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Sprinklr vs Radian6 Comparison

Sprinklr logo


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Likelihood to Recommend8.2
Likelihood to Renew8
Product usability7.4
Performance and reliability9.1
Support rating8.7
Training satisfaction7.8
Implementation satisfaction8.4
Likelihood to Recommend7.1
Likelihood to Renew6.4
Product usability6.7
Performance and reliability8.9
Support rating6.3
Training satisfaction7.2
Implementation satisfaction8.2

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27 Reviews


Spredfast provides publishing, monitoring, engagement and reporting across Facebook applications, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, SlideShare, and blogs.

Customers include some large brands and are mostly enterprise-level.

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HootSuite Enterprise

HootSuite Enterprise provides a centralized platform for managing streams from different social media channels and posting/ engaging across channels simultaneously. It also has strong team / workflow features and good mobile apps.

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NetBase sells a social intelligence platform that gives market researchers and social marketers a set of analytics, charts and research tools on a subscription basis. ConsumerBase is what the company calls the back-end that collects and analyzes the data. NetBase targets market research firms and...
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Sysomos MAP

Sysomos MAP is their flagship product built on the same underlying technology as Sysomos Heartbeat. It is a listening platform designed for in-depth research, historical analysis, and the preparation of value-added reports.

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Simplify360 is a Social Business Intelligence company headquartered in Carrollton, Texas with global clients & operations. Simplify360 is an integrated enterprise solutions provider; offering Social Marketing Suite for agencies, Social Contact Center for BPOs and Social Command Center for...
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Sysomos Heartbeat

Sysomos Heartbeat is a listening platform for enterprise customers. Sysosmos also provides another listening product built on the same underlying technology (MAP) which is designed for in-depth research, historical analysis, and the preparation of value-added reports. Sysomos Heartbeat competes...
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Conversocial is social customer service software that enables companies to engage in large volumes of social media conversations with their customers. The cloud-based software combines intelligent prioritization with team management workflows to enable companies to quickly and efficiently join and...
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Digimind Social

Digimind Social is a social listening tool that enables brands around the world to instantly understand their online presence and competitive standing, and use these insights to inform marketing, communications and audience engagement strategies. Digimind Social incorporates data from both social...
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Sparkcentral is a platform that allows teams in large organizations to perform their customer service and engagement over social media. Specializing in real-time engagement, Sparkcentral's platform optimizes team workflow, provides operational statistics, and a repository for all social customer...
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Viralheat is the social media marketing suite that combines social media management and intelligence in a single platform encompassing account management, monitoring, publishing, engagement, and analytics. Trusted by more than 20,000 brands, Viralheat makes it easy for you to manage social and put...
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Jive Fathom

Jive Fathom is a lightweight social listening tool. Jive is now partnering with visible Technologies to offer a more robust listening platform.

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Visible Intelligence

Visible Technologies is a listening tool with an analytics dashboard (V-IQ) sold as a separate module. Visible competes most often with Radian6.

Clients include Xerox, FedEx , and Walgreens.

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Socialbakers, is a Czech-based company that provides social media network statistics and analysis from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube, helping companies monitor the effectiveness of their social media campaigns. They offer analytic tools that give customers insights and enable them...
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Synthesio is a French company offering both monitoring and engagement tools. Competes with the major listening vendors like Radian6 and Sysomos. A point of differentiation is that Synthesio offers a mix of technology and human analysis. In their view, human analysis is required to validate and...
uberVU via HootSuite logo
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uberVU via HootSuite

uberVU via HootSuite is a social analytics platform that shows businesses what they need to know in real time. uberVU analyzes big social data, combining monitoring capabilities, data analysis and reporting features to show insights like influencers, stories, and trends.

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DataRank provides an integrated analytics dashboard for analyzing all of the online conversation about products and brands. With DataRank's proprietary quality score algorithm companies, users find actionable information from the first comment instead of spending time sorting through less...
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Social Marketing Hub

Awareness Social Media Hub is a tool intended to allow marketers to publish, manage, measure, and engage with their marketing across multiple social media channels. The Social Marketing Hub was created by Awareness, Inc. in 2010 and includes features such as permissioning, audit trails, and team...
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Sendible is a social media marketing platform that allows users to engage with their audience and track results across multiple social media channels at any time.

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MutualMind is an enterprise listening platform, but also has engagement / publishing features and analytics.

They differ from their competitors in that they focus on an OEM / white label model, working with both technology companies and service providers / agencies.

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Brandwatch is an enterprise-level social listening tool with strengths in data coverage and dashboard design.

The company is based in the UK with offices in New York, Chicago, Berlin and Stuttgart. They have about 700 clients, which range from medium to large brands and also includes agencies.

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Crimson Hexagon ForSight

Crimson Hexagon is a high-end social monitoring platform with a strong focus on sentiment analysis using statistical analysis techniques.

Customers tend to be large consumer brands and agencies.

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Engagor is a Belgian company offering an all-in-one social media tool for listening and publishing/engagement.

Engagor is a young startup company, but customers include some of the large European consumer brands (cars, supermarkets, beer manufacturers, etc).

