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What is Craft?

Craft, from the company of the same name in Tel Aviv, is presented by the vendor as a better way for Product Managers to manage and plan their products in agile environment.

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What is Craft?

Craft, from the company of the same name in Tel Aviv, is presented by the vendor as a better way for Product Managers to manage and plan their products in agile environment.

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Product Demos

Vinyl cutter graphtec Craft Robo CC330-20 plotter - Demo


Minecraft | DERP SSUNDEE RAP DEMO TROLL?! - Troll Craft

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What is Craft?

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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Craft is not currently implemented across the country. Currently being used solely by me, and it's used to be more organized with my note-taking and recording information.
  • Note taking
  • Organizing notes, thoughts, to-do lists
  • More detailed controls on page formatting within the app
  • More helpful tools in general
Craft is probably less appropriate for storing sensitive company/work information, but it's a perfect tool for day-today note taking in and out of the office.
Ben Lachman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Craft for meeting notes, draft document creation, and text sharing with clients and contractors. It creates an easy place to store living documents in an organized way. You can structure your information pretty much any way you want nesting content in groups, creating links, and adding feature content types to docs.
  • Free form nested text creation
  • Meeting notes
  • Easy sharing of text documents
  • Native apps
  • Text formatting is sometimes difficult and can break your flow of writing.
  • The button for creating another level is exceptionally hard to see and poorly placed.
  • Copying rich text out of the app pastes it with an odd styling.
Craft is great for teams to share notes and living documents with each other that contain multimedia content, nested content, and content that needs to be shared inside and outside the organization. It allows users to have their own areas within a shared app and tweak those documents to fit their needs and preferences.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It was used only within the digital department to manage the roadmap of the banking app. It was used to document high-level requirements and prioritize features.
  • User story mapping feature allows users to easily ensure features are not missed.
  • Screen design annotations inbuilt into feature document.
  • Product roadmap can be sliced and diced in different ways.
  • Wish there was a way to export a graphical view of the story map.
  • Sometimes the side navigation panels get in the way.
Useful to keep a centralized repository of all requirements. Ensure you have clear product ownership in place.
December 13, 2019 Review

Raphael Sanguinete | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We were using to organize some of our games in a more product-focused way. We were using Craft to map the story mapping for our games and to understand and prioritize all the features that we wanted to release in some prototypes. After some time using the tool we changed for a more traditional project management tool.
  • Craft is built to digital products developers, so its workflow is great.
  • It has a very nice interface and is a beautiful tool.
  • It has a great workflow, but it is very little customizable.
  • The tool is not so easy to use, so you have to take a time to get to know it. is well suited for medium to large digital product teams that have some experience with the tools and features of the agile and lean models. Users that are new to those methodologies can have some difficulties understanding the platform. It is less appropriate for small projects too. It's a great tool but I think you can shape a project management tool to your needs in theses cases and it will work better.
Evan Jaffe | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use craft in many ways, but we primarily use 'Craft Sync' as a way to sync our work from Sketch to Invision, but also as a way to share design work to other departments that might be stakeholders in the projects. It helps solve a significant gap in collaboration by instantly allowing for both sharing of life designs, as well as feedback through Invision by the other stakeholders. We also use 'Craft Library' as a way to quickly generate brand guidelines and share symbols libraries and sticker sheets.
  • 'Sync' usually works flawlessly in syncing my artboards to Invision. Once you set up the plugin, I can easily forget about tinkering with any of the settings - it just 'works'.
  • 'Library' is pretty great for generating a style guide from my design doc. Clicking one button makes magic happen, and creates a super succinct document for me to share between teammates and other teams.
  • 'Data' also works wonders when trying to approximate 'real' data into a static design. It turns the painful job of having to fill in designs with 'real-world' data a piece of cake. It helps me validate rough designs using an actual approximation of real content.
  • Craft frequently crashes - either the plugin for Sketch, or Sketch itself. Sometimes I have to turn off the plugin completely in order to be of sound mind that things won't crash. But frequent updates usually take care of any short term issues here.
  • The 'Stock' option is great to grab a quick image for a design, but I would love to see the functionality in here expand to even more options, more services, and more filters so I can get what I need even faster and more accurately.
  • 'Library' works great in its own ecosystem, but updating symbols and the like is somewhat manual and time consuming. I have to constantly ensure everything that needs to be in-sync, stays in-sync.
Craft is really well suited for any size design team - I have used it within a team of 3, and within a team of 30.

It helps with collaboration within the team, and between external teams through 'sync' with Invision.

It increases efficiency of using Sketch with things like 'data', 'duplicate', and 'stock'. These tools not only make designing faster, but also more realistic, allowing us to 'test' our designs sooner.
Ben Seigel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Craft is our preferred CMS for small business and org websites. Craft provides superior flexibility, extensibility, and ease of use for both developers and users.
  • Design-agnostic templating system. No themes. This means you can use whatever HTML, CSS, JS you want, and integrate it with Craft.
  • Versatile field types, with 3rd party plugins providing a bunch more. Everything from plain text to address, color picker, date/time, file assets, one-to-many relationships, and more.
  • Control panel with clean, responsive UI makes content updates easy for clients.
  • Could use a more robust implementation of rich text editor.
  • Some functionality that requires plugins, for example, advanced field management, should be part of the core install.
  • It should be a bit easier to brand the control panel w/logo and color scheme.
Suitable for mid-size to large websites (20 pages+). If you have a massive project with dozens or hundreds of content contributors, complex editorial process/workflow, are tied to a non-Linux platform (Microsoft Server), you may want an enterprise CMS like Episerver. If you need a small, cheap, theme-based, basic website with 5-15 pages, you'll probably go to WordPress.
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