Your reviews are Transparent, Responsive, Unbiased and Ethical

Now prove it.

As the most trusted B2B software resource, TrustRadius helps buyers make informed decisions with detailed, unbiased reviews.

As brands grow their presence in the software review space, TrustRadius is making sure deceit and bias don’t grow with it. It’s why we reject 26% of reviews submitted.

But eliminating fake reviews is only part of the equation. It takes real commitment from software companies. 

So we created TRUE.

What is TRUE?

TRUE recognizes companies that manage customer review programs according to the highest industry standards.


We are spearheading buyer’s rights by showcasing software brands that are

transparent, responsive, unbiased, and ethical in sourcing and using their review content. 

TRUE recognizes transparent companies

  • Disclose review sourcing methodology and use of incentives
  • Provide equal opportunity for product users to safely share honest feedback
  • Read all published reviews and respond when necessary
  • Represent review content accurately in sales and marketing materials
  • Disclose the use of intent data for marketing purposes

TRUE certification helps you

  • Build trust. Your badge verifies your brand has a vested interest in authentic reviews.
  • Stand out. Not every company will qualify for TRUE certification, so your badge will make your products stand apart. Buyers will know they can trust your reviews over the rest. 
  • Expand market presence. TRUE-certified companies can be featured in TrustRadius content as an industry leader, right in your products’ categories. 

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You do not need to be a customer to become verified.

The TRUE badge is always free — it cannot be bought — and appears on

qualified product review pages on the TrustRadius site.

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