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2016 Top Rated Business Intelligence Software BadgeSAP acquired Business Objects in 2007 and the company has done much to modernize the platform since. SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, the cloud visualization platform, was introduced in 2012 and integrated with the Business Objects platform, and also with the predictive analytics capabilities they acquired with KXEN in 2013. They have also seen success with the HANA in-memory, columnar appliance designed to meet the needs of organizations with very large data volumes. Additionally, SAP announced Cloud for Analytics in 2015, which is an entirely new cloud analytics platform with a complete range of capabilities, including data discovery and predictive analytics running on the HANA Cloud data store. This brand new cloud platform will exist in parallel with the aging Business Objects platform and the newer Lumira, and SAP has committed to continuing enhancements of these products.

TrustMap position does not reflect the newer technology platform but rather the Business Objects platform.

Company Status: Public
Customers: 300,000+ (entire company)
Employees: 770,000+ (entire company)
Location: Walldorf, Germany
Founded: 1972
Most compared to: Tableau Desktop; Microsoft BI; QlikView
Best fit for: The SAP Business Objects platform is an enterprise-level system best suited to larger companies, and companies already using SAP enterprise applications. The new cloud platform, SAP Cloud for Analytics, will serve the same audience, although absence of deployment difficulties might extend its appeal to smaller organizations.

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Summary of SAP Business Objects Reviews

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SAP Business Objects Pros SAP Business Objects Cons
Modules enable end-to-end BI solution
  • Users said that SAP Business Objects includes a collection of different modules like, data warehouse, extraction, data blending, and reporting and analysis tools.
  • Users also like that it includes a suite of development tools.
Expensive to implement & maintain
  • Many users said the product is expensive, both in terms of implementation and ongoing resources to maintain the system (IT headcount and server space).
  • Security model is very granular and relatively easy to maintain.
Dashboard designer
  • The dashboard designer has room for improvement. Some users said it was a weak point of SAP Business Objects; others said it was dated.
  • Users said SAP BO has good connectivity to a range of data sources, as well as to other analytics software.
Self-service visualizations
  • According to users, it does not work well for immediate visualization of disparate, unorganized data.
  • Users said SAP BO is more IT- and developer-oriented than self-service tools that have stronger visualization capabilities.
  • Report scheduling works well and is helpful for processing large data sets.
Can't easily run large data sets on the fly
  • Users said SAP BO is not good for long running queries on demand. The product can certainly handle large data sets, but in order to be efficient these need to be scheduled in advance.
User-friendly queries & formulas
  • Some said the interface allows them to edit formulas easily, and that the query and objects layout is user friendly.
  • Note that many reviewers are IT or data analysts, so their notion of “user friendliness” may differ from some of the BI tools geared towards business end-users.
Bugs with new releases/service packs
  • Service packs sometimes re-introduce issues that had been already fixed due to inadequate regression testing.

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