not meet minimum application requirements, can still be utilized as they are just used to access the server session though a lightweight client application, which extends replacement life.
  • Doing software and O/S upgrades/patching is a major time saver for linked clones. You update the Gold Image for the linked clones and recompose.
When we were considering a VDI solution, I reviewed Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop as alternative solutions to Horizon View. It seemed like Horizon View was a more mature solution and had the best integration to our existing Vmware vSphere environment. The systems administration for Horizon View also seemed to be better than what the Xen solution provided.
Performance is excellent of you provide the needed hardware to support the sessions/connections. Pages load very quickly at the client end as the thin client application does a very good job and requires very little bandwidth. All applications function well, as they are running on a session on an internal server that is accessing data directly on the network.
I have found so many varied uses for Horizon View with various departments that we support. Each department has unique needs and Horizon View is one of the more useful tools that we have when designing a solution.
It takes knowledge to setup/install and integrate Horizon View into your environment. It also takes time to learn the skills to manage the product well. Once you accomplish these things, you can really use the product to help you create solutions.
Horizon View is well suited in larger organizations where there are needs to securely access applications and data from outside the internal network. It allows users a complete desktop experience remotely with access to all resources that are available on the local internal private network. It is fast and robust as data does not need to traverse the connection like a VPN connection and stays within the local internal network increasing data security. Cost for hardware and software is a high initial investment so smaller organizations will find it hard to justify the financial costs. In a diverse user environment, there are many uses for Horizon View. When faced with a need for a solution for users to access information or applications outside the internal network, having Horizon View is one of the best go to's to have available. Use your imagination and creativity to solve many business needs.