Endeca can be a good solution for your company, if your company has the right attributes.
April 04, 2014

Endeca can be a good solution for your company, if your company has the right attributes.

Leandro Berretta | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Software Version

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.1

Modules Used

  • Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.1

Overall Satisfaction

The product was used across a department within the organization to support intelligent data mining for fast and efficient data gathering and reporting.


  • Filtering
  • Fast reads and data extraction from large data sets
  • Good user interface and tools to support the technology.


  • Better documentation that can be accessed easily
  • Simplify the product and its dependencies
  • In one project, that involved business performance. It has allowed us to determine ROI real time per employee. It allowed us to determine per employee value by calculating return per employee. This measure took a number of factors into consideration.
  • Better on the fly reporting with out the added cost of report development
  • Provided customer's with faster answers to business questions that can not wait for new reports to be developed. This allows the business to react before is too late.
The Endeca stack is a good solution to solve a plethora of data problems but its value has to merit its cost. Overall, it provides a better solution than most products out there. It requires an initial technical investment to get the solution going but once this is achieved you may not need as many technical people (development) as competing products (e.g Solr) to expand into new solutions. Endeca provides a better user interface than other products, thus making it easier for business user or less technical people to maintain.
If the solution is implemented well and the business understands the purpose of the Endeca stack, it offers a great way for a business to explore and benefit from its existing data. From my experience, the Endeca solution has exposed data patterns to a business that were not thought about or explored before because of the lack of available tools to properly expose these patterns.
What is your budget? Expensive solution
What is the size of your data set? The larger the data set the more value for your investment
What is the business problem your are trying to solve? Make sure that you are clear what Endeca is good at and what you want out of it
Understand what a license entitles you to use out of the Endeca product and dependencies are there to enable certain features.
Do you have any experts that can help you implement your solutions. There aren't that many people with true in depth expertise in this technology.


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