Struggled with implementation. Needs IT involvement.
October 24, 2012

Struggled with implementation. Needs IT involvement.

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Overall Satisfaction

  • Document management and workflow have been a success. This was the main benefit we were looking for.
  • It is not a very complicated application
  • If you are working with a specific account on a specific design, there is a tie between the NDA and design i.e., a CRM view.
  • The # of IT tickets is modest now that it’s up and running.
  • It was a struggle to get implemented. The reasons may be more organizational than system based however.
  • We were told, just sign us on and you’re going but we learned that doesn’t work. You cannot just hand-off small apps that will be owned by the business.
  • The rep from Apptus glossed over a lot of the facts about how implementation needed to work, specifically, the role of business, IT. We didn’t have someone from IT driving the project. At our company, it’s considered a User Managed Application, whereby the business is responsible for it. Since however it’s on the platform, it is IT managed. The fact that it’s on, drives the need for IT involvement – that along with the nature of the level of integration required.
  • From an IT perspective, we have one less custom solution to manage. The guy that wrote the custom solution it replaced is no longer here.
  • We have a business process standardized, and a manageable workflow.

Product Usage

24 - Couple of people in legal who administer, then people who request and approve. Mostly people who approve – divisions, finance.
Implementation took 20% of developer’s time for a 2 week implementation.

There is very little on-going support unless you want to change business process.
  • Contract management - right now just using for NDAs.

Evaluation and Selection

Homemade contract management stuff in .Net, accessible via SharePoint.


You need to have IT involved. The implementation partner downplayed the role that IT would have to play. We needed data migration, user set-up, customizations within Apttus for legacy migrations. Luckily we had a developer on our staff for



We had to do some configuration to handle our account structure – customization of Apex classes


I am not an end user and have not used support


I cannot rate as I am not an end user.


I have not heard of any issue


Native integration.