Demandforce Pricing Overview


What is Demandforce?

Demandforce is a solution available to the medical, veterinarian, lifestyle and automotive industries. Demandforce offers a variety of communication and office workflow solutions from appointment reminders and two-way text to marketing solutions like email campaign templates and online reputation…


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Demandforce Alternatives Pricing

The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other software in similar categories


Key Features

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  • Customizable reports (200)
  • Customer data management / contact management (206)
  • Opportunity management (201)
  • Workflow management (197)

Key Features

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  • Task Management (1303)
  • Team Collaboration (1282)
  • Resource Management (1126)
  • Workflow Automation (1117)

HubSpot CRM

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  • Customer data management / contact management (1180)
  • Interaction tracking (1135)
  • Integration with email client (e.g., Outlook or Gmail) (1178)
  • Workflow management (1146)

What TrustRadius Research Says

DemandForce Pricing 2021

Software for marketing and advertising is integral to commercial businesses and even nonprofits. Client-dependent B2C enterprises on the other hand, have the additional need for client/customer management software.

Specifically appointment scheduling and management software. Industries like healthcare, automotive, and some retailers like salons need to schedule, remind, and confirm appointments. DemandForce is a company that offers appointment scheduling and marketing to that exact demographic.

How Does DemandForce Work?

DemandForce offers an all-in-one solution for growing your business and bringing in new patients or clients. The industries they cater to are primarily medical practices, but they also cater to the Automotive industry as well. Reviews from DemandForce users have recommended them to any appointment driven company, like dentists, hair salons, or spas.

They offer different services for growth and analytics, along with appointment management capabilities. They segment these services into 6 needs.

  • Attract Patients

  • Manage Appointments

  • Communicate with Patients

  • Control Online Reputation

  • Increase Productivity

  • Measure Success

These services are considered their main products but it is unclear if they offer or price any of them separately. DemandForce does not have transparent pricing. For pricing, they encourage you to consult with their sales team for an accurate custom estimate.

How Much Does DemandForce Cost?

DemandForce does not list any product or subscription prices on their website. Instead, they ask you to request a quote directly from DemandForce. Interested buyers need to fill out a form with your contact information, your business and your industry. DemandForce also offers live chat and phone communication. The consultation is required for you to receive a quote and get a demo of how their software works

Fortunately, YouTube has videos about DemandForce and how to use the software. Thus, you don’t need to contact sales to see how the product works or looks. Pricing is more tricky. TrustRadius reviews of DemandForce do not list price as a major con, but that does not mean they will be the most affordable option.

The decision then becomes, are they worth contacting for your business? Below we go over the features, benefits, uses, and reviews for DemandForce.

Should You Consider DemandForce?

DemandForce has useful features for companies that need to stay in touch with current clients, while also marketing to reach future clients. When you want to attract new clients, you can use DemandForce’s custom templates for email marketing. When you’re ready to book, you sync the appointment to your calendar. If the appointment is made for someone else that does the service they will receive an automated email notification.

Even though DemandForce can be used by other service providers, they do cater to mostly medical care companies. They have customized website templates and newsletters for health-centered companies. They call them “Practice Websites” for practice in medical practice.

Once you have patients booked, they have features to help with client retention. These include appointment reminders for reducing no-shows and sending email/text confirmations. DemandForce also offers two-way texting so a client can respond and ask questions.

This kind of human interaction can boost retention because it shows your staff listens and is easily available. SMS marketing itself is an important retention strategy, especially for service based practices like doctors offices or salons.

DemandForce offers more client or patient communication options, including an integrated phone number. DemandForce Phone is a demandForce software integration to your current business number, and connects your number with texts, faxs, email, and video conferencing.

When it comes to post-visit customer service, DemandForce has reputation management software to help. They allow you to conduct review management from requesting feedback to alerts letting you know to respond to new reviews.

When it comes to tracking client retention and company reputation, you can keep track of your analytics with their performance dashboard. DemandForce provides real-time metrics of appointments, communication, and how your company is rated online.

They really have some great features that benefit a small dental office, clinic, or nail salon. That doesn’t mean they’re the best for the job. One way to see if they’re a good fit, is to look at their reviews.

DemandForce Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

DemandForce has very mixed online reviews. At first glance, it does not look like a worthwhile solution. Their trScore is a 5.1/10, and they’re most recent review is not glowing. However, a closer look shows some fair reviews.

This is partly because only one of their reviews is recent, which is less satisfied one. All of their older reviews are actually pleasant. The main reason for this is unclear. There could have been software changes, less advertising etc.

Their newest review did speak of some real issues. If DemandForce software uses as much RAM as the user implies, then it’s a real productivity problem.

Pros and Cons

+ Ability to create custom format emails (HTML or plain text).

+ The direct feedback from the customer ,and how to channel those responses, is great.

- Poor execution for RDC/RDS environments.

- Setup sync is a resource hog. It bogs down every user on initial sync who needs to use/access QB data.

Verified User | Director in Information Technology | Consumer Services Company, 51-200 employees

Their positive reviews talk about functionality in marketing and appointment reminders. Unfortunately, all of their good reviews are before 2019, and a lot can change with software in that time.

There are so many kinds of alternative software to ones like DemandForce. Ones that are very similar, and ones that have appointment scheduling but focus more on marketing and customer experience.

What are some DemandForce Alternatives?

There are other products that offer help with marketing and appointment tracking. One caveat is they may not have all the appointment follow through features that DemandForce has, such as appointment reminders, and mobile app check in. An option that does have all the same features is one of DeamndForce’s main competitor SolutionReach.

SolutionReach is like a mirror image to DemandForce. SolutionReach offers the same services for growth and retention. They offer marketing and communication methods like text messages, and phone calls. One real difference is they have more website support and cater heavily to any kind of medical practice, over other appointment based companies.

One unfortunate similarity is they require you to ask for pricing. They also have mixed reviews like DemandForce.

There is an option that has high customer satisfaction and multiple features, although not as appointment centered. HubSpot is a B2B customer service and marketing giant. Their reviews are part of what makes them such a high ranking company on TrustRadius.

They offer Free Meeting Scheduler, an appointment scheduling app. It’s part of the Sales Hub of their CRM platform. Their core CRM platform comes with a free plan for growing all kinds of small businesses. You can access many beneficial features there.

With the Free Meeting Scheduler in Sales Hub, you can sync meetings with Google Calendar and Office 365. You can embed your openings on your website for faster scheduling, and email out a link for scheduling. They also offer their live chat, calling, and basic bots.

If you plan to use HubSpot, you should consider the rest of their free CRM. Marketing automation, analytics, lead generation and much more. HubSpot is an especially popular tool for growing businesses with marketing and customer service.

More Resources

More resources can be especially valuable for products with lukewarm reviews and withheld pricinging. You can see the alternative products for DemandForce here. If you think DemandForce has everything you need, feel free to check out their demo video. We also provided a tutorial video so you can see the interface and how well others use it.

If another kind of CRM interests you, we have a great article about free CRM software. Some of which are incredible for customer communication, which could help you with appointment retention. We also have a list of great CRM software.