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Amazon S3 Pricing Overview

Amazon S3


What is Amazon S3?

Amazon S3 is a cloud-based object storage service from Amazon Web Services. It's key features are storage management and monitoring, access management and security, data querying, and data transfer.


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Amazon S3 Alternatives Pricing

The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other Endpoint Backup Solutions

Azure Blob Storage

What is Azure Blob Storage?

Microsoft's Blob Storage system on Azure is designed to make unstructured data available to customers anywhere through REST-based object storage.

IBM Cloud Object Storage


What is IBM Cloud Object Storage?

IBM Cloud Object Storage is an IBM Cloud product in the endpoint backup and IaaS categories. It is commonly used for data archiving and backup, for web and mobile applications, and as scalable, persistent storage for analytics.


What is Vimeo?

Vimeo PRO is an enterprise video platform built to host and provide full high-definition videos with presentation customization and detailed reporting for users.

Amazon S3 Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from Anatoly Lubarsky

S3 could be cheaper. Right now it is more expensive than dedicated hosting on average. S3 has room for improvement in Analytics … to store backups as external storage. Amazon S3 is not appropriate and expensive to host dynamic site or app. In that case dedicated server would be better … S3 is low…

Related Quote from Matthew Gardner

hard to grasp as a non-developer. As well, other companies have far less expensive solutions which scale just as well. … websites. It solves the problem of reliable distribution at an affordable price, all wrapped up in a scalable solution. Between our various properties, we … is used in…

Related Quote from Peter Hamilton

for distribution if necessary). Do not treat s3 like a general-purpose key-value store. Do not try to coordinate or create consensus using s3.

Related Quote from Verified User

albeit low, cost per GB. This needs to be kept in mind if you plan on transferring out a lot of data frequently. There may be other cost effective options … options although Amazon S3 prices are really low per GB. Transferring 150TB would cost approximately $50 per month. … fees. The costs are usually so lo…

Related Quote from Sam Othman

archiving old data that is infrequently accessed. It has been a good low-cost solution to get away from using on-prem NAS or even further back external … Low cost Multiple tiers of storage Great API

Related Quote from Adam Lauer

Storing mass amount of data. Cheap storage options. Versioning of objects. Different cost tiers for what you need. Notifications on Object … costs since it is one of our most expensive products due to sheer scale. S3 has let us move off of really expensive Databases which…

Related Quote from Abdullah Khawer

Fast as Key-Value Store. Save as many data as you want. Cheap. Easy to use. Versioning. Ability to create events

Related Quote from Mohamed Atnane

S3 sets aside some effort to refresh. This occasionally makes disarray pricing AWS S3 is not compatible with desktops … Big Data analytics pricing is designed so well Different storage classes

Related Quote from Verified User

Additionally, it is a great place for archives. Storing old data for a really cheap price is something that you can't get on-prem.

Related Quote from Andre Correa

Scales automatically. Is always available. Is cost effective with different storage tiers. … repositories. Users are locked on it as migration to other services isn't easy or cheap. … Scalability. Pricing. Reliability.

Related Quote from Verified User

than writing your own handlers, etc. S3 is a tool that immediately has value for file hosting and storage, and then extends as far as you need it to for … ranging from public through session. High stability and performance. Low cost. … backups, and while s3 can also be used for that,…

Related Quote from Joshua Dickson

Storage Service) to persist large blobs of data that would be otherwise expensive or otherwise challening to store in one of our database systems. We use … inputs in case of errors Is capable of storing very large amounts of data cheaply without material impact to our…

Related Quote from Verified User

in AWS services that monitors it since it could end up being a mess or expensive. … tools for uploading short and large objects to the cloud. AWS S3 is a key-value store, one of the major categories of NoSQL databases used for accumulating

Related Quote from Verified User

Default bucket limit (i think it needed to be more) Graphical ACLs Cheaper FTP / SFTP price

Related Quote from Grant Shellborn

Lost cost Easy access from our AWS services Works well serving files to our users

Related Quote from James Hilton

very good value, very reliable, and very fast. Access via the console and the API let's us upload and download data from many locations. The cost is so good … File storage Reliability Speed Value for money … web as…

Related Quote from Ramindu Deshapriya

accelerated by 5-6% Query performance on large datasets increased by 15-20% Storage cost for large files reduced by 30%

Related Quote from Mark Nowowiejski

for generous discounts. Glacier Storage within AWS is extremely cheap if you can afford to wait 12 or so hour to 'thaw out' your files. *Also there is … Transcribe, Translate and Polly. The Glacier feature is also an extremely cheap and durable place to store large video files that are infrequently accessed … is an 'Intelligent Tiering' option w…

Related Quote from Verified User

classes for storage so data can be stored according to customers' needs and charges and are levied accordingly.

Related Quote from Verified User

added cost of building out of our infrastructure. … Centralized location for all your organizations data. Great 3rd party API and integration. Cost effective … required, S3 could become expensive.

Related Quote from Verified User

has enabled our organization to have a disaster recovery plan at a cost-effective price without the need of maintaining an offsite storage infrastructure … provides great value and scale with your e…

Related Quote from Frank Troglauer

from our AWS EC2 instances saved us a lot of time and headache and proved cost-effective as well.

Related Quote from Verified User

in which you need replication makes it even more costly. Confusing pricing: The pricing model of S3 can be a little confusing for a new customer with questions

Related Quote from Verified User

Expensive: S3 isn't cheap; when the speed and capacity is overkill, we've ended up looking … time, S3 may be a great solution for you. If your use-case is particularly cost-sensitive, or if you are turned off by the complexity of Amazon's API…

Related Quote from Bryan McAnulty

isn't frequently accessed, and which can be stored at a significantly lower cost. At the moment there is really no reason for us to choose a different service … hosting means we can focus on unique features that have greater business value.