Data Masking9Data Masking Tools are security software designed to prevent abuse of sensitive, personal, and identifiable data like social security numbers, bank account information, or commercially sensitive data. The software works by substituting sensitive data with fictitious data usually in nonproduction databases where it is needed for application development or testing.Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting1 Data Masking2 Data Privacy3 Optim Data Privacy4 Persistent Data Masking5 Camouflage Data Masking6 Database & Data Security9

Data Masking Tools

Data Masking Tools Overview

What are Data Masking Tools?

Data Masking Tools are security software that prevents abuse of sensitive data. This may include personal, identifiable data like social security numbers, bank account information, or commercially sensitive data.

The software achieves this by substituting sensitive data with fictitious data, usually housed in non-production databases, and placing data where it is needed. Data masking tools may be used during application development or testing where apps require data input from an end-user. It may also be used, for instance, in a call center where personal data is masked from the call center operative.

Data masking is sometimes described as data obfuscation and is related to data encryption, and tokenization. An important distinction is that data masking is sometimes a non-reversible process where sensitive data is cloned and transformed into something credible but, once created, wholly different than the source. Its importance is that it is available for testing or demonstration where required but that it, as a transformed object, does not risk exposing the original identifying data.

Data Masking Tools Features

Data masking tools generally provide the following features and capabilities:

  • A range of masking techniques available on-demand

  • Centralized management of masking policy, audit trail

  • Track compliance with data privacy law

  • Apply masking rules code-free

  • Apply different rules for subsets of data

  • Multi-factor subsetting, sophisticated subsetting techniques

  • Share subsets of masked data on-demand

  • Can access data stored in a variety of databases or apps

  • Realistic but fictional data available for testing, “sandboxing”

  • Format-preserving encryption (FPE) transformation

  • Reversible transformation/masking

Pricing Information

Data masking tools are generally available only at cost. However many popular vendors provide a free trial. Data masking tools are priced according to volume of data processed, or alternately according to named users via a recurring subscription.

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