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CPQ Software Overview

What is CPQ Software?

Configure, price, quote (CPQ) software is a type of sales acceleration software that focuses on generating quotes and managing product configuration requests. This streamlines sales activities by providing customers with quick and accurate pricing information based on their needs.

This software automates the quoting process under a defined set of rules which account for variables such as discounts and customization requests. Many CPQ solutions integrate with CRM software, enabling sales reps to take full advantage of existing customer data when making deals. Synching CPQ and CRM software allows sales activity to happen within the same system, avoiding the creation of duplicate customer records.

CPQ software is used primarily by sales teams to streamline the sales cycle. It automates part of the configuration process and quickly generates quotes based on customization requests and customer records contained in the user’s CRM. Sales reps can then send these quotes in a proposal to prospects or customers. CPQ solutions can also be accessed by other departments (e.g. IT, product development) to ensure the best configurations are being offered to customers.

Sales Quote Generator

At the core of CPQ solutions is a rules engine that coordinates resource supply, customer information, and pricing structures. The quote produced by a CPQ tool is based on company pricing and configuration policies, which are taken into account behind the scenes.

The CPQ rules engine might also take into consideration the customer’s demographic information. For example, certain discounts may only be available for customers in a particular region.

Product Configurator

CPQ software automates the process of assessing whether customer requests (options/combinations/features) are possible, and how much they will cost. Some CPQ applications help navigate a complex pricing structure that includes a lot of discounts and exceptions. This is especially relevant for companies offering a wide range of highly customizable products such as telecommunications and insurance companies.

CPQ Software Features & Capabilities

Features may include:

  • Order capturing: Allows the capture of orders across multiple customer interaction channels (e.g. direct sales, contact center, point-of-sales, resellers, customer self-service).

  • Product configuration: Allows users to configure products and services by selecting bundles, constraints, options, preferences, etc.

  • Configuration options: Supports a comprehensive level of detail around available and compatible configuration options (e.g. product features, services, quantity).

  • Pricing rules: Determines price based on rules and hierarchies. Rules may consider customer demographics, availability, and/or product configuration.

  • Price adjustment: Sales users can adjust or override prices based on coupons, discounts, markups, etc.

  • Quote sharing/sending: Salespeople can share quotes and information with customers via email, customer portal, personalized URL, or other channels.

  • Credit approvals: Allows customers to input credit information. This can be checked and approved or declined. Credit score may factor into the quote.

  • E-signature: Includes electronic signature functionality so that proposals can be approved and signed digitally. Or, may integrate with e-signature software.

  • Purchase history and open contracts: Provides information about a customer’s current and previous purchases, which can inform new customer sales.

  • Guided selling/Sales portal: Provides salespeople with tips, recommendations, or question sequences to help with product configuration and quoting, and/or to assist with cross-sell and upsell.

  • Self-service CPQ: Includes an interface for customers to select product options and generate their own quotes; this is particularly relevant to eCommerce.

  • Reporting & Analytics: Users can report on and analyze CPQ processes. Metrics may include quoting cycle time, proposal acceptance rates, revenue, etc.

  • Proposals: Allows users to generate/automate sales proposals. Or, may integrate with proposal automation software.

  • CRM Integration: Allows sales reps to access customer data and automatically logs CPQ customer interactions in the CRM.

  • Excel Integration: Excel integration allows quotes to be generated on spreadsheets using underlying CPQ rules.

Key Benefits of Using CPQ Software

  • Knowledge retention & productivity—helps institutionalize sales knowledge, especially around complex pricing and configurations, for onboarding and training purposes.

  • Sales alignment—sales teams are aligned around the same configuration and pricing rules, so quotes are consistent and accurate and revenue is predictable.

  • Efficient sales cycles— upselling opportunities are automated and pricing rules are semi-automated, making sales reps more productive.

  • Better customer experience—availability and pricing information is based on a customer’s specific circumstances and needs.

CPQ Software Comparison

Before choosing to invest in one CPQ platform over another, consider the following key factors:

  • Integrations: Does the product you’re considering purchasing integrate with your CRM or ERP system? Some vendors like Salesforce offer both a CRM and CPQ solution. If your business is already using Salesforce CRM, it may make more sense to stay within the Salesforce ecosystem of products rather than integrate a third-party CPQ product with your other Salesforce products.

  • Deployment type: Are you looking for a cloud-based solution, or an on-premise one? Cloud-based, or software-as-a-service (SaaS), products can be useful if you have an outside sales team that will need to access the software from different geographic locations. On the other hand, on-premise software may allow for more custom configuration of the software.

  • Ease of use: How easy to use is the software? Will your sales reps need a lot of time to become familiar with the product and learn how to use it effectively? Ease of use is closely tied to how quickly and deeply the product will be adopted across your sales org. Doing a free trial of one or a few different solutions is a great way to get a better feel for the user interface and overall usability of the software.

Pricing Information

Open source CPQ software is available and free to use. However, it may not provide as many features and integrations as paid CPQ solutions do. Certain open source products might also require knowledge of programming languages like JavaScript.

CPQ solutions are typically priced on a monthly subscription model, per user. Prices start at $75/mo. per user, and can increase to $250/mo. per user depending on the number of features. Most vendors do not disclose prices on their website for enterprise level solutions, but will provide quotes upon request.

