DoubleClick Digital Marketing Review
Updated June 21, 2016

DoubleClick Digital Marketing Review

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Overall Satisfaction with DoubleClick

My organization uses DoubleClick products within the digital media department, excluding SEM (which uses Kenshoo). The specific tools we subscribe to include Planning, Trafficking, Reporting & Attribution, and Studio.

We use DoubleClick for trafficking our digital ads, generating insertion orders for publishers, reporting and billing, tag management, rich media development, and more recently, for ad verification (viewability and brand safety). It addresses the following business problems: third party ad tracking, media planning/flowchart building, consolidated reporting, tag management, and viewability monitoring.

DoubleClick is used at my company nationally for all of the previously mentioned functions.
  • Reporting - reporting interface is easy to use, and reports typically generate quickly.
  • Tag Management - creating Floodlight tags is very simple and allows customization through custom variables. In addition, it is very easy to append other tracking pixels (from publishers, attribution partners, etc.) to Floodlight containers. DoubleClick also makes it easy to append campaign-wide pixels for universal tracking tags, e.g. Brand Study tracking tags.
  • Seamless process with publishers - because most publishers are familiar with DoubleClick products, it is generally easy to grant reporting access to publisher contacts so that they can monitor campaigns and be proactive about making optimizations.
  • DoubleClick support could use some improvement. We submit questions/requests to a support alias, and often experience long delays in response time and less than thorough responses. Because DoubleClick uses an alias, we often have multiple support technicians involved in responding to our questions/requests, which can make it more challenging to get a clear response. It is difficult to get a support technician on the phone to help resolve highly technical issues.
  • Product updates - our DoubleClick client services team is not proactive about sharing new features available within DoubleClick. For example, DoubleClick has had an ad verification product for a few years now. When the product first came out, it wasn't up to standards with other third party verification products, in my opinion. My organization has been paying for another third party verification company due to assumed limitations of DoubleClick in this area. However, I recently requested that DoubleClick schedule a department-wide meeting to give updates, and learned that DoubleClick's offering in this area is actually on par with, if not better than, the other company we were paying for ad verification. DoubleClick's offering is included in my company's contract with DoubleClick, and I feel we could have accrued some savings had DoubleClick proactively shared this feature with us earlier.
  • Attribution - DoubleClick's attribution tool does not provide many valuable insights, in my opinion. For complex attribution, my organization still contracts with other companies.
  • Expedited tag implementation on clients' websites and view-through conversion tracking
  • Improved reporting efficiency due to automated reports and dashboard APIs
  • Improved billing efficiency as the tool reduces the need to rely on individual publisher reports
From my experience, DoubleClick is the best tool out there for ad serving and third party reporting. As mentioned previously, I don't think DoubleClick is the best tool for attribution currently. However, I think it has made some strides recently in improving its verification product. Lastly, while I am not focused in SEM, the SEM team at my company feels that Kenshoo is a better product for SEM ad serving.