Data Masking Tools

Data Masking Tools Overview

What are Data Masking Tools?

Data Masking Tools are security software that prevents abuse of sensitive data. This may include personal, identifiable data like social security numbers, bank account information, or commercially sensitive data.

The software achieves this by substituting sensitive data with fictitious data, usually housed in non-production databases, and placing data where it is needed. Data masking tools may be used during application development or testing where apps require data input from an end-user. It may also be used, for instance, in a call center where personal data is masked from the call center operative.

Data masking is sometimes described as data obfuscation and is related to data encryption, and tokenization. An important distinction is that data masking is sometimes a non-reversible process where sensitive data is cloned and transformed into something credible but, once created, wholly different than the source. Its importance is that it is available for testing or demonstration where required but that it, as a transformed object, does not risk exposing the original identifying data.

Data Masking Tools Features

Data masking tools generally provide the following features and capabilities:

  • A range of masking techniques available on-demand

  • Centralized management of masking policy, audit trail

  • Track compliance with data privacy law

  • Apply masking rules code-free

  • Apply different rules for subsets of data

  • Multi-factor subsetting, sophisticated subsetting techniques

  • Share subsets of masked data on-demand

  • Can access data stored in a variety of databases or apps

  • Realistic but fictional data available for testing, “sandboxing”

  • Format-preserving encryption (FPE) transformation

  • Reversible transformation/masking

Pricing Information

Data masking tools are generally available only at cost. However many popular vendors provide a free trial. Data masking tools are priced according to volume of data processed, or alternately according to named users via a recurring subscription.

Data Masking Products

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Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting
13 ratings
1 review
Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting is designed to help database customers improve security, accelerate compliance, and reduce IT costs by sanitizing copies of production data for testing, development, and other activities and by easily discarding unnecessary data. For more information visit
Compuware Test Data Privacy
Compuware’s Test Data Privacy solution leverages Topaz for Enterprise Data for a consistent, familiar and secure method to easily understand, mask and manage both test and production data across all environments.
Informatica Persistent Data Masking
Informatica Persistent Data Masking is a scalable data masking software product that creates safe and secure copies of data by anonymizing and encrypting information that could threaten the privacy, security, or compliance of personal and sensitive data. Copies can be used for analytics, test, devel…
Broadcom Test Data Manager (formerly CA Test Data Manager)
Test Data Manager from Broadcom (formerly CA Test Data Manager) is a data masking solution based on CA Technologies acquisition of Grid Tools.
Imperva Data Masking
Imperva Data Masking is, as the name would suggest, a data masking solution, formerly available under the name Imperva Camouflage.
DataSunrise Database & Data Security
DataSunrise Database & Data Security is a cross-platform, high-performance software. DataSunrise delivers Real-Time Database Security and Compliance, in Clouds solutions such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud. It is also available on-premise.DataSunrise secures databases such as MS SQ…
Vormetric Data Security Platform
Vormetric Data Security Platform includes multiple data security products that deliver advanced encryption, tokenization and centralized key management, as well as data masking.
With DATPROF Privacy users can mask, scramble or anonymize production data so that customer data is protected, but software teams can still use representative test data.
Informatica Dynamic Data Masking
Informatica Dynamic Data Masking de-identifies data and controls unauthorized access to production environments, such as customer service, billing, order management, and customer engagement. Dynamic Data Masking masks or blocks sensitive information to users based on their role, location, and privil…
Qlik Gold Client
Qlik Gold Client is a test data management solution designed to improve the availability, security and quality of data in non-production SAP environments, thereby increasing developer productivity while maintaining referential data integrity and reducing storage requirements.
IRI FieldShield
IRI FieldShield® classifies, finds, and shields sensitive column (field) values in DBs (and flat files) with a choice of data masking and anonymization functions in 15 categories, including format-preserving AES encryption, pseudonymization, and reaction. The vendor states that FieldShield has been …
VGS platform
Very Good Security (VGS) lets companies use and exchange any kind of sensitive data without ever needing to see or hold the data itself. Built on the premise that “you can’t hack what isn’t there”, VGS is on a mission to protect the world’s information by transforming security and privacy from a bus…
HushHush Data Masking Components
The vendor states users can de-identify sensitive data in an organization quickly and easily with HushHush Data Masking components, with its variety of algorithms to satisfy multiple scenarios and compliance requirements, including HIPAA, GDPR, GLBA, and PCI. Users can simultaneously mask sensitive…
DataFleets is a cloud platform for unified and privacy-preserving enterprise data analytics powered by Federated Learning, aimed at making it easy to securely bridge data silos and create new data-driven products with strong network effects.DataFleets' tech boasts support for a full suite of data sc…
Vormetric Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking
Vormetric Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking, a Thales product, aims to reduce the cost and effort required to comply with security policies and regulatory mandates like PCI DSS while also making it simple to protect other sensitive data including Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
CipherTrust Data Security Platform
Thales' CipherTrust Data Security Platform aims to remove complexity from data security, accelerate time to compliance, and secure cloud migrations. The platform is built on a modern micro-services architecture, is designed for the cloud, includes Data Discovery and Classification, and fuses togethe…
Single Connect
Single Connect™ is a privileged access management platform from Kron which is offered to bring privileged accounts under control. With a range of products, Single Connect™ unifies privileged session management, password management, two-factor authentication, database access management and logging, d…
MENTIS Data Security Platform
MENTIS's unified solution aims to enable data security while equipping users with the tools to respond to compliance-related requests like the Right to Know and Right to Erasure in a swift and efficient manner. Users can Discover, Protect, and Monitor enterprise sensitive data across multiple enviro…
iMask - Dynamic Data Masking
MENTIS' Dynamic Data Masking module helps users secure a production environment from unauthorized access. iMask secures sensitive data at the Application Layer and the Database layer by offering flexible approaches that cater to various use cases and types of users – small, medium, and large enterpr…
iScramble - Static Data Masking
MENTIS' Data Anonymization module protects critical sensitive data in non-product and pre-production environments. iScramble offers users the flexibility to choose the anonymization method per requirements - including encryption, tokenization, and masking techniques - to protect sensitive data in a …
BizDataX is a tool specifically designed to mask sensitive user data. It allows IT departments to create databases for non-production purposes, such as testing, product development, marketing, training, and other secondary environments. Thanks to the functions within the tool, users can create secon…
Dataguise DgSecure
Dataguise DgSecure delivers what the vendor describes as a precise data-centric governance solution that detects, audits, protects, and monitors sensitive data assets in real time wherever they live and move across the enterprise and in the cloud.