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SolarWinds Threat Monitor

We use this among all our clients. When we first start working with a new client we run scans on their networks and then try to show them where they are vulnerable, and where they should shore up their security. Then we use those reports to road map how we want to fix their infrastructure.
chris maddox | TrustRadius Reviewer


SolarWinds Threat Monitor

  • Cloud based so no footprint
  • Log collection and correlation allowing analysis
  • Log archiving
  • Very scalable with a low cost
Rob Bates | TrustRadius Reviewer


SolarWinds Threat Monitor

  • Steep learning curve.
  • Usually takes a bit to get the scans to run easily in a new environment.
  • Could have more reporting options.
chris maddox | TrustRadius Reviewer

Support Rating

SolarWinds Threat Monitor

SolarWinds Threat Monitor 8.0
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SolarWinds offers live chat support for all its products built-in. So if you are working on something you can just reach out to someone at that time, and usually get an answer pretty quick. If you are trying to get something done it's a lot better than submitting a ticket and waiting for the email response.
chris maddox | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered

SolarWinds Threat Monitor

Threat Monitor is very new on the scene. Its obviously not at the same level as some of the established vendors yet. We also deploy Alienvault for example and its nowhere near the same level as this, however the cost model between these two products reflects that. Alienvault however does have a physical footprint on the environment, whereas Threat Monitor doesnt. If you have the paitence to wait, Threat Monitor will surely only improve over time.
Rob Bates | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment

SolarWinds Threat Monitor

  • We're now able to archive our logs, in the cloud and search through events with relative ease. Previously we would have to trawl through servers.
  • Alarm intrusion allows us to respond to threats before, rather than after they have occurred.
Rob Bates | TrustRadius Reviewer


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SolarWinds Threat Monitor


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