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ProProfs LMS Software

Well-suited for:
  • Teachers who want to give their quizzes to many students (not just through their own university's LMS).
  • Teachers who don't need something to dazzle their students.
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ProProfs LMS Software

  • Easy to use
  • Excellent client support team
  • Intuitive and scalable
  • Scope for customization
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ProProfs LMS Software

  • So, far I don't dislike anything about ProProfs LMS as it has helped me achieve my training goals successfully.
  • I haven’t encountered any problems so far.
  • Would like to see more features on analytics.
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ProProfs LMS Software

ProProfs LMS Software 5.0
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ProProfs has great marketing, a decent product, adequate-to-poor support, and a very under-staffed support team. I've been a steady customer for five years because their quizmaker product is easy to use, and students have a generally positive experience with the quizzes I make.When there are glitches, for example, a quiz is scored incorrectly, I report the glitch, but support doesn't actually fix the grading glitch; instead, a support staff will go to the quiz and manually grade it, then send me an email announcing that the "issue" has been resolved. That's not a resolution. That's a band-aid, and the ProProfs support team doesn't seem willing to dig deeper for a real fix.There have been no visible improvements to the product over 5 years. ProProf quizzes are very Web 2.0, similar to Moodle. Other LMS services I've used, iSpring and Bookwidgets offer cool features like drag-and-drop, but ProProfs doesn't seem interested in keeping up with these enhancements. ProProfs seems satisfied to market to the PC institutional training end-user, not the smartphone individual student end-user. When I make suggestions to ProProfs, I get a boilerplate response that such enhancements are "on our future road map" or some such. I get the feeling that there's no roadmap. Twice we set up appointments so that I could talk with SOMEONE at ProProfs to gauge their sincerity about enhancements and so on, and both times ProProfs did not connect with me. That's a bit suspicious.
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Alternatives Considered

ProProfs LMS Software

ProProfs is the first LMS tool I have used. I am fully satisfied with the features and functionalities.
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Return on Investment

ProProfs LMS Software

  • We are able to develop over 100 online courses for our customers, enabling them to offer online training quickly and be cost efficient at the same time. They are no longer needed to send trainers to train their sales team about the new products or updates.
  • ProProfs LMS has single handed played a crucial role in boosting our business.
  • It is easy to understand and manage. We don’t need to learn or acquire technical knowledge/skills to create our training programs. We are able to embed our own media in these online training courses and also share active links for more in-depth information for the learners.
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ProProfs LMS Software


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