Our Promise to You

Choosing the right technology for your business is hard. TrustRadius is your software buying guide: powered by real users, backed by our research specialists, and moderated for truth and quality.

We’re here to help you—and millions of other buyers like you—make a better decision, faster.

To accomplish that mission, the information on our site must be reliable, worthy of your trust, and useful in your buying process. We are passionate about data integrity. This drives how we treat everything on our site from reviews to category overviews and product pricing information.

In our effort to ensure that TrustRadius is your trusted source for evaluating software, here are the guiding principles we follow:

1. No fake reviews: Reviews on TrustRadius are from real, verified users

We take content moderation seriously. Every reviewer is authenticated, and every review vetted, since day one. Reviewers log in via LinkedIn or a validated work email address, and a TrustRadius researcher checks to make sure they’re a real person with no conflict of interest. We read every review before publishing it, to make sure the reviewer has recent experience with the product, and is offering useful insights.

We also never remove authentic reviews. Period.

2. No bias: Reviews on TrustRadius give you the full picture

Our review process encourages detailed, balanced, honest feedback—whether the reviewer is a big fan of the product, or had a terrible experience. We ask every reviewer for positive feedback and areas for improvement, so you’re getting a complete picture of each product on our site, including the potential ‘gotchas’. We also give you all the context you need to figure out how relevant the reviewer’s feedback is to you, such as company size, industry, use case, and role.

3. No games, gimmicks or funny stuff: Software companies can’t pay for placement or skew the information on our site

All software vendors can be listed on our site, for free, and add useful details about their products. That said, many review sites openly sell the top spot on the list to the highest bidder. That might be their business model. But it doesn’t help you.

So on TrustRadius, vendors can’t edit or remove reviews, ask for positive reviews, pay to rank higher, or skew their scores at all.

In fact, our trScore algorithm is the first and only in the industry that doesn’t allow cherry-picking to drive up scores. The scores you see are the voice of your peers, period.

Unlike most software evaluation platforms, TrustRadius makes money by:

  • helping vendors source reviews
  • providing them license and tools to use reviewer feedback in their own channels
  • providing access to anonymized purchase intent data

Our business model puts you, our audience of professionals who purchase and use technology, at the core of what we do.

4. No guesswork: Our site is governed by clear guidelines, with your priorities in mind

Every decision about how our site operates is made by our Research team and applied consistently across categories, reviewers, and software companies.

Our researchers study software categories, users, and buyers to understand how to best surface useful information. Then, we use that knowledge to establish guidelines for how the site operates, such as:

  • How products get grouped together
  • How categories get named and defined
  • Which reviews get published
  • How scores, sorting, and awards work

5. No black boxes: We strictly adhere to FTC guidelines and enable transparency from all companies and individuals on our platform

Reviewers are enabled to share detailed, honest feedback. Vendors are encouraged to listen and respond to that feedback and to provide all the facts buyers need—pricing, demo videos, feature lists, etc—about their products.

We practice transparency ourselves. Here are some links to clear information about how our site operates:

About TrustRadius Reviews

About TrustRadius Scoring

Guidelines and Tips for Reviewers

Blog: TrustRadius + FTC Guidelines

We’re in the feedback business, and love getting it ourselves. If you have feedback about any of this, please reach out to our Research team… or write a review of TrustRadius!