A Review on PROPROFS
Updated September 19, 2017

A Review on PROPROFS

Tom Kenny | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with ProProfs LMS Software

ProProfs LMS is not spectacular, but it gets the job done. Teachers who have made tests in Moodle will find that ProProfs can do everything a Moodle quiz can, except ProProfs will allow you to share your quiz with any user...something that Moodle can't do. (Imagine if you were using the quizzes at different schools, ProProfs makes that easy, while Moodle makes it impossible.)
ProProfs is very intuitive to use. You won't be contacting support trying to figure out how to do stuff. You'll figure it out.
  • It's web-based, so you can make a quiz from any device (PC, Mac, tablet, iPhone, etc...), as long as you have an Internet connection. The benefit of this compared to iSpring's Quiz Maker, which makes you use only their PC-based software to create quizzes, is that ProProfs quizzes can be changed on-the-fly if there's a settings error or if there's a mistake in a quiz. That's very useful when students have trouble accessing a quiz.
  • ProProfs is reasonably-priced for what you get. I pay about $460 per year for ProProfs, while iSpring charges more than twice that.
  • ProProfs makes it very easy to see quiz scores, and shows them in a colorful pie-chart. During a test, I display scores (anonymously) on the screen via the classroom's projector, so students can see how their instantly-graded quiz measures with others' scores. Students like that!
  • ProProfs is very bland-looking, rather Web 1.0. They have a very limited-number of templates, and they are not customizable. If the company is making any money, I think they should try to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible.
  • ProProfs quizzes are not responsive to devices. A quiz looks exactly the same on an iPhone as it does on a computer screen. Students live in a world where everything they access online is customized to the device they use, but a ProProfs quiz will have small type on an iPhone, and won't allow a zoom by pinching.
  • Uploading images, audio, and video when making a quiz is a time-consuming task. Takes a lot of clicks. And there's no way to see your own library of uploaded stuff, so when you want to use a previously-uploaded image, you can't just find it in your account and attach it, you have to upload the same image every time. It's tedious.
  • Other LMSs I've used in the past year, like BookWidgets and iSpring Quiz Maker have a good deal more variety of question types than ProProfs. For example, you can't touch, drag and drop an answer on a blank from a word bank with a ProProfs quiz. Matching-type questions in ProProfs are limited to drop-down menu choices or radio buttons. There's no HTML5 magic at work.
  • ProProfs support is not bad (response within a day), but they can't explain frequent glitches that occur. Example: Nearly every time a class takes a quiz, there's ONE student who presses "submit" and their answers don't get submitted; instead, the loading circle just keeps rotating and the student panics, and then the student has to press refresh on their web browser, and --sometimes, but not always-- all their responses are erased and they have to take the quiz again. And there's nothing that a teacher can do. It's dreadful. Tell ProProfs about it, and they dodge the bullet because I wasn't able to give them enough info they required (e.g. what kind of phone?, what kind of OS?, what version?, was the device facing North?, etc).
  • ProProfs UI has not changed significantly in the 4 years I've been using them. I get the feeling that they're not trying hard enough.
ProProfs is a good choice for teachers who want something that's a step-up from Moodle, but it doesn't dazzle the student like HTML5-based quizzes do. It's a reasonably-priced, overall reliable LMS.
Well-suited for:

  • Teachers who want to give their quizzes to many students (not just through their own university's LMS).
  • Teachers who don't need something to dazzle their students.

ProProfs LMS Software Support

ProProfs has great marketing, a decent product, adequate-to-poor support, and a very under-staffed support team. I've been a steady customer for five years because their quizmaker product is easy to use, and students have a generally positive experience with the quizzes I make.
When there are glitches, for example, a quiz is scored incorrectly, I report the glitch, but support doesn't actually fix the grading glitch; instead, a support staff will go to the quiz and manually grade it, then send me an email announcing that the "issue" has been resolved. That's not a resolution. That's a band-aid, and the ProProfs support team doesn't seem willing to dig deeper for a real fix.

There have been no visible improvements to the product over 5 years. ProProf quizzes are very Web 2.0, similar to Moodle. Other LMS services I've used, iSpring and Bookwidgets offer cool features like drag-and-drop, but ProProfs doesn't seem interested in keeping up with these enhancements. ProProfs seems satisfied to market to the PC institutional training end-user, not the smartphone individual student end-user.
When I make suggestions to ProProfs, I get a boilerplate response that such enhancements are "on our future road map" or some such. I get the feeling that there's no roadmap. Twice we set up appointments so that I could talk with SOMEONE at ProProfs to gauge their sincerity about enhancements and so on, and both times ProProfs did not connect with me. That's a bit suspicious.
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Quick Initial Response
Poor followup
Less knowledgeable
Problems left unsolved
Difficult to get immediate help
Need to explain problems multiple times
Support doesn't seem to care
Not Available - I don't think that the support team is well-staffed enough
Yes - Support requests with ProProfs generate an immediate automated response with a reference ticket number. They are usually followed up by a mail from someone in support 1-3 days later. This personal email contains the ticket number, but no thread of previous emails, so the customer cannot immediately remember the nature of the support request.

My most recent support request was not resolved to my satisfaction. Let me explain:
When I made a question in Quizmaker, I would sometimes cut and paste from elsewhere. The original font, size and style were pasted into the question. However, the question I was creating did not show the pasted attributes in the backend. But when users viewed the quiz online, they would see the original font, size and style I pasted. The point is that each question could look very different from the next, and it looked weird on a user's smartphone.
So, I asked if ProProfs could make a fix so that all questions could be output uniformly, so that it looks better for the end user. Their response? "Please give us the URLs of the quizzes you'd like us to change for you." That's not a solution for future quiz-making. That's a brute-force fix that they'd have to do manually. Hell, I could do that myself. A real tech team could fix the problem elegantly. And, by the way, I can't be the first guy to make such a request if ProProfs has Sony, Dell, Yale, and DHL as clients as they claim. ( https://www.proprofs.com/training/employee-training/online-corporate-training/ )