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What is Pricing Optimization Software?

Pricing optimization software are tools used by merchants selling products through ecommerce channels and websites, and provides a means of managing the pricing of product listings to gain a competitive edge. Popular techniques applied by price optimization tools are AI driven given the mathematical complexity involved.

Pricing Optimization Products

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Vendavo headquartered in Mountain View, California offers their price optimization and CPQ solution.
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Feedvisor in New York offers algorithmic repricing and revenue intelligence for online sellers, particular vendors who offer wares on Amazon, to bolster efficiency and profitability through intelligent pricing and inventory management.
Sku Grid
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Sku Grid processes large number of product information per day (roughly 50mln items), analyzes that data and afterwards uses it to help its clients stay competitive in their respected marketplace, as well as having their price and stock information always up to date.Sku Grid works with more than 800…
Blue Yonder Luminate Commerce (formerly JDA Commerce Suite)
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Blue Yonder headquartered in Scottsdale (formerly JDA Software Group) states that Luminate Commerce delivers responsive, integrated business planning and operations powered by artificial intelligence/machine learning insights and forecasting models. With real-time data and AI/ML insights, retailers …
Rubikloud Technologies in Toronto, Canada offers their cloud-native AI platform and two flagship AI applications (Promotion Manager & Customer LifeCycle Manager) built to automate and improve mass promotional planning and loyalty driven marketing for large retailers and CPG's.
Competera dynamic pricing platform designed for midsize and enterprise eCommerce retailers with mature and automated pricing framework, experience issues with competitive data quality, who see a room for improvement with help of competitive data and price monitoring.Competitive Data product is a rea…
Acoustic Lifecycle Pricing (formerly DemandTec Pricing)
Acoustic Lifecycle Pricing (formerly IBM Omni-Channel Pricing Solution, a software product developed by DemandTec which was acquired by IBM in December 2011) for sales forecasting and deal / sale / promotion optimization.
PROS Control
PROS Control, from Pros Inc headquartered in Houston, is a dynamic price management platform, increasing margin through analysis of customer and sales rep, offering pricing simulation and impact analysis, pricing approval and workflow, dynamic pricing, and real-time price calculation.
SellerActive is an eCommerce platform with features such as multichannel management and customized, dynamic pricing.
BlackCurve headquartered in London offers pricing optimization for ecommerce listings.
Minderest headquartered in Munich offers a software pricing tool for retailers. (formerly Appeagle)
Informed Software (formerly Appeagle) offers the ecommerce pricing optimization solution.
Wiser Solutions headquartered in San Mateo offers pricing intelligence and optimization for ecommerce.
PROS Guidance
PROS Guidance is a prescriptive AI-driven pricing optimization software solution.
netRivals headquartered in Barcelona offers their software suite of price intelligence and optimization software solutions for ecommerce.
Omnia Dynamic Pricing
Omnia Retail headquartered in Amsterdam offers Dynamic Pricing, an ecommerce price optimization software.
Prisync is pricing optimization software from the company of the same name in Istanbul.
Revionics headquartered in Austin is a SaaS provider of pricing, promotion, space and competitive insight for innovative retailers. Revionics helps retailers around the world gain a competitive edge by managing and optimizing their pricing, promotions, markdowns, and space.
Course5 Compete
Course5 Compete is an AI-based competitive intelligence (CI) platform that helps optimize the user's digital shelf and improve revenue through real-time, actionable insights & recommendations on the 5Ps of marketing – product assortment, pricing strategies, promotions effectiveness, placement, a…
GrowByData Competitive Pricing Intelligence
Price Intelligence Data for retailers, brands & manufacturers. With it, users can discover top competitors on ad platforms, marketplaces and ecommerce sites to monitor competitors’ prices. Utilize price intelligence data for repricing strategy, price optimization and dynamic pricing. Ecommerce …
Intelligence Node Inoptimizer
Inoptimizer is pricing automation and optimization for ecommerce from Intelligence Node in Mumbai.
Pricefx headquartered in Pfaffenhofen offers dynamic pricing software solutions for ecommerce retailers.
Boomerang Commerce CommerceIQ
Boomerang Commerce headquartered in Mountain View offers CommerceIQ, an intelligent pricing optimization platform built to spot and take automated actions to capture sales opportunities and plug revenue leakage.
xSellco Repricer
xSellco's Repricer reacts to changes ecommerce competitors make in 90 seconds, so when competitors reprice or go out of stock, the software reacts immediately to get the user in the buy box.
Glew, from the company of the same name in Charlotte, is a multi-channel ecommerce reporting solution used to see what products are profitable and make pricing or bundling decisions, allowing users to see all product and sales data in one place through its dashboards, and provides an intelligent dat…