CentOS is a great option for a stable server for small and medium businesses
February 13, 2018

CentOS is a great option for a stable server for small and medium businesses

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Overall Satisfaction with CentOS

Currently we use CentOS as a service bus to interconnect through different web servers and applications that provides information in different systems. It has also helped me because it is a stable and robust operating system that helps you not to hang up or get stuck at the time of execution.


  • is a good operating system to create servers due to its stability and security and budget-friendliness, since it is a free distribution
  • this system is stable and efficient in the consumption of resources, which helps our budget, especially since it has expanded to run Apache, PHP, MySQL and be more on a par with other systems


  • What I do not like about centOS is that in some installations it has caused problems with the network interfaces which I have to do cumbersome procedures for their configuration
  • In rare cases there is a software that we want that is not available through a repository. I think it would be better if they expand more these repositories to improve the user's experience
  • Updates may take a while to appear. There was a gap of more than a year. It's much more regular now and it looks like it will continue in the foreseeable future
  • debian
CentOS is a derivative distribution, or rather cloned, of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which allows 100% compatibility with the binaries of the applications developed for RHEL. For this reason, and being "backed" by such an important company as Red Hat, it is one of the most used distributions, the opposite of debian that it is its base distribution and does not have a good backup
This system has good performance as an operating system for servers. In addition to the stability and features of this robust distribution of Linux, it allows for easy configuration for web servers, has a library repository and has the security of source packages released from Red Hat.

They do not have x86 versions of the other distribution. Which is a trend for all operating systems, but I still have some cases where the x64 version will not be installed on the hardware I have


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