The leading Real-Time Personalization platform utilizing Augmented Intelligence to help enterprises transform their customer experiences across every touch point. Leveraging powerful machine learning algorithms, LiftIgniter helps clients deliver end to end real-time personalized experiences and true customer centricity. We empower Marketing teams by combining massive machine learning processing power and scale with human insights for continuous A/B testing through Augmented Intelligence.
  • Real-time marketing and personalization platform leveraging powerful and dynamic machine learning models to continuously process billions of signals at any point in time.

  • Augmented Intelligence for real-time personalization at scale that transforms the customer experience across every touch point

  • Continuous A/B testing platform that pairs machine learning with human intuition. CI/CD for the Marketing team.

  • Our integration is easy and lightweight with no need to port over years of historical data to be successful.

  • Flexible solution that works well for sparse data sets, recent user behavior, as well as a cold start or new site users.