Great NoSQL product - Couchbase
Updated March 19, 2021

Great NoSQL product - Couchbase

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Couchbase Enterprise Edition

Overall Satisfaction with Couchbase

Currently, it is being used by many departments, in various product areas.

There is a mix of deployments being used in multiple clusters:
- enterprise
- community
with various types of topologies: single cluster, multi-cluster (using cross DC replication).

The most important use-cases are:
- Transactional [datastore]
- Distributed cache
- Reporting and analytical storage
- Session storage and other user details.

The addressed business problems are:
- Performance improvements in various applications by using Couchbase as a distributed cache, capable of serving an intensive workload with low and predictable latency.
- Promotional platform: as storage of promotional campaigns, including tracking of customer activity in order to provide real-time feedback regarding customer journey. The main feature is to increase customer engagement by offering targeted promotions.
- Distributed scheduled workload execution: allows execution of a huge volume of transactions (millions) very quickly (minutes), by leveraging the low latency reads/writes & indexes.
- Internal console storage: hold various types of data related to console user journey (ex: session).

  • Low latency for read/write operations.
  • High throughput can be achieved using reactive support of the client.
  • Cross Data Center Replication - useful for multi-cluster topology.
  • Great management console, including various metrics useful for monitoring.
  • Great support for enterprise licences.
  • Community edition has various limitations, like [the] inability to view/edit documents over a certain threshold or inability to use various types of [optimized] indexes.
  • The indexes performance degrades when a certain number of mutations is reached.
  • The views creation can be quite slow and impacts the deployment speed for large buckets.
  • Faster transactions speed (ex: under 50ms for most common operations).
  • Ability to cope with massive load (over 10k TPS).
  • Faster development cycle due to schema flexibility. The application domain model evolves easily without backward-compatibility issues.
The performance is very good, especially for [the] enterprise edition.
For instance, we managed to achieve over 1m TPS cross data center replication speed for one of our [clusters.]
The reactive Couchbase client support allows using efficiently application resources by achieving large throughput for certain flows (ex: over 10k TPS on a single application node).
The [index] performance is pretty good for moderate load, however, it can degrade under heavy load when a large number of mutations are made.
Of course, the performance is sensitive to the hardware performance. To achieve some targets, it is recommended to [provide] a large number of CPUs & memory and sizing the cluster depending on the data size.
The Apache Cassandra was one type of product used in our company for a couple of use-cases.
The Aerospike is something we [analyzed] not so long time ago as an interesting alternative, due to its performance characteristics.
The Oracle Coherence was and is still being used for [the] distributed caching use-case, but it will be replaced eventually by Couchbase.
Though each of these products [has] its own strengths and weaknesses, we prefer sticking to Couchbase because of [the] experience we have with this product and because it is cost-effective for our organization.

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Well suited:
- Distributed cache
- storage of data by customer, where the get/set operations are very frequently used.
- Simple reporting, when non-complex reports are required with aggregations like count/sum.

Not well suited:
- Complex reporting (data warehouse): there are other relational DB [that] are more appropriate for this use-case.
- Applications using complex relational schema, requiring various joins between tables...
Any use-case where the most common type of operation is storing data based on some sort of identifier.
Virtually any use-case is appropriate for Couchbase usage, with exception of application. Though this kind of use-case is partially covered by n1ql support (similar to SQL)

Couchbase Server Feature Ratings

Data model flexibility
Deployment model flexibility

Using Couchbase

100 - There is a wide range of roles and teams where Couchbase is used.
Just a few examples:
- Devops - responsible with deployment Couchbase in various environments (pre-production, production). Provisioning hardware, maintaining deployment pipelines, upgrades, etc.
- Developers - interacting with couchbase client API and developing applications that use Couchbase as a storage.
- Architects - taking decisions of when using couchbase is a good fit depending on application type.
- Managers - approving scale-out for supporting increased load. This involves increased license cost.
10 - The support is done mainly by a small devops team, which make sure that the couchbase servers used in development environment and production environment are stable, need upgrade or scale-out.
There is also an in-house support from developers responsible for maintaining various internal open-source projects related to various libraries related to couchbase interaction.
  • Low latency read-write storage (distributed caching)
  • Distributed session storage
  • Distributed storage for scheduled jobs
  • Customer activity tracking storage
  • Promotional platform for real-time personalised marketing promotions
  • High performant distributed execution of scheduled jobs
  • Second level distributed cache for reducing downstream load
  • Replacing relational storage used for various business flows with Couchbase