Great product, for some use cases
March 05, 2021

Great product, for some use cases

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Modules Used

  • Auth0 Platform

Overall Satisfaction with The Okta Identity Cloud

We use Auth0 for a few products, both internal and external. It's very easy to set up and use and we've been pretty happy with it overall. Especially since it's very easy to add other providers on top of it with just a few clicks.

We've been able to go from using an external social OAuth provider to five in just a few days--that included removing our integration with that specific social provider and replacing it with Auth0. Once set up, Auth0 makes it super easy to add more providers. Now we have GitHub, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and can add more as our customers request.
  • Authentication
  • Managing users
  • Authorization
  • Integration with basically any provider you can think of--mainly social but not limited to social
  • Pricing
  • If you're on the free tier, the first-party support isn't the best. It's OK, but you can definitely tell that you're more "on your own" in that tier. Having said that, there are a lot of docs--first- or third-party written--so it's not a huge deal for most cases.
  • Vendor lock-in--once you use Auth0, you're really tempted to just stick with them, even if it gets a bit pricey, since it's very easy to just go all-in on using them.
  • Saved development time
  • Easy to maintain
  • Fast to respond to our customers' requests to add new ways to log in
We've previously had our own in-house solution or used an external, specific OAuth provider. Both of these were fine on the surface, but they required a lot of overhead and maintenance work that we didn't want to deal with, as this is not our code business.
It depends on the user case. For a B2B product with a relatively small user base, it's great, but for a B2C product with a lot of users--oftentimes ones that just sign up and then don't come back--Auth0 can become very expensive, very fast.

We've found the docs to be super helpful, and there are tons of examples, both on the official website and elsewhere, so you can be pretty sure that whatever use-case you may have, someone already faced it, and written about how to achieve it using Auth0. Being a market leader, and the de-facto auth-as-a-service player really goes a long way here.

The Okta Identity Cloud Feature Ratings

ID-Management Access Control
ID Management Single-Sign On (SSO)
Multi-Factor Authentication
Not Rated
Password Management
Account Provisioning and De-provisioning
ID Risk Management
Not Rated

Configuring The Okta Identity Cloud

It was a little limiting--on the backend you can customize and configure pretty much anything, and there is probably an integration with whatever language you use. But on the front end, we didn't find a way to customize the login screen to exactly what we wanted, and basically every Auth0 login screen looks the same, just with a different company logo. We wish we could put to use our own HTML and CSS from the ground up and just use their JavaScript API. Alas, we were able to make it work well enough.