GitHub review - Start using version control !
May 21, 2016

GitHub review - Start using version control !

Vishwanath Raman | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with GitHub

I currently use GitHub myself for personal projects as well as university projects. The programming I currently do is via Microsoft Visual Studio, which currently has an inbuilt plugin for github as well. It helps me maintain my code the way I want as well as make significant structural changes without worrying about constantly keeping a local backup. I also used it in a project with 4 other group members, three of them being programmers. It's very useful to maintain our changes. That was how I was introduced to GitHub.
  • Inbuilt plugin for Visual Studio is a BIG factor, I have used another version control software at a company I interned at, and it was not as easy to follow. The plugin makes it easier since you can perform your activities visually, instead of the command line. Makes it easier for new users to get used to version control.
  • The interface of GitHub plugin as well as the website itself is pretty straight forward.
  • The student benefits offered via GitHub are a great idea! Will most definitely get a paid plan in the near future.
  • Okay so installing the plugin for Visual Studio wasn't the most easy task. Required more work than I thought. Cannot remember the exact problems I faced but had a couple issues properly setting it up. A detailed guide from GitHub itself would be much appreciated.
  • GitHub should invest in making university appearances and hold a couple info sessions. Could be more prominent in the classroom setting.
  • Since they are so in touch with programmers (duh), a really simple monthly/weekly competition would be nice to garner interest in GitHub. It would also be nice since it will provide the impetus to users to work towards something, at the same time learning from the better programmers. The reward itself doesn't have to be anything major. I am basing this on the assumption that GitHub will be able to hold a well structured "contest" which introduces more aspects about version control.
  • Improved my code structuring on a personal level since it is easy to revert back on any mistakes made.
With the other version control software I've used, I've had a lot more hassles than GitHub. I have limited experience with SourceSafe but have used SVN a bit. I had a bit older version of SVN when I used it but you had to add files to SVN specifically for it to be committed. As in it wouldn't recognize that if a new file was created in a folder it should be automatically added to version control. The UI did not look the best as well.
- If you're starting to get into programming, start using version control now. GitHub is very easy to use and learn.
- Start with the UI based style and then get into the command line interface. Gotta love DOS!
- Very useful with Visual Studio. Once you get it to work it's very very useful!
- Probably not best to use for confidential projects (even at a university) since you do not have many private repos.
- Need to get more experience to point out specific scenarios where it is inappropriate.

GitHub Implementation

Using GitHub

- Easy to use compared to other version control software. UI interface makes it easy to use, as well as protects against making a major mistake by deleting code, etc.
- UI looks modern.
- Support for multiple platforms, which I assume will only get better with time.
- Student benefits are awesome!
- The size limitations on their repositories make sense to me. Not too crazy but realistic from a business perspective.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
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  • Maintaining version control for your code using Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Maintaining repositories using different platforms, tablet, desktop and internet browser.
  • Installing the plugin on Visual Studio and getting started.