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7 Ratings
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Jekyll is great for people who aren't intimidated by editing HTML, CSS, and Markdown files, people who are on a shoestring budget, and people who want a blazing fast website. Jekyll may not be the best option for people who aren't interested in editing their websites in a text file and would rather have a WordPress-esque back-end from the beginning.
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  • Content stored in Git with the website code
  • Free to use
  • Easy to deploy to cheap/free hosting solutions
  • Produces super fast static websites
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  • Not easy to update for non-developers
  • No server-side language to support things like contact forms, so 3rd party software/service is needed
  • Ruby gems can get messy
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Alternatives Considered


The big alternatives to Jekyll are of course things like WordPress or Drupal, but they are almost something completely different: a full-blown CMS with a backend language and a database. Jekyll loses some of the niceties of these CMS solutions, like easily updating content from a user interface, but Jekyll will have much better performance by not having to render pages server-side or get content from a database.I've also looked into (but not tried) several other Jekyll alternatives, such as Hugo, Middleman, and Pelican. Ultimately I decided on Jekyll because of it's ease of use with GitHub.
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Return on Investment


  • It's free with GitHub Pages, so it cost us nothing to use
  • It's tied into GitHub, so deploying changes is super easy (as opposed to deploying elsewhere)
  • Keeps all content together with the code, so only one place to maintain information
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