Our Promise to Buyers

TrustRadius is a review platform that helps business technology buyers like you make confident, informed decisions, by connecting you with trusted, in-depth insights from real users. The integrity of the reviews we collect is core to that mission.

Here are the guiding principles and practices that ensure the usefulness and authenticity of reviews on TrustRadius:

Every reviewer is authenticated, and every review vetted, since day one.

Reviewers authenticate through LinkedIn or with their work email address, and a TrustRadius Researcher checks to ensure they’re a real person with no conflict of interest. We also read every review before publishing to ensure the reviewer is offering detailed, thoughtful insights, and has recent experience with the product or service. We apply the same criteria regardless of the reviewer’s sentiment or our relationship with the vendor being reviewed.

We also never remove authentic reviews. We don't remove reviews just because a product was discontinued or rebranded, because we know that context is valuable to buyers. We maintain the review history so that buyers can see a clear picture of how products and companies have evolved.

Our review process elicits detailed, balanced, honest feedback.

No product is perfect, so we ask every reviewer to include both positive feedback and areas for improvement to ensure buyers get a complete pictures of each product. Our reviewers answer structured questions such as use case, ROI and alternatives considered. Our reviews have more depth and detail that other review sites, averaging 400+ words, compared to the industry average of 50 to 100 words on other review sites. We also collect important meta-data related to the review, including company size and industry, and reviewer role, department and years of experience. This helps buyers find feedback from people like them.

Vendors cannot alter or remove reviews, pay for placement or skew their scores.

Most review sites generate revenue by selling leads, reports or paid placement to vendors. TrustRadius generates revenue by providing vendors the license and tools to bring reviews into their own sales and marketing channels, as well as access to detailed data regarding their review presence. We don’t let vendors introduce bias into the data, since that would diminish its value—both to them, as authentic customer-centric content, and to buyers doing independent research on TrustRadius. This business model helps us achieve our mission of bringing transparency to the B2B buying and selling process, and allows us to ensure TrustRadius.com remains an unbiased resource for B2B buyers.

We encourage transparent vendor participation.

We’re all about bringing buyers and vendors together and want to ensure all products are represented accurately and fairly on TrustRadius.

Vendors can:

  • Get their product listed, if they meet our requirements
  • Invite their customers to write honest reviews
  • Comment publicly on their reviews
  • Update their product profiles to provide useful and accurate product details, such as feature availability

Vendors can't:

  • Offer incentives in exchange for positive reviews
  • Artificially inflate their scores by inviting only advocates to write reviews (TrustRadius corrects for selection bias in scores with our trScore)
  • Comment on competitors’ reviews
  • Influence their placement or scores by spending time or money with TrustRadius

We take our review and data integrity very seriously, and appreciate hearing from our readers! Please reach out to our Research team at research@trustradius.com if you have any questions, comments or feedback.