How to Find Your Customer Review Superhero

December 7th, 2018

Reaching and influencing B2B buyers isn’t easy. More and more, buyers demand X-ray vision before they consider purchasing a product. They want to know everything about your products. They want to know how they work, use cases for different teams, product shortcomings, and customer experience. Most importantly, according to our research, they no longer trust your marketing and sales collateral.

Prospects know that gated references are cherry picked. Plus, they’re hard for your team to manage and are a tax on valuable customers. Case studies often feel more like biased marketing assets than an authentic glimpse into the customer experience. Not only that, but they take a tremendous amount of time and resources to produce. Customer videos can be impactful, yet they require exponentially more time and resources than a written case study.

So what superpower do you need to reach and influence those buyers? A robust review program. According to the 2018 B2B Buying Disconnect report, reviews are the second most popular resource for buyers. Not to mention they are easier to manage for vendors, thus hitting the sweet spot for both.

But who should own your review program? While stakeholders from multiple departments can come together to strategize — and benefit from — a review program, at the end of the day someone has to step up and be the Customer Review Superhero. Deciding who should don the cape is one of the initial hurdles we see companies face. That’s why we created our new eBook, Are You a Customer Review Superhero?, where we:

  • Show you how different teams play a critical role in your review program’s success
  • Go behind the mask and see how they each have a secret superpower that makes them the right fit for the job
  • Share examples of real-life superhero stories from our own customers
  • Illustrate how to come together as a team for maximum power and effectiveness

Get your copy and learn how to pick the right Clark Kent or Diana Prince to fight for truth, justice, and the customer-powered way within your organization.

Download Are You a Customer Review Superhero