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Likelihood to Recommend

Mitratech TAP Workflow Automation

From my few months of using the tool, I believe the tool would be best suited for Legal Ops (Contracting) & Procurement. Maybe even in competitive bidding (strategic sourcing: eg RFP & RFX). The tool may be less appropriate for Payment Processing/Collecting.
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Mitratech TAP Workflow Automation

  • The conditions and automation will free up some operations and help gather relevant data for subject matter experts.
  • It's easy to navigate from both an end user and admin perspective.
  • The tool feels/looks very modern and is highly customizable.
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Mitratech TAP Workflow Automation

  • Adding form fields can be quite tedious as it has to be added to every stage/relationship.
  • It's difficult to remember where a certain condition/formula sits.
  • I wish the workflow itself can be exported for presentation/demo/documentation purposes.
  • I wish there was a way for more than one admin to configure the tool at the same time.
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Alternatives Considered

Mitratech TAP Workflow Automation

I was not part of the evaluation/purchasing process for ThinkSmart. I can say it's a very unique tool in what it provides and has much potential to become very robust. I'm very excited to provide feedback/suggestions so both ThinkSmart & our company can grow together! At my previous company, we used Hiperos as a vendor risk management tool and it was very clunky and difficult to use/maintain from both an admin & end user perspective.
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Return on Investment

Mitratech TAP Workflow Automation

  • The tool hasn't rolled out yet so we cannot speculate the positive/negative impacts quite yet. However, I know it'll free up a lot of time for risk subject matter experts to gather vendor risk data for critical/high-risk vendors. From a negative standpoint, it may significantly delay the procurement process for purchases if due diligence is triggered and/or there's pushback from vendors.
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Mitratech TAP Workflow Automation


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