General Sentiment logo
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General Sentiment

General Sentiment is a social media monitoring and analytics company providing social data to help brands make product and marketing decisions. It analyzes content from over 45 million sources including blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook, television and radio broadcasting. The system uses natural...
Chose Sprinklr for enterprise-level features.
January 28 2013
Director of social media programs at a global technology company chose Sprinklr to manage social media presence across a broad range of social media platforms around the world.
Very effective product with awkward UI.
February 23 2013
Social media strategist road-tested Sprinklr against Radian6 and but chose Sprinklr due to better usability, channel coverage, adaptability to customer support model, and great support from the vendor.
Last used in 2011. Good functionality, some usability issues.
January 29 2013
A social media consultant at a major agency, who last used the product in 2011, was impressed with Sprinklr's effectiveness as a customer service tool and liked many features such as content scheduling, customizability and engagement data capture. But there were some issues with user experience and data consistency.
Best social media management software I've used.
January 18 2013
Program Manager at an aviation company is very happy with Sprinklr which he uses to tailor messages to customers and drive sales.
Sprinklr for Enterprise Social Media Management
August 13 2013
Large technology company uses Sprinklr for enterprise-wide social media management and reporting. Realized significant economies of scale and simplified metrics and reporting by having all teams on one tool. Recently upgraded many teams to the new V3 monitoring and V3 reporting dashboards and seeing significant improvements.
Sprinklr or Radian6? Decisions Decisions....
October 25 2013
Sprinklr is an excellent product with clean, beautiful analytics and is a very ease of use platform. Customer support is also excellent.
From small pond to big pond
October 25 2013
The planning calendar is great for planning content on multiple platforms well in advance and the monitoring dashboards are easy to set up. Approval workflow also works well with minimal energy. The audience profile dashboard can be frustrating to use as it's hard to find the data I need. Overall, after 18 months, our social media and marketing teams are finally getting in the groove with Sprinklr. We've been able to build a bigger social media presence on more platforms with the same number of staff.
Add a dash of Sprinklr to life!
February 20 2014
Sprinklr generates valuable reports and includes a URL shortener which is very useful. It's great to manage multiple social accounts from a single platform. We've had some minor problems with admins getting locked out.
Sprinklr: Keeping Your Social Landscape Looking Pretty since 2009
June 25 2013
Both the content calendar and the dashboards are easy to use. I can see all my scheduled content at a glance and which channel it will post to. Dashboards can be customised to each team member's needs. Data visualizations - charts and graphs - could be better.
Stellar Social Media Content Manager
November 6 2013
Sprinklr helps me publish content and generate reports to show the effectiveness. Campaign setup is easy and you can publish to multiple social channels at once. The transition from v2 to v3 has resulted in the dashboard getting a little confusing, and there are also some minor UI issues.
Sprinklr, a great partner to any social media team
November 4 2013
Sprinklr provides us with better automation of social media activities and collaboration across the team. The product has a high learning curve but provides very granular data. There are quite a few bugs and data inconsistencies, and the UI could be more intuitive. However, the Sprinklr team provides great customer support and training.
The finest enterprise social media management platform I've encountered.
November 1 2013
Used mainly to monitor and solve customer issues identified on social media. The product works very well in this use case. It has great community management capabilities. I was also impressed with the process of building and customizing reports. Twitter monitoring left something to be desired, and the platform can be a little intimidating due to complex UI.
A Necessary Evil
November 1 2013
Sprinklr has excellent reporting dashboards and the old version of the planner was great. The new version however, is much more difficult to use. Also, we have experienced glitches and account deactivations.
Sprinklr is good for smaller companies
October 23 2013
Sprinklr is very good at helping us to sort comments by subject so that it's easier for the team to moderate. Reporting also allows us to provide clients with a good overview of 1:1 interactions. But we have had a lot of issues with publishing and scheduling and the platform can be quite slow compared to working natively in the social channels.
Easy to use and nice reporting features
July 19 2013
Great enterprise level tool for handling multiple accounts and scheduling posts to multiple social channels. The tool also has very effective team workflow capabilities. The dashboard allows me to see critical engagement rates at a glance.
Robust & comprehensive social media management solution
July 11 2013
Utility company is very happy with Sprinklr and finds that the product scales very well across a large organization. Enterprise features like the digital asset library and approval workflow process are invaluable. Social widgets are also powerful. Only issues are remnants of the old user interface (which has been largely replaced) and the fact that the Android app is buggy and there is no iPad app. The learning curve is also a bit steep.
Implementing Sprinklr Review
July 10 2013
Social media leader for large technology company is currently deploying the product. The product is very flexible which is great, but means that you need to be careful about choices made early on so that they don't have negative repercussions later. The platform is still a little immature but the management team is great with excellent product vision.
UI hard to navigate.
February 26 2013
Agency user loves the Planner view for maintaining an editorial calendar. He also likes the workflow functionality that makes it easy to manage approvals etc.
