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April 29, 2020

Worth it!

Amanda Moede | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Astera Centerprise

It is used by our data reporting and solutions team to create solutions and complete corrections to EDI issues that arise when submitting healthcare EDI files to the Wisconsin State Medicaid program. We also use this tool to load data to our SQL data warehouse so that all company SQL users have access to the data received from the state and other outside vendors.
  • Astera's customer service and help team are quick to respond and have always found solutions to my questions or problems. They also follow up after completing a support request to make sure everything was working correctly. If it's not something the current version allows, as far as functionality, they develop a solution for the next version because they assume if one company has that need that others will as well.
  • I've never lost touch with our sales representative. She checks in at least twice a year, if not more, to make sure that we are happy with their product and to see if we need anything. I've rarely needed anything, but when I did she made sure to have the correct person contact me regarding what I asked for and she followed up to make sure the request was resolved.
  • EDI is a very complex language and making any changes can cause errors in other areas that you aren't aware of. Astera Centerprise creates an environment that is much easier to understand than looking at a raw data file. The functionality allows us to make changes to each transaction within a file in under a minute with no errors created. Making these changes before we had Astera Centerprise took a week for one file. We can now get to more files to create clean data for the state and have reached 97% acceptance.
  • Centerprise's functionality can be applied at any level. It can be a broad change to an entire segment, or it can be a single digit that is changed. You can program the system to look for specific items within a file and change only the records that need to be changed. It can sequence items, it can remove items and it can add items when specifically programmed to. And if you run into a wall creating the program, Astera's help desk will help you get past it. And the program language used is easy to understand as well. If you understand functions in Microsoft Excel or SQL statements, you will be able to use this product.
  • When purchasing Astera Centerprise you are given options on how you would like to be trained and each option comes with a different price tag. We chose to be trained using online meetings over several days. The training went too fast and it was not always easy to understand until I started using the product.
  • I am a person that wants to learn how and why something works so that I can use the knowledge in the future. When contacting the support team they take the problem, create a solution for you and send it back. The solutions always work, but when I get the solution I have to review every field and function to understand how it works so that I can re-create it for another solution I need. I would much rather have the support team explain what I had done incorrectly and what they changed or I would like to find a solution with them instead of having it handed to me.
  • Astera uses license keys to allow their customers rights to only the functionality that was purchased. Each user and server has its own key and each key is only good for one year. There have been 2 different times that we received keys that had less functionality that we purchased. It wasn't until it created problems that we noticed and had to request new keys. This year our sales representative made sure she was available when we updated our keys so that if there was a problem she could fix it right away; however, there were not issues this year. I believe this is something they pay closer attention to now.
  • Astera Centerprise has helped CCHP improve our State Medicaid EDI data submission acceptance and approval rate to over 97%.
  • Astera Centerprise has removed the need for an additional 1.0 FTE data analyst at a cost that is less than an additional data analyst.
  • CCHP is now able to load data into our data warehouse where it was otherwise impossible and need to rely on outside vendors to breakdown the files.
Astera's support team responds quickly and will always provide a solution. If something is not understood they set up a quick conference call to get clarification. There has never been a time where they told me there was not solution to my issue. However, the solution is created by the support team and given to you without explanation of what was changed or what was done incorrectly to begin with. I need that knowledge to create other solutions in the future.

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Astera Centerprise is specific to EDI files. From what I've seen it can be used on EDI files across multiple industries. We use it specifically for healthcare EDI files. We do not create any files using this software because we do not have that need at CCHP, but I know the software could be used for that. CCHP uses the software to correct EDI errors and to import EDI data to our SQL data warehouse. EDI files have a layered structure so they need to be broken down in order to be loaded into the data warehouse. Without this tool we would not be able to import the files. Also, with the layered structure, fields, segments, dependencies and hierarchy, making changes manually is both risky and time consuming. Centerprise reduces the amount of time used to correct files and removes the possibility of creating other errors.

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