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2 Ratings
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Persado is an excellent tool for a small marketing team seeking to "work smarter, not harder." The tool itself is simple to use and generates instant results, all while learning and reporting at a deeper level than a human on a marketing team could. We have been able to reach the right eyes within our audience at the right time, improving open rates and generating more revenue from our promotional emails.
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  • Persado generates subject lines that outperform what the humans on our team can write more than 90% of the time.
  • Persado's machine learning understands the emotional connection between our audience and the way they interact with our marketing. The machine learns what emotion gives us the best chance at an open for our two distinct product lines (hint: they are different emotions!).
  • The reporting within Persado is highly visual, and allows me to analyze and draw conclusions from our data quickly and efficiently. Not only does the tool itself work well, the high quality reporting allows me to use it even better with every new experiment.
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  • Not so much a con, but area for improvement: an option to have reports generated automatically and sent to me weekly or similar. It would automate my learning and understanding of how the tool is working.
  • When we write control subject lines that include emojis, I have to go outside of Persado to find the emoji I want to use, copy, and come back to Persado. However there is a button to add emojis to the Persado generated subject lines.
  • Since Persado integrates with our ESP, Bronto, we'd really like to see more to the connection such as sharing conversion and revenue data.
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Alternatives Considered

Phrasee wasn't an option to select, but we did evaluate them after hearing about them at a digital marketing summit. I liked what they were doing and the emails they were sending, but the pricing structure was outrageous! There was a 0% chance our CFO would approve the budget. To add salt to the wound, they also charged outrageously for a trial period. Ugh - as much as I wanted it, there was no way I could justify the ROI. Enter Persado. I got an email from a sales rep which accompanied a resource. I got excited but hesitated. I then saw they offered a free 14-day trial. Wait - what?? Free?! Yes. Wendy gave me the grand tour and holy cannoli I was immediately impressed with the results of our very first send. And it's only gotten better. Sorry Phrasee, I'm with Persado now.
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Return on Investment

  • Granted these numbers are driven by a number of other factors as well, our email marketing program has grown by 44% and 35% in the last 2 years respectively. More email opens from Persado subject lines has certainly contributed to this growth.
  • Open rate improvement of 11% between control subjects and Persado subjects.
  • Click rate improvement of 27% between control subjects and Persado subjects.
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