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Quadient Digital Printers (Mach 5 & Mach 6)

The MACH 5 printer from Quadient is a printer to leverage patented Memjet® technology to improve direct mail and transpromotional marketing, boasting a low total cost of ownership. The MACH 6 printer leverages Memjet® inkjet technology to print on applications beyond envelopes and…

Pitney Bowes Managed Print Services

Pitney Bowes offers managed print services.

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What are Postage Meters?

Postage Meters are digital machines with systems and software designed to simplify postage printing, shipping, and mailing for businesses. Postage can be printed directly onto mail or meter tape in ink, replacing traditional postage stamps, allowing you to ship mail without having to go through the post office.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has several different plans which offer automatic guidelines and postage updates as well as discounts for bulk printing and shipping. Franking options through providers allow for pre-paid postage to be printed with a company logo onto envelopes or labels, giving mail and parcels a more professional look. Buyers should keep in mind that this equipment cannot be purchased. It must be leased, after the acquisition of a permit, through providers authorized by USPS.

Using Postage Meter Providers can help businesses save time and money when printing labels, processing mail, or shipping packages and parcels. Postage Meter Providers also offer a wide range of services beyond printing, with the goal of streamlining the business mailing process. These services vary, from mail pickup, bundling, and delivery to digital signage and direct marketing. Buyers should be aware of them before deciding which Postage Meter provider will offer the most value within their business model.

Postage Meter Company Services and Features

Postage Meter companies may provide the following services and features. Some features like pickup and delivery, bundling, and franking may not be offered by all providers:

  • Printing shipping labels
  • Automated USPS postage purchase and printing
  • Automatic postage cost updates
  • Bundling
  • Mail franking
  • Pickup and delivery
  • Expense tracking
  • Weight calculation
  • Direct shipping and mailing solutions

Postage Meter Company Comparison

When choosing a Postage Meter provider, buyers should consider the following key factors:

  • Usability: How much training is required to operate the machines? Which machines tend to have the longest use cycles?
  • Features: Which Postage Meter solution offers the best features for your business needs? Which options provide digital touch screens and other features that make the printing process more efficient? Are discounts offered for mail and package bundles?
  • Total Operating Cost: How much mail does your business send out each month? Aside from leasing fees, what are the projected costs of maintenance and supplies? Do you engage in direct mail marketing, eCommerce, or other activities requiring a large amount of postage and shipping labels? Which Postage Meter provider offers the most value at the lowest cost?

Pricing Information

Postage Meter leasing prices can run from $20 to $1000 per month, depending on the complexity of the features. Buyers will usually have to cover printing supplies and may also have to pay for maintenance costs. Ink cartridges can cost between $10 and $125, but packaged deals can be found at a discount. Other materials include sealing solution, which can be found for around $20 per gallon, and labels, which vary in price depending on quality and quantity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Postage Meter Providers do?

Postage Meter Providers give businesses the ability to print postage directly to their mail, without having to go through the post office.

What are the benefits of using Postage Meter Providers?

Benefits of using Postage Meter Providers include the time, money, and labor that are saved by not having to send mail directly through the post office. Discounts are also offered for bulk postage and shipping.

What are the best Postage Meter Provider products?

The best Postage Meter Provider products include:

How much do Postage Meter Providers cost?

Leasing a Postage Meter can cost as little as $20 or as much as $1000 or more per month. Any maintenance and supply costs not covered by providers should also be considered.