My Review of Cisco Switches
February 05, 2019

My Review of Cisco Switches

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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Switches

To split the charge between the regions, and help in the stability of connections. In our case we use it to split the deploy and user charges around the world, actually when we count to go in production with the new game, we try to use this type of switch. It helps us to define with monitoring tools (Orion the charge).
  • Stability of the connection between the regions.
  • It is used in the majority of the organization across multiple locations.
  • This allows us to auto-provision end-user computers, phones, and access points without an engineer having to touch each switch to ensure proper VLANs and QoS are set up.
  • We use it more for our own cloud platform and it works great.
  • Ability to do routing network packets.
  • Servers, printer and PCs have been able to connect to the each other via the Cisco Switch.
  • The price a little bit high.
  • Strong security, advanced QoS, comprehensive IPv6 support, Layer 3 static routing, and true stacking.
  • Cisco's Catalyst documentation is superb and if you can't find what you're looking for there, you can find a ton of great blogs by certified Cisco engineers.
  • I like the way Catalyst implements VLANS; very easy and straightforward.
We have a good price at Cisco and it<s not me who take the desition
We also use the Cisco switch to configure access control policies for strong security, advanced QoS, comprehensive IPv6 support, Layer 3 static routing, and true stacking. It will be nice to have only one OID system and not one different architecture of DOC for each of switches. We pay a lot, we get a lot. I guess the price is ok, but we have a lot of reduction

Cisco Catalyst Addtional Questions

  • split charge for the environment
  • set up network security
  • switching capacity for fast, uninterrupted service, even during high-traffic times
  • Existing Relationship with the Vendor
we already use a lot of Cisco products and have a good price

First, power on the switch and verify that all the indicator lights are working fine. Then, you will need to console into the device. Using a rollover cable, console into the switch from your computer. You will need to download and install Putty for this or use whichever tool you prefer.

Run Putty and select serial connection with 9600 speed. Once you are connected to the switch, it’s important that you run and carefully check the output of the following commands:

  • show version
  • show running-config
  • show vlan brief
  • show vtp status

For spare switches, make sure to delete the flash:vlan.dat file to erase the previous VLAN configuration.

I don't care about this's the commercial department.
The great support

Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Switches Support

I'm not a fan of Cisco documentation, they did not have the rules of creation.