User friendly + Organized
October 31 2013
Sprinklr is a good tool that make it easy to visualize all aspects of social engagement. It's also easy to manage social content and track engagement. But posting capabilities could be easier to use.
I miss Sprinklr v2
October 25 2013
We use Sprinklr to schedule posts and manage multiple accounts. Monitoring dashboards are very slow, and I have to use Tweetdeck in addition. The new Splash release also does not seem to provide much benefit.
Expensive to scale listening. Other tools better for engagement.
March 22 2013
Radian6 is a good listening tool, but it's much too expensive to scale across the organization which traps the data in a silo. We really wanted a tool that would integrate with our intranet and allow employees to discuss social media posts internally and route to the correct person to engage and provide a response. While Radian6 is a good listening tool, other tools are better for taking action and engaging in a conversation. Also, the filtering capabilities were ineffective which made it impossible to filter out SPAM.
Need an analytics person on staff to reap full value.
September 20 2012
Marketing Director at a major nonprofit talks about using Radian6 to identify influencers and brand promoters.
Radian6 is a solid tool that sets you up for success!
January 17 2014
Radian6 allowed us to give better customer service. We could listen to what customers were saying about us and to act on negative customer experiences. This is a great listening tool that lets up filter what we would like to see and get direct access to the post from the portal.
Great for Twitter monitoring.
January 22 2013
Digital strategist at a social agency is impressed with Radian6 as a Twitter monitoring tool, but is less impressed with Facebook monitoring and sentiment analysis.
Radian6 Review
August 19 2013
Marketing agency likes Radian6 for the ability to segment the data in multiple different ways according to keyword type, or media type. The tool also covers a huge range of data sources and has strong workflow features. Would like to see more customized reporting capability and better sentiment analysis.
What was once a great tool, now feels neglected and unloved
October 21 2013
The tool does allow data drill-down, but has been ignored since the acquisition by Salesforce and is falling behind. The Engagement Console does not really help with engagement as scheduling and posting are difficult. There is also a delay in messages hitting the dashboard. Customer service is very poor.
Radian6 Review
November 4 2013
Radian6 does some things well: It's very robust platform and incorporates tons of data, with output for additional analysis. However, it's also very complex, and designed for companies in industries with a high volume of social chatter. It was not a good fit for our company and we have decided to switch.
Radian6 is Scalable - Great for beginners & advanced
January 10 2014
Radian6 6 is a great social listening tool that can be used on a very basic level or scaled to uncover advanced insights. The responsiveness is very quick, with keyword string edits updating in read time. The visual exports are easy to understand, though the exporting process can be tedious. Pulling larger sample sizes could improve that experience, as would capabilities for visual platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine.
Radian6 - Robust and Powerful
November 13 2013
Radian6 captures a lot of data and is a very robust system. However, the product is difficult to use and post-acquisition, the quality of technical support deteriorated. Sentiment analysis was also not totally accurate.
Radian6 Review from an ex-agency side analyst
November 1 2013
Radian6 is good for sentiment analysis and has a convenient export option that allows you to manipulate the data using your own external tools. It's also strong for social media marketing campaigns.
The answers you need from social media...
November 1 2013
Radian6 is helpful in locating target audiences which is a big time saver and report graphs are easy to interpret. The product is also great for quickly analyzing trends. The data retrieved from Radian6 allowed up to increase app downloads by 12 percent over a 6 month period.
Radian6 - Your Reporting All-Star
October 24 2013
Radian6 is an industry leader in social media monitoring and does a good job returning company and entity mentions and showing how social efforts are contributing to our overall strategic goals and the purchase funnel. Widgets are great for providing C-level teams with an overview. Setup is a bit of a learning curve. Also, their proprietary influencer tool isn't very helpful or accurate.
Outdated technology, poor performance.
February 23 2013
Radian6 get poor grades for dated technology, slow performance and poor quality, but expensive, support.
Doesn't support Arabic keywords!
December 6 2012
Community Manager at an agency using monitoring tools to listen to brand / competitor mentions on behalf of clients did a trial with Radian6, but ultimately preferred Meltwater because it supports Arabic. However, she scores Radian6 highly on usability.
Radian6 review
January 23 2014
We use Radian6 to monitor customer complaints. Filtering and the ability to block blogs is great. It would be nice to be able to mute certain users.
Radian6 Review
January 17 2014
Radian6 works great for monitoring social data, reaching customers who are talking about us, and reaching out to customers who may need customer service.
Would be lost without Radian6
October 25 2013
Radian6 is great for building word clouds and for tracking Twitter hashtags. However, reporting is very bandwidth intensive.
Robustly Glitchy
November 1 2013
Although the product produces nice looking charts and is easy to use, there are far too many glitches and not enough data pull options.
New Results with Radian6
October 25 2013
Radian6 helps us understand what consumers are saying about a product / campaign, and helps us understand sentiment. The product also helps us find advocates and influencers. Documentation could be better and we would like to see new features being released faster.
Streamline your Social lead generation
October 25 2013
Very user friendly product with strong integration to Salesforce. It's very easy to assign leads to users in Salesforce is really easy so it streamlines the process of sharing social data and conversations with colleagues. Support for LinkedIn would be great.