CPQ Products

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Oracle CX Sales (formerly Oracle Engagement Cloud and Oracle Sales Cloud)

Oracle CX Sales (formerly the Engagement Cloud, and before that the Oracle Sales Cloud) is a sales automation software accessible through Microsoft Outlook, iOS, and Android, along with territory and quota management and social collaboration. CX Sales includes modules such as the…

ConnectWise Sell (formerly Quosal)

ConnectWise Sell (formerly Quosal) is the quote and proposal solution of the ConnectWise Suite. With ConnectWise Sell, users can create professional technology quotes and proposals that include rich product information, cover letters, and statements of work in minutes and automatically…

Key Features

  • Quote sharing/sending (41)
  • Price adjustment (41)
  • Product configuration (40)


Top Rated
Starting Price $15

QuoteWerks is specialized Configuration Pricing Quoting (CPQ) software that can be used in every industry to create sales quotes and proposals. The vendor’s value proposition is that rather than relying on Microsoft Word or Excel to create quotes, users can benefit from a tool that…

Key Features

  • Quote sharing/sending (21)
  • Product configuration (21)
  • Configuration options (21)
Salesforce CPQ (formerly SteelBrick)

Salesforce CPQ

Top Rated
Starting Price $30

Salesforce CPQ (formerly SteelBrick) is built and delivered on the Salesforce Platform and Salesforce1 Mobile App which enables users to create accurate sales quotes quickly and submit error-free orders on the fly from any device.

Key Features

  • Quote sharing/sending (27)
  • Price adjustment (26)
  • Product configuration (27)
Apttus CPQ

Apttus CPQ, now from Conga (the company formed from the merger of Apttus and Conga in May 2020), aims to help companies drive optimal sales behavior by guiding reps to the right products and prices to meet business objectives.According to the vendor, key benefits of using the product…

Key Features

  • Configuration options (17)
  • Pricing rules (17)
  • Product configuration (17)
NetSuite CRM

NetSuite CRM

Starting Price $999

NetSuite CRM is built on the same code base as the NetSuite ERP product and is usually used by customers who are already using NetSuite for ERP/Accounting.

Key Features

  • Customer data management / contact management (16)
  • Opportunity management (16)
  • Territory management (15)


Starting Price $29

Qwilr is designed to change the way a business creates and shares documents on the web. This solution allows businesses to turn traditional documents into powerful and interactive webpages that look great on any device. The vendor says this in turn offers businesses access to analytics…


Vendavo headquartered in Mountain View, California offers their price optimization and CPQ solution.

SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud (formerly SAP Cloud for Sales) is a cloud sales application with sales automation, enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration, and collaboration capabilities.

CIS Configurator

CIS Configurator

Starting Price $6,000

CIS Configurator is software that designed to help sales reps; re-sellers and customers create accurate quotes for custom products.


PROS Smart CPQ automates and simplifies the configuration, pricing and quoting process for a sales team, empowering them to instantly create accurate, personalized solutions for each customer. The vendor says what makes Smart CPQ different is the unique combination of dynamic pricing…

Verenia CPQ

EosCPQ is a cloud-based configuration, pricing, and quoting software solution offered by Verenia. EosCPQ includes features such as a powerful rules engine, dynamic product visualization options, and web lead generation with product configuration / quote forms.


CNET ChannelOnline™ is a hosted application with an ecommerce storefront that automates the sales cycle from quote to purchase order. Products from leading suppliers are visible from a single dashboard. At the foundation of ChannelOnline is DataSource™, CNET’s product data solution,…


IBM acquired their CPQ product from Sterling Commerce in 2010.

servicePath CPQ+

servicePath CPQ+

Starting Price $75

Who are servicePath?: Leading Configure Price Quote (CPQ) platform for technology vendors, Managed Services Providers, software companies, SI's and VARs. The vendor states their CPQ+ thrives with changing market dynamics, complex configuration & sales, resulting in enhanced quote…


DealHub (formerly Valooto) is a CPQ and sales proposal solution that runs natively on Salesforce.com and other cloud-based CRMs.

CallidusCloud CPQ

The CallidusCloud CPQ solution has been built to be independent of any CRM. The vendor says that this makes their solution more flexible. The vendor also says their solution provides businesses the flexibility to customize and enhance the solution without the constraints of CRM…

Apparound CPQ

Apparound is a mobile Configure, Price, and Quote solution, which provides access to sales materials, generates offers and facilitates deals closure.

Experlogix CPQ

The Experlogix Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution enables your sales team to customize complex quotes and orders with 100 percent accuracy, leading to gains in revenue and profitability. With unique capabilities such as guided selling, rapid line-item creation and automated bill-…

Cincom CPQ

Cincom CPQ™ is a configure-price-quote platform. Beginning with product configuration, this CPQ software then creates real-time pricing and quoting of those configurations, and delivers a proposal on the spot. The vendor says that this platform is designed to improve the buying…

Smart CPQ by FPX

CPQ OnDemand is sales configuration software that integrates with CRM solutions. The software generates instant budgetary quotes, and customizable, signature-ready sales proposals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does CPQ software do?

Configure, price, quote (CPQ) software helps sales teams and other customer-facing teams automate a large part of the quote and proposal process. Most tools will generate customized quotes using a specific set of rules based on product requirements and combinations. These custom quotes can then be sent out to potential or existing customers. In general, this helps to accelerate the sales process and enables sales reps to use their time on other high-value tasks.

Is CPQ part of CRM?

Most CPQ vendors offer stand alone configure, price, quote software. Thus, it is not usually part of a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

However, CPQ tools are often integrated with CRM or ERP software. Many CPQ products include rules that are based on customer information that is contained in CRM systems, such as the geographic location of the customer. So it can be vitally important to integrate these two systems.

What are the benefits of using CPQ software?

The biggest benefit of using CPQ software is the ability to automate the quoting and proposal process. Generating accurate pricing quotes, quickly, and at scale would take a sales rep hours of their time, if done manually.

For products (especially B2B products), that have a complex set of components or discounts—using CPQ software to navigate these complexities can decrease the chances of user error if quotes were manually configured. This is another critical benefit of using CPQ software.