AdvancedMD makes the small business medical practice look good
Stanley Harder | TrustRadius Reviewer
Updated April 08, 2015

AdvancedMD makes the small business medical practice look good

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Overall Satisfaction with ADP AdvancedMD

AdvanceMD is used to track patient information, record visits, track insurance information. It satisfies federal and state regulations, taking the burden off the medical practice for PHI protection to a large extent, while freeing up employees to focus on the customer. All employees of the medical practice use AdvancedMD for their various functions.
  • AdvancedMD stores all information securely in their cloud, eliminating the need for local servers, security monitoring, related security costs.
  • AdvancedMD stores all medical records digitally eliminating the need for extensive paper-based record keeping and the corresponding security concerns.
  • AdvancedMD integrates nicely with faxing services, scanning via Fujitsu scanners, and related equipment.
  • AdvancedMD allows for customized input templates giving the medical practice some degree of flexibility as their needs dictate.
  • Just recently we had an incident in which none of our employees could access the training materials. After extensive trouble shooting it was determined the issue was not with the local network, PC configuration, or firewalling. The AdvanceMD support personnel were not empowered to escalate this case as it should have been. Ultimately a correction in the server configuration for the training materials cleared up the issue, but not with assistance from Tier 1 support personnel.
  • Integration with the scanners can be problematic and has been a headache. Even with the Fujitsu scanners, the best in the business, we had challenges and found that some of the Tier 1 support staff were not trained or did not have access to the necessary documentation to fix the issue. The issues were eventually resolved but not without time lost in the process.
  • AdvancedMD has allowed this medical practice to scale up at their own pace as the practice grew. It provides predictable and controllable costs.
  • The elimination of local servers and IT equipment inherent in a client-server installation has eliminated the burden of provisioning and staffing for that service.
2-5 practitioners
  • I would make sure that the medical practice has a strong IT support team.
  • You must have a trainer that can stay on top of changes and train new personnel how to use the software as it is complex and offers a lot of features.
  • A critical question is: Are you ready for digital records stored in the cloud and do you have the proper equipment for moving to cloud storage, i.e. Internet bandwidth, redundancy of service, reliable equipment, business continuity planning in place, and adequate support? A power outage, for example, can quickly turn a normal situation into chaos.
  • Is browser based software responsive enough for your needs? Often the move from client-server to cloud based is not adequately understood and technical needs are underestimated.
  • This solution is excellent for the smaller practice with a limited budget and limited time to focus on the technical details.

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